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Congratulations Eon! I wish you good luck on the exam results!

I have one more week of work, and then it's back to school. I had the unfortunate fallacy that I was going to have a room to myself this semester, but I was assigned a roommate yesterday. I am now particularly frustrated, because I do better when I have an enclosed space to myself, and I've been trying to snag a single since first semester freshman year. And to make matters worse, I have no clue who I am rooming with. All I have is his name - no contact info or any information at all. I know he's in the class of 2018, meaning that he's either a freshman starting late, a transfer student lacking the right amount of credits, or someone who was held back. I am expected to live with this person for an entire semester, and I'm just now being informed of this with no way to actually communicate with him. Great.

On the bright side, my classes are looking awesome this semester. I am (as usual) in danger of overworking, but it appears to be the case that I will not be nearly as stressed as I was in the fall. Fall was miserable for me because I had too many exam-heavy classes, and I wasn't able to maintain a consistent schedule (though, I still managed to get better grades than my previous two semesters, so not a loss by any means). Most of my classes this semester are more project oriented, which will keep me busy, but not to the same extent. So long as the rooming situation doesn't screw me up, I think I'm in for a good semester.

This is what I'm taking:

1. Second Term Japanese - basically just continuing where I left of in the fall. I did fairly well last semester, but now that I know how to do well, I think I will do much better.
2. Artificial Intelligence - I'm so excited for this. Our book is written by the great Peter Norvig (Director of Research at Google), and this topic is highly relevant to the fields I am interested in. I'm confident that I will enjoy Modern Lisp far more than MIT Scheme, and I think this is going to be enjoyable.
3. Algorithms - A computer science standard, one that I've wanted to take for a while. Since I don't have a math class, this doubles up as one to me. The professor is more of a mathematician than a computer scientists, and he also happens to be my adviser. He hasn't given out an in-class exam in ~30 or so years, or so he claims.
4. Electromagnetism - I've struggled through intro physics, and now I can finally take E&M. I have the math background, so I expect this to be approachable (unlike quantum). If not, I may end up dropping it, though I really, really want to avoid that.
5. Electronics and Computers - This is meant to be taken along with E&M, and is a treatment to electronic hardware rather than theoretical physics. This is the closet thing I will ever find here that resembles engineering, sadly.

It's a heavy load, but I am used to going heavy on the science and skimping on the humanities, so I'm feeling pretty good about this semester. This is my best chance to get my GPA and class rank to where they deserve to be.
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That business about not knowing your roommate is out of order, frankly. I get that there's every chance of getting a roommate you weren't expecting, and that's fair enough, but to not give you anything beyond a name? You should at least be allowed to contact the guy beforehand to say hello, at least!

Bah, I hate living in close proximity in general. I have a room to myself, but the jerks right above me are ALWAYS playing their godawful music loud enough for me to hear it past my own music from my own laptop playing at a reasonable volume. Is what I consider 'reasonable' simply what everyone else considers 'quiet' and all music should be playing at top volume or something? 'Cause I'm in love with my hearing, thank you very much.

My exams are currently underway, I had maths a couple days ago, which went fine, I got Physics that I should really be revising and then I got Chemistry which is a little watered down from what is was going to be because our lecturer kept getting sick and cancelling lectures and hasn't given us all the material. Eh, whatever works.

Oh, and I have found a solution to my canine withdrawal! The Union building is having puppy petting today! Tongue I cannot wait to get covered in dog hair...
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Just to update on my rooming situation, he never ended up coming. I sat around for the first week of school or so, not knowing if he would show up out of nowhere to move in, but nope. Eventually, ResLife finally let me in on the fact that he wasn't returning.

I actually got an email from him a couple days ago, in reply to one I sent him nearly a month ago. He was full of misconceptions about me (thought I was a freshman who had a bad rooming situation; I'm a sophomore and my previous roommate fled went to china). I'll probably meet him eventually, if he does return next semester.

Classes are somewhat rough, though they really don't compare to last semester's. I just bought 4 PS3 games (ToS Chronicles, Tales of Graces f, Persona 4 Arena, and Catherine), which was probably definitely a horrible decision because now I'm going to want to play them this week. I really should tackle my problems sets instead of gaming, but...
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