A Small Part of The Journey. . .and an Ocean to Quell.
As it was, the Skelp did not rush to the green bird's aid as Clara thought it might and the Noisy Bird fell to the onslaught of attacks. The kelpy creature was far too slow and shot out a long range attack instead as commanded; it hindered both Jayden and Máirín at the same time. The bubbles that surrounded the two were not the soft playful things that shone in a rainbow hue when the sun glinted off of them -- the ones that a child played with. While they were multi-colored they did not refract the sunlight and as they burst upon contact, they became a sticky substance that made movement slightly more difficult. Máirín seemed to be more affected by it and her movements seemed to slow down. Jayden, on the other hand, seemed alright, but very weakened.

I must be right that water doesn't affect water very well. . . but Jayden is having a hard time of it. . I wonder if I'm allowed to switch pokemon in a double battle? The girl wondered, but put that aside for now; surely Jayden could withstand just a little bit more, and hopefully pull through. The black and yellow bird hovered close to the ground, and his wing-beats were slowing down, but he still looked determined. In contrast, Máirín seemed to feeling the attacks, but still appeared very strong. Clara nodded to herself and called out her attacks.

Jayden was indeed tired, but taking a look at how proud his partner seemed to stand gave him more courage than what he felt. He could feel the drag of the last attack dripping from his feathers, but so far the thick liquid hadn't solidified. He chirped encouragingly at Máirín and then flew off to attack their lone opponent as he heard Clara's voice behind him.

Contrary to the Auriole, the dragon pup was more or less neutral toward her ally. She snorted heavily at the situation she was in right now. Just because she had begun to accept Clara as her Trainer didn't mean she automatically became friends with close bonds to the other pokemon the girl carried with her. Tossing her head as Jayden flew ahead, the water and dragon type followed suit as Clara gave her the command -- her favorite attack, of course.

OOC: Same thing. Jayden with Peck on Skelp; Máirín with Rage on Skelp. Hopefully neither get poisoned... >.>"
"Since were at a disadvantage, we should try Bubble again. Maybe we'll be able to take one of them out while hurting the other..."

Though sticky from Skrelp's last bubble attack, Máirín still managed to act before the toxic seahorse could. Along with Jayden, the two ganged up on Skrelp, one giving a hard pecking as the other threw a fit and kicked at the poor creature! Almost as soon as she started pummeling the fish Máirín let out a cry and jumped back. Within seconds the toxins injected into her flipper from Skrelp's poison scales took effect, making her feel just all kinds of awful.

Giving a snicker at his foe's dismay, Skrelp inhaled before once more sending out a cloud of foamy bubbles onto his opponents. Though it didn't seem to slow either of Clara's pokemon this time, the damage was starting to show as Jayden struggled to stay in the air.

Jayden used Peck! Critical hit! [-9 HP]
Máirín used Rage! [-6 HP]
Foe Skrelp's Poison Point activated! Máirín was poisoned!
Foe Skrelp used Bubble! (It's not very effective on Máirín [-4 HP]) (Jayden [-8 HP])
Máirín's Rage is building!
Máirín was hurt by poison... [-6 HP]

Team Clara
[12] [sp=f] [sp=vaering] 28/51 [Anger Point] (Rage : 3) [Speed -1] [Poisoned!]
[11] [sp=m] [sp=auriole] 8/40 [Big Pecks]

Team Nathaniel
[10] [sp=f] [sp=gowatu] 0/37 [Cacophony]
[12] [sp=m] [sp=skrelp] 27/45 [Poison Point]

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