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I figure I'll show up here again. The broken nose I had has fully and completely healed, much to my relief, but not much else is new. Halloween came and went without event, which may sound surprising to some of you. Halloween isn't very celebrated here in NZ, sure you get a little bit of spoopy merchandise in stores, but mostly it's just another excuse for stores to have sales. There are some trick-or-treaters, but not many. My parents never let me go trick-or-treating; they don't like the idea of people 'going around knocking on doors to ask for candy' as they put it.

Early in November, though, we celebrate Guy Fawkes' Day. This is mostly done through just buying fireworks and setting them off in our backyard, but as the years went by the fireworks we're allowed to buy for home use decreased in quality. That, or I got older. Or both. Either way, the magic is gone and the fireworks feel less spectacular. Every year there's news of some idiot doing something they shouldn't with a firework and setting themselves/someone/something on fire, which re-ignites (pun intended) calls for ever more restrictions on firework sales. It's only a matter of time before no-one's allowed to buy fireworks and the only way people will be able to celebrate Guy Fawkes will be by going to public displays. Which is fine, but I'll always miss the good old days.

One thing that I'm sure is on everyone's minds is that ubiquitous December holiday. You know the one. I know most of you here are northern-hemisphere folk, so you associate that holiday with images of ice and snow. Which is exactly the opposite of how it is here in NZ. Christmas is a time when families commonly go to their beach houses and spend a good week or two having some classic 'fun in the sun'. We even have our own locally famous retelling of The Night Before Christmas, fittingly called A Kiwi Night Before Christmas (sorry, only half-decent video I could find). I'm not really expecting to get a lot for Christmas, which is fine because there's not much I actually want that my parents would even consider getting. I'll have to go buy that New 3DS XL myself.

After Christmas, of course, comes the New Year, and with it, my birthday. I'll be 19, which is honestly an age I almost forget exists. 18, 20, and 21 all feel like big milestones to me, but 19 is just kind of a forgettable number.

Oh yeah, NaNoWriMo was this month. Sigh. I fully intended to do that, and even started writing something, but alas, procrastination. It's incredible how I'm too lazy even to do something I claim to enjoy. Oh well. Until next time, Turquoise!

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