The Spectacular FestiShop!!
As you and your friends stumble down the city's back streets, giddy and a little winded after all the festivities, your interest is piqued by a snake-like whispher worming its way into your ears.

"Hello, dear traveler, do come in!" And before you know it, you are ushered into a dimly lit merchant tent by a short, half-bald man rocking a trenchcoat over his almost-bursting belly. "Welcome to my humble little gift stand, the FestiShop," he slithered, sounding out what seemed to be an evil laugh but was probably just a chuckle.

The sleezeba-*ahem* nice salesman then directed your attention to a small stand in his tent, where a variety of items stood.
His voice broke the awkward silence once more, "If you happen to have any of them festival tokens on you, I'd be happy to negotiate some of my trinkets with you, hehehee..."

Welcome to the FestiShop, where you can trade in some of those mysterious tokens for items you can't find anywhere else! Some items you can nab with any token at all, but if you want the real goods you'll need to save up and bring just the right kind of token to nab the item that's caught your eye. Make sure you check back whenever there's a festival in town--you never know what new items might be in stock since the last celebration.

General Items
500P - [sp=festivaltoken]
[sp=randomgem][sp=randomgem][sp=randomgem] - [sp=festivaltoken] (The gems' type will correspond to the type of token used as payment)
[sp=rarecandy] - [sp=festivaltoken][sp=festivaltoken]

Fire Grace Exclusives
[sp=flameplate] - [sp=flametoken][sp=flametoken]
[sp=mvfire] MV [Fire Fang] - [sp=flametoken][sp=flametoken][sp=flametoken]
[sp=tmfire] TM [Hot Coals] - [sp=flametoken][sp=flametoken][sp=flametoken][sp=flametoken]
[sp=mvfire] MV [???] - [sp=flametoken][sp=flametoken][sp=flametoken][sp=flametoken][sp=flametoken]

Multi-Festival Items
[sp=tmelectric] TM [Arc Weld] - [sp=sparktoken][sp=sparktoken][sp=flametoken][sp=flametoken]
[sp=tmwater] TM [Scald] - [sp=watertoken][sp=watertoken][sp=flametoken][sp=flametoken]
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