A Small Part of The Journey. . .and an Ocean to Quell.
Once in the Town of Shrdlu, Clara realized that it was a quaint, mostly quiet place. . . . that also happened to have a wharf and a couple of docks. . . . . Clara stayed well away from there, wandering in among the shops in the streets, looking at just about everything. It was so different and more sprawled out than Sootopolis. Everything here, really, was different and Clara took her time getting used to it.

She eventually got herself lost and confused though, and found herself in dead-end alleys a number of times. A few times however, she found a tiny little place in between buildings where she could just barely squeeze through to get back to the main street.

The sun began to truly set, and the young Trainer suddenly wondered where she was going to go for the night. She had to have some sort of bed, right? Food as well; was there some sort of place she needed to pay for to stay the night? Clara began to wander a little bit faster, finding herself more frequently in these alleys as she tried to find a place she could stay. In one of these alleyways, she found a strange creature rummaging around in a dumpster-- looking for food apparently. The poor thing was beaten and battered; much like what Clara herself had been after the storm washed her up on the beach. It touched something in Clara and made her pause and think. As she approached the creature, however, it tried to act brave and defiant. It was only a bluff though, and as it struggled to hide in a corner between the dumpster and the wall, an object it had under what looked like a claw escaped and rolled toward the girl.

Clara examined it without picking it up, and realized that the ruined thing had been a pokeball. It was cracked and in poor shape; it was just as dented as the darkly-colored (that she could see in the poor lighting) creature and nearly broken in two or thirds. The creature made frantic noises about losing the useless pokeball and made even more as Clara picked it up. The young Trainer then took out one of hers-- a shiny new pokeball without a scratch on it. This guy looks like he was. . . abandoned or something. Poor thing. Maybe I can take him with me to find his Trainer? Surely the creature had been simply been separated from its Trainer, right?

Clara offered the new pokeball to the creature and it was a while before it decided to move. It crawled out of the corner it had wedged itself into and seemed to weigh the decision between taking the old pokeball back, or taking the new one-- for Clara had them both held out, one in each hand. To Clara’s surprise, the pokemon bumped its head against the button in the middle of the good pokeball. It disappeared into a formless red and went inside. The capture device then Dinged and Clara was left staring at the pokeball which now housed a new pokemon partner. And she had no clue what it was. But of course, she would give it back to the original Trainer when she found him, right?

Clara decided to toss the broken pokeball into the dumpster the pokemon had been looking for a meal in, and returned to the problem of possibly being outdoors for the duration of the night. She wandered around a little bit more and as she turned a corner in yet another alley, found herself in a predicament.

There was a large, cloaked figure in front of her; a man, to judge by the stature and height. The man seemed to be studying something in his hand very closely and when he lifted his head, his eyes seemed to register recognition as he looked upon the young Trainer. It was completely dark now and the only source of light was a street lamp beyond the man at the junction of the alley and street. The girl fought hard to not run. She wanted to go forward, not lose herself trying to backtrack. But here was quite an obstacle, or so she thought. The man turned to face her, and Clara took half a step back. He seemed to frown, and took another step. Clara swallowed and sucked in a breath to speak.

“Excuse me. Sorry.” She squeaked, quickly taking a few steps forward and edged around the guy, trying to get by him to the street. He blocked her and then stuck his hand into what seemed to be a pocket on the inside of his coat, if the way he was moving his hand was any indication. Clara nearly jumped back to where she had been before.

Taking another step forward, the man then held a pokeball out to the girl and said,

“Here. For you.” Clara, however, only took a step back for every one of his now and kept her hand on Kenneth’s pokeball. Her back eventually bumped into the wall, and the young Trainer realized she was almost trapped. She considered making a dash to the side, but the man swiftly closed off that escape route.

“I’m not going to hurt you and I’m not looking for a battle.” Clara continued to look like a frightened rabbit caught between two foxes and the man sighed. He gently put the pokeball on the ground in front of the girl and slowly backed away until he was out on the street. “The Pokemon Center is that way.” He said, gesturing to the right; Clara’s right, his left. “Turn left at the corner and take the right lane when the road splits. The second street on your right will be where the Center is, on your left.” Then, the man sidestepped to disappear behind the wall.

After a few seconds, she moved. Taking a step and kneeling, Clara gingerly picked up the pokeball he had left. It seemed to contain a pokemon, but what it was, the girl had no clue. So now I've got two unknown pokemon with me. . . Why was I given this? Head whirling a bit, Clara stepped out onto the street that had been previously inaccessible. The man was gone.

Clara looked to the right, and tried to mentally follow the man’s directions. What if he led her into a trap? There was only one way to find out. Following the guy’s directions did indeed lead the young Trainer to a brightly lit building with a red roof and the image of a pokeball on the front of it. It had sliding glass doors and inside, Clara could see some couches, a counter, and some other “booths” that were along a wall. The place looked like a lobby of sorts. This must be it. I guess I’ll go in and find out anyway. Maybe they’ll let me sleep on one of the couches. . . . It’ll be pretty hard to sleep with all those lights on, though. Nonetheless, Clara entered and was immediately greeted with cool, conditioned air and a sweet, soft smell that calmed her nerves. She shivered slightly as the cold air washed over her, and walked forward.

The place was mainly empty, except for a nice looking lady whose pink, curly hair was the most noticeable thing about her. She stood behind the mid-height counter and turned her attention fully to Clara as the girl stepped inside. Clara seemed to ignore her for now. She looked around the place first. There were many couches inside, indeed. Some were close to one another, forming a nearly closed off space. Others were grouped around a large black something-or-other-box that had moving pictures inside of it; there were a few of these scattered about. Some other couches were either placed against the wall, or seemingly in a random spot. Clara vaguely recalled that those black boxes had to be televisions, thought the tvs were much bigger than the few she had seen in Sootipolis. The “booths” alongside the other wall also housed smaller “tvs”. Although, there were no places to sit in front of these--so Clara guessed that they had a different purpose. But to that, she was totally clueless. The pink-haired lady finally obtained the girl’s attention by clearing her throat loudly and waving slightly in her direction. Caught by the sudden movement-- her surveying disrupted-- the young Trainer moved toward the other female until she stood in front of her at the counter.

“Welcome to the Shrdlu Town Pokemon Center. You must be a new Trainer from Leddin Town, correct?” At Clara’s nod, the lady continued. “I am Nurse Joy, and I’m in charge of the Center here. I take care of Trainers’ pokemon while they are healing, along with Chansey and Audino, here.” The girl finally noticed that behind the counter, there were also two semi-large pink creatures standing on either side of Nurse Joy. She had no clue how to tell which one was which, and didn't think to use the pokedex. Besides, it would be rude, wouldn't it? So, she returned her full attention to the woman. “You are up late. The Center also has free rooms for a Trainer and their pokemon where they may rest for the night, or however long they wish to stay.” With a bow and more smiling, Nurse Joy ended her introduction with,

“Would you like me to check your pokemon’s health and would you like to stay in a room tonight?”

Clara tried to keep up, but it was so new and strange. She nearly yelled out “no” to the nice lady when she asked to look at her pokemon. They were her only way to get enough money for home. Oh, wait. Well, that was stupid. . . She’s not going to keep them. Just. . . look them over. But I don’t think they need it. They seem fine after a battle. Having fought down her initial would-be outburst, Clara tried to sound as nice as possible when she declined the first part of the question, and readily agreed to the second part. It was-- after all-- better than sleeping out on the street.

As Nurse Joy filled out the paperwork and located the key for the room she would stay in, Clara idly wondered if there was a Pokemon Center every place there was a Town (or City) and if the person in charge of each one would be as nice as Nurse Joy. By the time Nurse Joy was done and had handed the young Trainer the key with directions for the room upstairs, Clara had become quite tired. Even though she had been wide awake walking in, and had only been there a few minutes, she couldn't stifle a large yawn. The Nurse just smiled and told her to have an enjoyable stay while she was here.

Making her way up the stairs, the girl found the room quite easily enough and pretty much stumbled through. The room was nice-- again, quaint-- and with only the bare essentials. Not bothering to really look around, Clara made her way to the bed, and suddenly realized she owned nothing but the clothes she already wore. Many thoughts raced around her head, but she dismissed them to be dealt with tomorrow. Turning off the light, the Trainer fell asleep fully clothed and began a dreamless sleep. She’ll deal with those two mysterious pokemon in the morning. . . . .

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As Clara slowly opened her eyes, her befuddled mind could not make sense of what she was seeing. She had had such a strange dream, and the scenery had kept changing. She had thought she’d woken up at the entrance to a cave system much larger than the one she had traveled through the day before. It was the day before, wasn't it? Anyway, back to the cave. It had been hot, the sun had been beating down relentlessly until she had moved farther in. There had been people, lots of people. And other Trainers, and a group of people who called themselves the “Revialists”. Who and what were they again? Clara’s mind attempted to come up with information, but she found that it could not. In that subject, her brain remained blank. The cave, the people. . . . She and the other Trainers had been sent into the cave system to try and find something. . . something special. Treasure? No. . . It had been a knife or a piece of something else that she had glimpsed one of the Revialists with.

Fragmented images rushed through her head and Clara began to feel quite ill as a pounding at her temple increased. She stopped trying to think, and the feeling eventually faded away to a low throb, almost indiscernible. An image of a blue specter moth surfaced suddenly and Clara almost shrieked with the pain that it brought with it. She curled up on the bed and held her head, trying to get the stabbing pain to go away again. The image faded to nothing and little by little so did the pain, once more. The girl’s breathing had become ragged to combat the pain she was feeling and she didn't move until her breathing was back to normal.

Clara shakily sat herself up on the bed and drew in another deep breath. What had that been? What had happened? Was it a nightmare, or something else? It couldn't have been a dream. Too frightening and horrible for it to be a dream. But it couldn't have been reality either. The only cave system she had been was that small cave to this little town from Leddin Town. And there certainly hadn't been that horrible specter of a moth or that other black and red pokemon she had seen that had glowed and suddenly changed the way it looked. Clara had so many questions about that as well. It seems to Clara that she had seen that moth twice. She didn't know what had happened to the first one, but the second one had to have been much bigger.

The girl sat for a while, mind whirling in aimless circles. She got nowhere and that pounding headache started to plague her again. Slumping forward, Clara tried to empty her mind. It worked a little bit, but it wasn't enough. The young Trainer decided to release her pokemon instead. Taking the six pokeballs, the girl held the devices out flat on her palms and let the pokemon release themselves as she called to them.

Kenneth came out first, shaking himself and yawning. He stretched himself out and greeted each of the other pokemon as they materialized. Titania and Jayden came out at about the same time, and the poison and steel type waved her fins at the two of them and floated a little bit away to inspect the room while Jayden twittered happily, glad that they were all safe. The Auriole flapped up to land on the bed post and began to preen. Amanita was next and she clicked her claws and scuttled around the room, also exploring. Then she sat close to Titania and seemed to strike up a conversation with the Lurker pokemon. Lilith the Gravendou was next and by the time she had yawned herself out and settled next to the dresser, Kenneth was filling Jayden in with what had happened. The Vaering was last and it snarled at them all, especially Clara, and curled up in the corner farthest away from everyone.

Clara watched as her pokemon interacted with each other, with the exception of the Vaering. The human and pokemon again stared warily at the other, but Clara was still too exhausted in both mind and body (despite the sleep she supposedly had) to do anything about it. She broke the eye contact and slipped off the bed to sit by Kenneth. The fire type snuggled up to his Trainer and it was then that Clara noticed the remnants of the injury the hyena cub had sustained against the Specter.

“How did that happen, Kenneth?” Clara vaguely remembered the part of her nightmare at the end of the ordeal, where she had had Kenneth seen by some of the “Revalists”, but that had not been real, had it? Doubt resurfaced in Clara’s mind and she hugged Kenneth tight, hoping he would dispel this feeling of something not being right. Kenneth stayed close to his Trainer and they remained in that position for quite a while. Clara eventually moved away and recalled everyone to their pokeballs, giving the fire pup a loving pat on the head, a silent thank-you for being there when she needed him. You have no idea, but I am glad to be here with you. Kenneth thought before he disappeared into a formless red. The thought showed in his eyes as well, but Clara didn't seem to see the message there.

The young Trainer gathered herself mentally and looked around the room. She picked up her bag where it had been dropped the night before, noting some sand that shifted to the ground as she did so. That was another thing to puzzle over, but Clara only shook her head in denial and left the room.

Outside, Clara shut the door to the room, key in hand, and wended her way down the stairs. Stopping short of the stair landing, the girl peeked around the corner and spotted Nurse Joy at the desk. Was it the same person? It seemed to be so. The girl waited until the pink haired lady had turned her back, and then quickly walked past, deposited the key on the counter, and hurriedly rushed out the door and to the corner of the building. Taking a deep breath of fresh air, Clara had no idea why she felt like she needed to do that, but it had happened. Looking around, Clara spotted the direction of the docks and decidedly turned her back to it. Then, she walked along some of the roads, simply wandering around.

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There were lots of people in the street this morning. The day looked like usual, not at all out of the ordinary. There was no other sign of that the strange dream Clara had dreamt might be real. No one else seemed to have experienced anything similar. If Clara was to solve the mystery, she would have to investigate a little deeper.

As Clara strolled around, she passed a woman reading a newspaper. This was in a less crowded street, and the woman looked up at Clara as if she had a question in mind. When she finally got the Trainer's attention, it appeared that all she wanted was to have a Pokemon battle.

The woman was a Pokemon breeder, dressed in a red tunic, brown trousers and a green cap. She had a bucket full of monster balls. After presenting herself as Aisha, she picked one up and called out the Pokemon inside.

The Pokemon she was going to battle with was a green calf, familiar from Gadari's laboratory. It did not look evolved, and had apparently only gotten a little training.

"So, what do you say?" asked Aisha. "Will you fight me?"

Pokémon Breeder Aisha would like to battle!
[Image: Spr_BW_Pok%C3%A9mon_Breeder_F.png]
Aisha sent out Acafia!

[6] [sp=f][sp=acafia] 29/29 [Overgrow]
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Being stopped on her walk by a woman who had been sitting on a bench and reading a newspaper, the young Trainer was asked to a battle. Her opponent wore a red shirt, brown pants, and a green hat of sorts on her head. The woman introduced herself as Breeder Aisha, calling out a semi-familiar green pokemon to her side. The creature was a calf, and Clara recognized it after a while as the grass starter from Master Gadari’s lab yesterday. Clara wondered if she should take the challenge. It wouldn’t hurt, now would it? In fact, she might just get a little bit more of that money she needed.

“Sure, why not?” the girl replied in response to her opponent. Summoning Titania from her capsule device, Clara turned to study the pokemon that the woman had released. It didn’t look to be all that trained. In fact, it looked like it may have just left the lab yesterday as well. Or, perhaps this morning. Rethinking her plan, Clara told Titania to stand down. The purple ray obediently floated to her side as the young girl readied a different pokeball. The breeder quirked an eyebrow at her action. It might as well be now. Maybe Breeders are really special Trainers. She might be able to help me. . .

Releasing the pokemon within, Clara waited for the dragon’s response. The Vaering looked around herself, and then turned and snapped threatingly at Clara. Jumping, Clara moved back to give the creature more space. “Okay, uhh.. Vaering.. Please face the other way.” Clara voice got really small and quiet, but it seemed that the dragon and water type decided to humor her. She turned around and glared at the calf, but then curled in on herself. Now what am I supposed to do? I don’t think I even know any of the Vaering’s attacks. . . . Frowning, Clara looked up to see what the Breeder thought of this situation.

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The breeder stood back, observing Clara along with the pair of pokemon she had released, waiting and wondering what the holdup was.

"Aren't you going to do something? Call an attack, or... anything?"

Aisha, despite having several weak pokemon with her, was actually a tad more experienced than the average trainer due to her years working as a breeder. Just like she could tell a weak pokemon from a strong one, she could tell a newbie scrub from a real trainer.

"Are you new to this, or are you did you change your mind about battling?"

Growing bored, Aisha's Acafia took it upon itself to begin the battle for the two trainers, letting out a sort of growling moo, causing the young dragon to grow weaker... somehow.

[5] [sp=f] [sp=vaering] 27/27 [Anger Point] [Atk -1]
[6] [sp=f][sp=acafia] 29/29 [Overgrow]
"Oh.. uhh.. wait.." Clara called out, only to end up mumbling to herself and Titania. Didn't this Breeder see that there was something wrong with the Vaering? Or was there only something wrong with herself?

"Aren't you going to do something? Call an attack, or... anything? Are you new to this, or are you did you change your mind about battling?"

"No, I- I didn't.. change my mind. It's just that the. . the. . . the Vaering. I found her last night looking in the garbage can for food, so I though I'd bring her with me. . . but she doesn't seem to like me. . or. . or trust me.." And I'm scared of water types. . . By now, Clara was staring at her feet, eyes shifting every so often to Titania. The calf pokemon had had enough of this talk above her head. She decided to call out to the water and dragon type to initiate the battle, since the Trainer didn't seem like she was going to do something.

The Rowboat pokemon raised her head, uncurled herself, and hissed at the green pokemon, stamping a claw down on the ground and raking at it as though she were about to blindly charge. It seems like that may have been what the bovine was after. Instead, the brown creature simply leered at her opponent with a lopsided, toothy sneer, and went back to her curled position. She seemed to be content to simply nap there, ignorant of the battle going on around her. Maybe this was a really bad idea. . . .

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"Oh, my. You just picked it right up off the street? That's dangerous! You don't know where it's been..." Aisha seemed to trail off and be lost in thought for a moment. "Hmm... But, if you're determined... Well... Alright, let's see how you two do in battle. Acafia! Give them a Razor Leaf to remember!"

By the time this command was given, Máirín was already glaring off her opponent.

OOC: Máirín used Leer.
Acafia's Defense was lowered!

Acafia used Razor Leaf. [-10 HP]

While the Vaering's fiery gaze left Acafia unable to focus on her defense as due, she still gave a solid attack, shaking off a flurry of sharp thorns from her bush. Her foe was nicked and dealt several small wounds.

[5] [sp=f] [sp=vaering] 17/27 [Anger Point] [1- Atk]
[6] [sp=f][sp=acafia] 29/29 [Overgrow] [1- Def]

In return for the snide leer, Clara's Vaering received quite a few sharp leaves and thorns to the face and other parts of her exposed body. Shocked, and just a little bit hurt in her feelings, the weakened dragon did nothing but stare at the Acafia. Clara also cringed, seeing how much damage that attack had done to the creature. This definitely wasn't a good idea. . . . I thought maybe the Vaering would try to bluff like it did when I found her. I thought she might be a little nicer to me. . .maybe. . But at least I thought she would attack? I guess this Breeder can't help me with her. . . . . Clara tried one more time to explain the situation.

"But, I thought the Vaering looked hurt, and maybe lost. Or she could have been abandoned. She did pick my pokeball instead of her broken one, and it worked just fine. Isn't there something to that?” the young Trainer questioned the Breeder. Regardless of what the Breeder thought, Clara couldn't just abandon the water and dragon type again. Even though she didn't like water types; even though the Vaering didn't seem to like her, or want anything to do with her, and seemed to (kinda) battle by itself without any input from her. Just like her other pokemon, sometimes, except the Vaering didn’t seem to be making very good choices in the matter and was losing the battle. Clara decided that that was enough, and that she would have to work it out with the creature first before trying something like this again.

“Okay, Vaering. Come back.” Cara said, holding the water and dragon type’s pokeball in her hand, and sending the poor thing back to her capsule. The girl looked down to Titania, who had been patiently hovering about her ankles the entire time. “Titania, would you be so kind as to jump in?” The Dasfix gave a wiggle of her fins, and obediently flapped to a position in front of Clara, where the Vaering had been. “Okay Titania, use Poison Sting please!”
"Did you ever thought of leaving the vaering to the Pokemon Centre?" he breeder asked. "They usually take care of lost Pokemon, trying to find the owner. If the owner is not available, then they might consider leaving the Pokemon with you, if they see you fit. I have adopted Pokemon that way."

Back to the battle, Aisha gave her Pokemon another command. The young bovine shoot another set of thorny leaves at her opponent. Her opponent quickly changed, however, as a dasfix was taking the vaering's place.

The sharp leaves just bounced off Titania's hard skin, leaving barely a mark. Then, when the dasfix had lashed out with her tail to shoot back a poison sting, the acafia got a painful needle in her leg. She was fortunate though, that she could pick the pin out before the poison got to her.

[9] [sp=f] [sp=dasfix] 34/35 [Levitate]
[6] [sp=f][sp=acafia] 17/29 [Overgrow] [1- Def]

Clara was surprised by what the Breeder said next. No, she hadn't thought of that at all. She didn't even know, and told the breeder as such. Adopted pokemon? . . . . I wonder if all of her pokemon are adopted, maybe even the Acafia, though I thought only Gadari had them, right? Clara had the strange idea that someone might actually give up their very first pokemon ever, hence the starters being at Pokemon Centers looking for new Trainers instead of being with the one who had initially picked them. That would be absolutely horrible! The young girl pushed that absurd thing out of her head. She would never do that to Kenneth, right? She hadn’t wanted that to happen to Clair either, but something to that effect had happened. . . . As she thought, Clara realized that that was what the end result would be when she tried to go back home. She intended to leave them here. . . Well, maybe she would find people for them, instead of handing them to the Pokemon Center. Nodding at that plan of action, Clara’s mind went back to the battle.

More leaves and another poisoned stinger later, and it was clear that Titania had both the advantage, and the power, to win this battle. A single attack had the Acafia quite weakened, while the female cow’s own attack didn’t even make a ripple on Titania’s consciousness. Clara’s thoughts went back to the Vaering as she gave another nod to the poison and steel type, giving the “okay” to attack again with Poison Sting. The purple ray turned back toward the green calf, and raised her tail threateningly, poised to strike again.
"The Pokemon Centres do what they can to help Pokeon and their Trainers," the breeder explained. She then saw Clara's troubled expression, but had no idea what she was thinking about. "Are you all right? Did I say anything that troubled you?" Aisha thought that maybe Clara did not want to part with the vaering, but it would be wrong to keep it if its real Trainer was looking for it. No one had any idea how the Trainer and Pokemon had parted. There could have been an accident.

It had happened that when people went to prison, their Pokemon would be left in the street. The Pokemon Centre expected the Pokemon to be handed to them or to the Pokemon Farm, but this did not always happen. Before she became a breeder, Aisha had been with a group who looked for such Pokemon, to put them in good care until their Trainer could take care of them again.

Back to the battle, she could see that her acafia was losing. There was only one clever thing that she could do, and she quickly gave the calf a command. Hopefully, her next Pokemon could take this dasfix down.

The acafia let out a cry to weaken Titania's attack power, but the move was in vain, as the dasfix shot a poison sting right onto the acafia's nose. Unable to remove the pin that had stuck there, the grass-type was defenceless against the poison reaching into her body. She was quickly becoming much weaker, finally falling slowly to the ground.

"Good job, Acafia. Now come back and rest." Aisha replaced the defeated Pokemon with a brown fish monster.

Titania acquired 100 exp. points!
Titania's level increased!
Titania mastered Astonish!
Máirín acquired 120 exp. points!
Máirín's level increased!

[10] [sp=f] [sp=dasfix] 37/38 [Levitate] [Attack -1]
[7] [sp=male][sp=freye] 35/35 [Damp]

“Oh.” Clara said then, in a small voice. “I see. . . I guess I’ll turn the Vaering over to the Pokemon Center, then.” Even though it was a water type, Clara felt the unexplainable need to keep the creature. Maybe they could work something out? But, going to the Pokemon Center would probably be the first priority anyway. The breeder commented that Clara had seemed troubled the past few moments, thinking about the future, but the young Trainer waved her off. “No, no. It’s fine. You didn’t do anything. However,” the girl paused as she thought of something. “What about the Vaering’s old pokeball? I don’t have it anymore and it was all battered and broken into pieces when I found the Vaering.”

While the two Trainers discussed Máirín’s future fate, the battle continued as the Acafia cried out to make Titania hesitate in her attack, but only momentarily. The Dasfix’s Poison Sting landed on the green creature’s nose, a place the poor hooved animal couldn’t reach. The grass type succumbed to the attack, and the Breeder promptly withdrew her, only to send out a creature Clara had never seen, but dreaded all the same because of its form, and its probable typing. The girl hesitated and nearly flinched, but dug her pokedex out just to make sure before she called out an attack. The electronic wasted no time in both disappointing her, and striking fear through her body.

Freye, the Flatfish Pokemon. This Freye is male. Its ability is Damp. Up in the corner, the device displayed a water and ground typing for the pokemon.

Clara sighed grimly and put the near-useless thing away again, steeling her nerves against the creature before opening her mouth for Titania to attack. It may look weak, and it may only be a small fish, but it was still a water type, and she still irrationally feared it. However, before the young Trainer had a chance to open her mouth, a pokeball on her backpack strap opened of its own accord and the pokemon within released itself from its confines. The Vaering snorted at everyone present and huffed in Titania’s direction constantly, pushing against her personal space until the water and dragon type had forced the stingray off of the field. The creature then sat smugly in between Clara and the fish, blowing hot air in other brown creature’s general direction, probably dissing the breeder at the same time. Clara stood there, slack-jawed, unable to comprehend just what this pokemon was trying to do.

Well that’s just Great. Now the newest pokemon that travels with me is being even more stubborn and she doesn’t even like me! Not only that, but Clara was pretty sure the Vaering wasn’t going to listen to her anyway, and she didn’t like the thought of the water and dragon type getting, well, beat up. Clara tried to Recall the bull-headed dragon, but the Vaering neatly dodged around the beam and then began to rage, not at Clara, but at the Freye!

OOC: Máirín decides she wants a piece of fish and she does what she wants apparently. XD Withdrawing Titania and switching to the Vaering, who is using Rage.
"The ball contains some data of course, like what Pokemon it belongs to and a unique signature for the Trainer," the breeder explained. "Without it, identifying the owner will be more difficult. One can only hope that the Pokemon has been reported as missing."

The freye was flopping on the ground, waiting for a command. Meanwhile, the vaering came out, hissing and growling. The fish looked with large, frightened eyes at what he was facing.

Aisha was not sure of what to do. Clara tried to recall the vaering, but the dragon insisted on avoiding the red beam from the monster ball. Why was the Pokemon so angry? Had the last Trainer abused her? Perhaps she had belonged to a member of some criminal organisation, but Logora had not had such groups around in a long time.

When the vaering attacked her freye, Aisha knew she had to help her Pokemon. Before she could utter a command though, the fish sprayed a thin beam of water, aiming for the dargon's eye. The beam missed and hit the head instead. The attack inflicted almost no damage, but was more of an annoyance, fuelling Máirín's raging.

The breeder knew she could not win this, and she was not sure that switching Pokemon would be a better choice. Perhaps she should let the vaering win, to calm the creature down, but she was afraid for her freye. If the battle got too tough for the fish, she would have to recall him.

[6] [sp=f] [sp=vaering] 19/30 [Anger Point] [Attack +1]
[7] [sp=male][sp=freye] 33/35 [Damp]

OOC: How long does rage last again? ^^() At what point does the attack max out?

Clara listened as the Breeder explained what a pokeball actually did, besides catch the pokemon. “Unique data?” Clara repeated to herself, thinking of all the pokemon she had with her. It was quite a flurry of activity that whirled around Clara’s mind at that concept. So each pokemon I catch obtains something that is special, and only they can have it. Pokemon weren’t just creatures to do things with, or to be feared. They were equals. Just like each person had unique things about them, so did the pokemon. Clara’s mind kept that thought, and the girl listened to the rest of what the Breeder had to say.

“Without that information, identifying the owner will be more difficult. One can only hope that the Pokemon has been reported as missing." Clara absorbed this information as well, and was about to ask some questions when the conversation was cut short by the battling water types. While seemingly afraid with its bulging eye, the Freye nonetheless shot some water at the Vaering, apparently intending to squirt it in her eye. But the fish miscalculated as the dragon moved and hit the creature on the head instead. Some of it splashed near Clara, and the girl moved away from it, as though it were acid, and tried to not voice her fright and displeasure.

The young Trainer looked up to the Breeder, to catch an expression of worry and slight confusion on her face. Was it for her Freye, or for the Vaering? Maybe it was both. Neither attack seemed to have done much to either opponent, but the girl still felt a little ashamed at having the Vaering go wild and not being able to reign her in. Clara tried, yet again, to Recall the wayward dragon, but the creature still kept dodging the beams and continued to Rage at the fish. The young girl sighed and didn’t bother to try and call out a command. Even if the Vaering wasn’t raging about angrily, Clara had no doubts that the creature would not listen to her. Though, it did make the young Trainer wonder; Why did the Vaering suddenly want to fight for her at all? Or was it simply showing that it could?
OOC: Since the third generation, you can stop the rage attack whenever you want. The max boost of a stat is 6, but you can still use rage after this as a normal attack.

As the vaering continued to slash angrily at the freye, the fish spit water at the dragon's face, but it just made the situation worse. The freye just put himself into more trouble, as the angry Pokemon became stronger.

Aisha could see that her freye was barely hurt by the vaering's rage attacks, but this would soon change. She wondered if the vaering really was that angry or if her mood was simply part of her battle technique.

The breeder could then see that her opponent looked a bit nervous, but she did not think she had to worry about the vaering, since the dragon had the upper hand. The freye could do nothing against the water dragon. Right now, the two Pokemon did not do each other much harm.

[6] [sp=f] [sp=vaering] 18/30 [Anger Point] [Attack +2]
[7] [sp=male][sp=freye] 30/35 [Damp]

OOC: Alrighty. Thank-you very much, Te-em. ^^ Also, thank-you very much for the quick update. ^^ Not that it really matters with how long it takes me to update with a simple paragraph. XD Máirín continues her Rage attack, of course; probably until the Freye faints, too. Lol.

The Breeder seemed to relax slightly as the battle continued at its near stale-mate pace, and Clara had to wonder why. Wasn't her lack of control over the Vaering disconcerting? With another attack from both sides, it didn’t look like anything had really changed. The dragon and water type continued to rage yet again, swinging her head back and forth as she growled. The fish didn’t seem to have sustained much damage, certainly not as much as the Vaering had in the previous match, but it still acted nervously. Clara hung back and simply watched, as she was sure there was nothing she could do to change the current events. . . . What is there that I can do? I really wish I hadn't let the Vaering out of the pokeball the first time around. The girl lamented silently.
Máirín's fit continued as she stomped around like a child that didn't get her way, the dragon whelp taking her anger out on the flatfish. One particular hit seemed to strike hard, causing Freye to flop and flounder around in an attempt to get away. With no other options, Freye spat another stream of water, knocking Máirín away, but instead of dousing her fire, the attack only added more fuel to it!

"You know," the breeder spoke, tapping her cheek as she watched the battle, "Your Vaering - Máirín, was it? - seems pretty strong, even with such a weak attack. But, why are you using Rage? Does it not know Aqua Jet yet? It doesn't take very long for their species to learn that attack."

Even if it might be detrimental to her victory, Aisha couldn't help but help the newbie. Maybe she was actually nice despite her attitude earlier, or maybe she simply couldn't help but rub her knowledge in the newbie's face.

[6] [sp=f] [sp=vaering] 17/30 [Anger Point] [Attack +3]
[7] [sp=male][sp=freye] 25/35 [Damp]

OOC: Well, that’s one way to introduce the Vaering’s name. XD Haha! Thanks, Orchestra. ^^

Máirín? Clara’s thoughts echoed. Where did she get that name from? I haven’t named the Vaering yet! But the name did sound nice, and perhaps if even fit, so Clara simply adopted it and played along with what the Breeder was saying. The Vaering had been, unceremoniously, christened as Máirín. Glancing at the two partial water types, Clara realized that Máirín indeed had an advantage despite her weakened state and the fact that she seemed overall weaker than the Freye. The fish was beginning to look tired, nearly at the level that Máirín seemed to be at.

The Breeder, of course, continued her small talk. At the inquiry of using only the move “Rage”, and not using something called “Aqua Jet”, the headstrong dragon stopped her yelling and fixed the Freye with quite a glare. Then, before anyone could react, the dragon and water type summoned a cloak of water from nowhere, and rushed headlong at her opponent!

That surprise aside, why would the Breeder seemingly help her opponent? No matter what one did, that course of action always turned out to have negative results for the helper; especially in a situation such as a pokemon battle. It left Clara confused about the whole deal. . . . ((Oh yes, utterly mind-boggling. XD))
OOC: ... Sorry. I mean, she had the name in your profile, and you used it in the OOC. I assumed you had named her. *Sighs* ...And then RNG decides to be a butt >.>

"Huh?" Aisha asked, blinking in confusion, "You keep mumbling to yourself during the battle, and I thought I heard you say something like that. Must've misheard. Myren, Moren, Morrey, something."

With a shrug, she gave a the only command she really could, not that the pitiful spritz of water would help against a freaking watery bullet of death!

Though the attack wasn't that powerful against a fellow water-type, the Aqua Jet easily did more than 'Máirín's' Rage seemed to be doing. If only that fish weren't so darn bulky.

The flat Freye spat another weak spurt of water, the stream scoring a critical hit as it shot into the Vaering's eyes...

"Um..." Aisha blinked and stared, watching in surprise as Máirín let out a low growl, her rage hitting its peak in an instant as a powerful aura began to surround her, "Uh... What was it's ability again?" the breeder asked, knowing full well what had just happened, and knowing just what kind of trouble it could give her...

[6] [sp=f] [sp=vaering] 16/30 [Anger Point] [Atk +6]
[7] [sp=male] [sp=freye] 21/35 [Damp]

OOC: Nope. But that’s okay. It’s a fine (and funny) way to introduce the name, particularly since the Vaering’s “ way of obtainment” wasn’t even normal. x3 I like it. No need to say sorry. ^^ Also, lol. I wanna see how much damage either attack would do with maxed attack. XD Only, it was halfway there already… *shrugs* Also also, what's up with these rapid updates all of a sudden? XD

"Huh?" The breeder unintelligently let out to Clara’s followed along acting of the naming of the Vaering. "You kept mumbling to yourself during the battle, and I thought I heard you say something like that. Must've misheard, then. . .” I did? I was? Clara thought (mainly astonished), wondering when she had done that. Had she been so intent on trying to keep the Vaering, a pokemon whose typing scared her the most and brought with it evil memories, that she was thinking up names the entire time while watching the battle? Did she really want to keep this creature that badly? The name wouldn’t matter at all anyway though, when the Pokemon Center decided to take her to give to a better Trainer. . .

The Freye finally succeeded in spraying its water into the dragon’s eyes, however, but such a change overcame the horned creature, that Clara took a step back. The Breeder also reacted, though not like a knowledgeable Breeder should.

“Her ability?” Clara asked in response to Aisha’s sudden nervousness. It was understandable, with how the Vaering acted after that Water Gun attack. A strange aura, nearly visible, engulfed the dragon and water type, and the creature acted even more enraged than before. A nearly murderous light shone in the creature's eyes as she snorted and growled. Switching back again to being a rage-filled individual, the Vaering- ahem- Máirín reverted to her momentarily forgotten raging attack, attacking the Freye with quite some ferocity.

“I- I don’t know. . . ” Or did she? The young girl shifted through her memories, trying to find it. An instant light-bulb went off in her head suddenly; the Cave Dream! Clara remembered running the pokedex on the creature then. But wasn’t that just a dream?

The young Trainer dug the device out of her backpack, aiming it at the raging Vaering. The contraption stayed silent, but the screen lit up with a lot of data. Rage, Growl, Leer, and Aqua Jet are her attacks. . . and “Anger Point”. . . I remember that, in the dream, at least. Finally done staring at the electronic device, Clara put it away and faced the Breeder. “Anger Point.” She said simply. “Doesn’t it just mean that she has a short temper or something?”
"Of course. Freye would have to get a critical on something with Anger Point..." Aisha face palmed, then looked up at you between her fingers, "What, don't you know what that means?" she asked, before muttering something under her breath, your confused expression seemingly annoying the breeder, "When struck with a critical hit - That's when a move it's much, much harder than normal - Anger Point activates and maxes out the user's, in this case, your Vaering, attack levels.

As she spoke, the two pokemon clashed once more, with the flopping Freye spitting a weak stream of water that was so embarrassingly weak, even a water pistol would shake its head in shame, while the Vaering began another fit as she struck Freye...

"T-That was it? Maxed attack and it barely even hurt Freye?!" suddenly Aisha broke out into laughter, shocked by the pitiful show of power, "Oh my Celebi, that was pathetic!"

[6] [sp=f] [sp=vaering] 15/30 [Anger Point] [Atk +6]
[7] [sp=male] [sp=freye] 12/35 [Damp]


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