Create your own Pokedex
The "I wanna be Phoenixdex!" Thread

Here is the thread for creating your own Pokedexes! Whether they contain fakemon or not, they are welcome here!

MrKyurem's Pokedex:

Note - Pokedex is subject to change. Do not set your teams in stone.

You Wrote:oohhhh mannnn thats so cool how you do that?

Stick XY models or BW sprites into this template thing I found floating about the internet.

There's 151 spots on here, but you can expand it if you want more.

If you can read this, you must make another Pokedex using the template and post it here! Hahahahahaha!
Hmm, as I said before, I like your dex a lot, and given the chance, would choose Game B in a heartbeat. x3

If I were to make my own, it would be for a Breeder based game I've had in my mind for years, so I would have to be a bit picky for what I choose. I wouldn't want to get like, only two lines that can breed with one another. Where's the fun in that if you're stuck? :\

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