A Small Part of The Journey. . .and an Ocean to Quell.
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With the next Poison Sting attack, Clara could see that it hadn't been as strong as the last, but Titania seemed to be making quick work of the turtle. The Turistar seemed to have gained a purplish look about his face, and Clara realized that Titania’s attack had poisoned him. It didn’t help the turtle’s case that his lightning-quick attack hadn’t done very much to the stingray. Unfortunately, Titania’s success just put Máirín into a different kind of foul mood. The brown creature pointedly swung her head around and stared hard at the ground, or perhaps at nothing; Clara wasn’t sure. It sure didn’t look like the Vaering was paying any attention to the battle now, nor did it seem like she wanted to.

With a sigh in Máirín’s direction, the young girl called out to the Lurker pokemon, encouraging the purple creature to finish the battle with another Poison Sting. It didn’t look like Máirín wanted to participate at all now, with how grumpy she was acting, so Clara was leaning toward the idea of keeping Titania out and going. She also needed the experience, after all. Plus, it was a little bit easier for the young Trainer if her pokemon actually did what she’d like them to do and not make a fuss about it. Right?

Then again, that was the point of being a Trainer. . . . wasn’t it? To make bonds with pokemon and be able to work with them, instead of working over them? Oh, what was she thinking?! She just wanted to go home! This was just the best way (probably) to get enough money to get back to Sootopolis, that’s all. . . . . She was only having a few setbacks, what with Máirín not doing what the girl wanted her to do…. Then again, she did kind of like her pokemon, or at least she was starting to, anyway. It would be soon enough just to muster up enough courage to go to the docks; maybe she would actually have enough mettle to leave this island. . . . .

I can’t believe this. Why do I seem so weak against a stupid turtle and that stingray is making shorter work of him than I did? The Vaering snorted at the ground, a plume of dust rising and settling on her nose because of it. Twitching, the dragon pup rubbed a claw across her face, trying to stifle the sneeze that threatened her grumpy façade. And that grass type. Oh! That hated grass type. I want to pummel it into the ground, too. And despite her best efforts, memories arose of her past; the single most important reason why all grass types were enemies. . . .

Out on the battlefield between the two Trainers, Titania gave her opponent one more round of poisonous needles, thinking that he looked weak enough that this would be the last for this battle. The Dasfix was unaware that both Trainer and team member were pretty much on their way to “la la land”.
Turistar changed tactics and threw himself at his steely foe, spinning his body rapidly around its axis to hopefully use his sharp, pointed shell to slash at the Dasfix. Titania didn't take much notice of the attack, and unleashed another flurry of poison spines, hoping to finally finish off this irritating opponent. Turistar looked hurt by both the spines and the poison coursing through him, but he still had some fight in him, and he wasn't giving up until it was all gone.

The foe's Turistar used Rapid Spin! It's not very effective... (-2 HP)
Titania used Poison Sting! (-4 HP)
The foe's Turistar is hurt by poison (-3 HP)

[11] [sp=f] [sp=dasfix] 35/41 [Levitate]
[10] [sp=m] [sp=turistar] 2/35 [Draft Rider] (Def +2) (PSN)
While both Trainer and Vaering were still deep in thought (ahem, memories), Titania was only slightly discouraged that her Poison Sting attack did not finish this battle. Looking back at her Trainer for a last command, the Dasfix found the girl staring off into space eyes slightly glazed over and facial features in a half-frown, puckered in deep thought. Sliding her gaze to the ground beside her Trainer, the purple stingray found her companion Vaering nearly curled up in a ball and shaking. Well, that does it for getting any more commands in this battle. Or a partner for the next battle, it seemed.

Turning her attention back to the Turistar, the Dasfix watched his movement for a few seconds, and realized that she really didn't need to attack to finish him off. Her poison would do the job for her. Nearly all of the blue turtle's face looked purple as a result of the poison's affect, and his breathing was very heavy. He didn't have very much fight left in him. The Dasfix fluttered her fins as a shrug to herself and decided to simply curl up in a ball to raise her own defenses; not that she needed it, but oh well. Briefly, the Lurker pokemon wondered what the other human thought of her own human's actions, or rather, inaction(s) this past round.
In a last ditch attempt to wash Titania away, Turistar's trainer called for a Water Gun, the star turtle spitting a stream of water that... didn't bother Titania all too much. The stingray simply curled into her fins, her body hardening as Turistar succumbed to the poison coursing through its veins...

"Guh, that sucked..." the crotchety trainer said with a huff, recalling his fallen mon, "Tur'star got some good trainin', but not good 'nuff. Could'n even take out one'a yours." The man looked down to his only other pokemon, the green sprite-like plant relaxing in the sun beside him, "Lily, mind wreckin' the girly for me?"

"Li~" the Petilil hummed as it scampered over, ready for battle.

The foe's Turistar used Water Gun! (-6 HP)
Titania used Defense Curl! Titania's defense rose!
The foe's Turistar is hurt by poison (-2 HP)
Foe Turistar fainted!
Máirín gained 100 exp! Máirín grew to level 11 and learned Roar~
Titania gained a boosted 124 exp! Titania grew to level 12~

Random trainer sent out Petilil!

[12] [sp=f] [sp=dasfix] 32/44 [Levitate] (Def +1)
[10] [sp=m] [sp=turistar] 0/35 [Draft Rider]
Last up: [8] [sp=f] [sp=petilil] 32/32 [Chlorophyll]
Shaking water off her fins from the Turistar’s last attack, a pressurized stream at water that she supposed was supposed to wash away her victory, the Dasfix lazily watched as her poison took its last toll upon the turtle. Still without the commands of her Trainer and the backup of her companion (not to mention the fact that she would be stuck in the battle unless she managed to rouse either of them), Titania eyed the new opponent that replaced the Shuriken pokemon as the turtle was Recalled.

She felt fine and she knew that she could easily take her opponent down, but she also knew that the Vaering behind her needed more experience battling than she did at the moment. Flapping her fins a little, Titania wondered how she would get the dragon type out of her self-imposed nightmare. Back-winging, the poison and steel type turned around and swept herself over to the curled-up brown mass beside their spaced-off Trainer.

Poking and prodding with her fins and the flat edge of her tail, the Dasfix attempted to gain the Vaering’s attention. Finding very shortly that these actions were having no effect what-so-ever, the Lurker pokemon finally poked the dragon quite hard with the tip of her purple-glowing tail. The Vaering immediately uncurled herself and snarled with a far-off hazy look in her eyes. Then the brown creature focused and her face went quite sullen at having discovered it was only the stingray in front of her. However, the Dasfix obliged for a moment and cleared away, swinging a fin out to the field where the other humans’ called-upon grass type waited.

Máirín snarled again, this time at the physical nightmare of her visions. And she leaped forth, putting herself squarely in the middle of field, right between Clara and the Petilil. Glancing back, the young dragon pokemon found that her Trainer wasn’t actually in the correct frame of mind to give commands. Sliding her gaze to the Dasfix that had conceded her the fighting position, the Rowboat pokemon realized she was on her own as the poison and steel type simply fluttered her fins in a shrug. Well, that wasn’t too much different from what she had been doing -- but it was a little bit more disconcerting now that she didn’t have the support of her new Trainer. The dragon and water type decided that it would be fine; Titania could jump in if need be, though the brown creature wanted the opposing pokemon all to herself. Turning back to the said opponent, the Vaering attempted to both growl and leer at the hated grass type, but although Máirín glared for all she was worth at the Petilil, only her growling seemed to have done anything to the green creature. Or, at least she thought it did.

OOC: Switching to the Vaering and Máirín uses Growl, not that it’ll actually do anything. XD Maybe she’ll be smarter in the next round. Lol.
Máirín's guttural growl send shivers through the plant's body, making her body bristle slightly...

"That it? Man, you had me worried." the Petilil's owner spoke with a chuckle, "Good think she don't attack much. Mind Leech Seed'n, Lily?"

'Lilili~" Lily chirped as a little white bulb shot from her body and latched onto Máirín, immediately going to work as it sucked her stamina away...

Máirín used Growl! Petilil's attack fell!
Foe Lily used Leech Seed! Máirín was seeded!
Máirín's health was sapped... [-6 HP]

[11] [sp=f] [sp=vaering] 25/47 [Anger Point] [Seeded]
[8] [sp=f] [sp=petilil] 32/32 [Chlorophyll] (-1 Atk)
As her Growl faded away, Máirín saw that it had done something to make her enemy shiver but then the human said some stuff (which she promptly ignored so focused was she on the grass type) and almost let out a screech when the Petilil attacked with a bulb of some sort that had grown from her body. Disgusting! Augh….! The Vaering thought as the bulb grew vines and wrapped itself around a portion of her body. The Rowboat pokemon snarled at the thing and thrashed, attempting to claw it off, but to no avail.

Suddenly, the young dragon felt extremely weakened and she sagged momentarily to the ground. The Petilil’s Leech Seed attack had sucked a good portion of her strength and left her huffing for breath a bit. Regaining her composure, the creature shook herself awake and drawing herself up, glared again at the loathsome grass type. Although, instead of keeping her glare, the Vaering launched herself at her opponent. In her mind, Máirín thought that the best way to beat this terrible thing would be to come down upon it with all her rage before it had a chance to attack back again.

OOC: Obviously, Máirín is going for a Rage attack… x3 Also... not even 200 words... : ( Terrible short post...
Máirín's raged, and raged hard, but was drained of health and robbed of it's prior efforts through a single absorb attack that struck a weak spot. The seeds that entangled her were also not very kind, taking more health from the dragon type and bringing the opponent to tip top shape already!

Máirín used Rage! [-4 HP]
Petilil used Absorb! It's a Critical Hit! [-7 HP] Petilil absorbed health! [+3 HP]
Máirín's Rage continues to build!
Máirín's health was sapped! [-6 HP] Petilil absorbed health! [+6 HP]

[11] [sp=f] [sp=vaering] 18/47 [Anger Point] [Seeded] (+1 Atk)
[8] [sp=f] [sp=petilil] 32/32 [Chlorophyll] (-1 Atk)
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As the hated grass type stood up, not even fazed from her attack, Máirín sagged from the sheer impossibility of it. She then dropped closer to the ground as the Petilil attacked her with some type of terrible grass-type technique that left her feeling drained and weary. This couldn’t be possible. Had the turtle really weakened her to the point where this thing was having a field day with her?! The Vaering snorted and tried to get back up on her feet, then slumped fully to the ground as her opponent’s Leech Seed sapped even more strength from the young dragon’s body.

Máirín rolled her eyes toward the green creature from her position on the ground and anger surged through her once more. But her muscles refused to cooperate. At once, the Vaering finally realized that she couldn’t do this on her own. She couldn’t take on another Trainers’ pokemon by herself, because they were more trained than she was; and it was two against her one. She was too weakened at this point. Nearly hating herself for it, the young Rowboat pokemon cried out at Titania, asking her to take over. The ray floated over and conversed slightly with her, but with a huff the water and dragon type dragged herself out of the field range and curled up next to her un-responding Trainer, feeling wretched about herself.

Titania then readied herself for whatever the grass type in front of her decided to do, taking a few moments to look back at Máirín and her Trainer (who as of yet still hadn’t come out of a completely silent “la la land” adventure). Turning back to the Petilil, the Dasfix readied her tail for a Poison Sting when she could get into close quarters with the Bulb pokemon.

OOC: Switching Máirín with Titania… again… x3 And terrible short post.. D : Clara is still daydreaming. XD
The horrible grassy attack that had given Mairin so much trouble didn't seem to bother Titania much at all, to Mairin's further rage and embarrassment. The mysterious Dasfix struck back with a well-aimed Poison Sting, and just like that the tables were turned as the venom coursed through Petilil's system.

Mairin, that's enough! Go, Titania!
The foe's Petilil used Absorb! It's not very effective... (-1 HP)
Titania used Poison Sting! It's super effective! (-8 HP)
The foe's Petilil was poisoned!
The foe's Petilil is hurt by poison! (-4 HP)

[12] [sp=f] [sp=dasfix] 31/44 [Levitate]
[8] [sp=f] [sp=petilil] 20/32 [Chlorophyll] [PSN] (-1 Atk)
Máirín wanted to cry. She wanted to rage at both Titania and the hated grass type. She wanted to explode against the entire world for being completely unfair. But all she could do at the moment was huff to herself and scratch at the vines that were still clinging to her hide. Thankfully, they weren’t still attacking her and aiding her enemy. Though she wouldn’t really mind, as it seemed the stingray was having far too much fun. She glumly watched as the Lurker pokemon easily handled an attack and then flung her own poisonous attack, not only dealing some good damage, but also quite easily sealing the hated creature’s fate in this battle. Had Máirín been there instead, the grass type would be gaining health, not losing it.

Was she good for nothing? Her Trainer really didn’t like her full-heartedly because she was a water type -- she was born that way; she couldn’t do anything about that. But she was weak on top of that? A complete weakling -- a creature who couldn’t hold herself up in any battle in her entire life. No, that was wrong… She had beaten that fish of the breeder’s to a pulp all by herself, but that fish was weak, weaker than her even. And then she had proceeded to bowel over that first stupid turtle. Really, what Had been the difference between the two? No. . . She knew what it was. It was probably the training that they had received, and Máirín just hadn’t gotten enough to beat this second one. . . That must be the difference between her and this other hated grass type. . . . . She didn’t have enough training. The dragon pup came full circle to the thought that had started it; she was weak.

And she had run from the next battle, bluffing at first, but still running back to the pokeball (that was now connected to her) afterwards without even doing anything. . . And after that, after that, Clara had tried to speak with her, but instead she had run out to get her face in another battle -- one that she had proceeded to lose miserably in. What good was she?

While Máirín spiraled into a self-hating mini-depression, Titania was busy taunting the Petilil. The Dasfix knew that the grass type would eventual fall from the poison, and she debated which of her attacks she should use. She could easily pound away with another flurry of Poison Stings, or she could laugh and idle her way through the battle by using Defense Curl. She might also try out a move that her Trainer probably didn’t realize she had, but the purple creature figured she would let her Trainer figure it out in time. The Lurker pokemon was patient. That was just the way she’d been bred and brought up, though she really couldn’t remember anything before meeting Clara. The Dasfix decided she really would go for another stab with her tail, and began to do just that.

Clara suddenly shook herself, as though she’d been in a strange stupor or trance. What had been going on? Oh, yes; she’d been trying to talk to Máirín, but the creature had gotten herself into a battle by angering a man and had, of course, dragged Clara into it. Then the girl had gotten to thinking about her money goal, and her “bond” with her pokemon. That then made her think of Máirín again, before leading her thoughts to the water and wondering about an attempt to leave the island. Which then reminded her of the battle she should have with that nurse-in-training before she left (or at least tried to leave) -- which resulted in her daydreaming about how that battle might end up going.

Casting her gaze around, the young Trainer found Máirín in a huddle next to her, looking very beat up and in some sort of depressed mood. Hadn’t she been battling? No, the girl had switched her for Titania, who was currently battling. . . but hadn’t she been battling a Turistar? The battle now looked nearly over as well, and Clara figured that perhaps the man had simply switched pokemon. Or had they won that other battle already? How long had she been thinking about things? As the girl continued to look on, the Dasfix in front of her proceeded to attack with a Poison Sting attack, even without any commands. It made Clara feel. . . . slightly hollow inside -- like she wasn’t exactly needed. But then how would she get enough money if her pokemon didn’t need her and she needed them? The girl shook her head again, jumbling those thoughts together for later. Right now, she should probably concentrate on the rest of this battle. She could think more about these things later. . . .
OOC: Forgive me for the not-text wall Kaelyn. I'm so rusty. x3

Another devastating toxic sting sent Petilil reeling. In a panic, it launched a small seed out of the trio of leaves protruding from its head! The seedling hit its mark, striking Titania's forehead and immediately sprouting. At first it seemed like nothing was happening, until the sapling began to drain the Dasfix's life force and sending it straight back to her opponent! Though Titania had started to feel weaker, she took pleasure in watching the poison quickly wearing down the green sprout. 

Soon. Soon it'll be at her mercy~

Titania used Poison Sting! It's super effective! (-8 HP)
The foe's Petilil used Leech Seed! Titania was seeded!
Titania's health was drained... (-6 HP)
[i]The foe's Petilil is hurt by poison! (-4 HP)

[12] [sp=f] [sp=dasfix] 25/44 [Levitate]
[8] [sp=f] [sp=petilil] 14/32 [Chlorophyll] [PSN] (-1 Atk)
OOC: It's perfectly fine. : )

Ick. That was all Titania could think of as the Petilil attacked her with the same clinging vines and strength-sapping power that the Vaering had endured. No wonder the Rowboat pokemon hadn't liked it. This might have changed the battle, had she not attacked again beforehand. She should probably do so again, but what about her Trainer? The Dasfix looked behind her and found Máirín in the same state, but her Trainer was bright-eyed and alert -- but with a slightly dejected look on her face.

Oh, no. . Had she done the wrong thing in attacking? Could it be? -- no it had to be something else. The poison and steel type waved her fins about wildly to get Clara's attention, eventually succeeding in drawing her gaze. The Lurker pokemon tried to look as meek as possible, before trying to indicate the question of what she should attack with. Evidently, she got the message across.

Clara was at first wondering what Titania was going on about, but taking a quick stock of the battle, Clara realized that the pokemon may have wanted her to take charge -- as what should have been the norm. The Dasfix was being zapped by some strange seeds and vines that must have come from the Petilil, stealing her of strength and energy, while the grass type was likewise being drained by Titania's poison. Another quick glance at Máirín told the young girl that the creature was going to take some hard work and time to come out of her funk. Case in point -- this battle should be wrapped up fairly quickly. Making up her mind, she called out,

"Okay, Titania. Use Poison Sting again!" It looked to be a pretty effective attack, after all. .
With a flap of her fins, the steel ray whipped her tail around and jabbed at Petilil once more! Titania quickly wrapped her fins around herself in a defense manner for her foe's next attack... But nothing happened. Her precise toxic strike struck a mortal blow instantly dropping the plant sprite. Baffled, Titania watched for a moment, and when Petilil didn't stand back up, she simply shrugged her and cheered for her victory. 

Without saying a word (not because I forgot the trainer's personality or anything...) Clara's defeated foe handed over some loose pocket change before fleeing into the distance... How anticlimactic...

Titania used Poison Sting! It's a super-effective crit! (-14 hp)
Foe's Petilil fainted!
Titania gained a boosted 67 exp... Titania grew to level 13!
Máirín gained 53 exp.

Poor forgotten opponent left 180p in pennies~

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