Closed Split Act - The Fire Inside
Caution: Erupts When Angry

Rating: Hard
Number of Players: Any
Requirements: None
Rewards: [sp=flametoken] (3), [sp=heatrock] (1)
Objective: The Fire Grace Festival start to get chaotic when a young aspiring trainer prods a hundred-year-old Camerupt into trying to battle. Help calm the traditional Pokémon before it plagues the city with molten lava.
Location: Etaoin City

Every year that passes, during the final days of the Fire Grace Festival, a ceremony is held in which a sacred 100-year old Camerupt is walked by the city elders on a decorated path throughout the City. At the end of the path lies an altar, at which the Camerupt traditionally provides magma to encase donated offerings for the legendary Pokémon from the community.

This tradition is one that has been performed for hundereds of years, and almost always goes smoothly. We say almost because this year happens to be the exception. As you and your friends watch the ceremony take place, a young riled up boy runs up on the path and call out his Pokémon. His friends shed some fabled secrets to him, saying such things that if you can defeat the Camerupt in battle, then you'd gain the power shooting magma from your fingertips. Calling out a young Spraylet and a Wyrmal, the boy and his Pokémon unexpectedly start to buffet the old beast with a few puny water guns. While the Camperupt was strong and resistant to most attacks, it started to get annoyed, and pretty soon after the Pokémon started to rampage. If you and your Pokémon can help to calm the Camerupt down somehow before it erupts in the middle of the city, the elders are sure to thank you in some way.
Since the completion requirements will be stiff and the event is time-specific, I'd like to put down a posting requirement of once per each 2 days, although, in order to keep it somewhat reasonable, every player gets two strikes, with which they may post within 36 hours of the usual limit, but no later -- and again, only at two given points (or twice at a single point; it's also permissible to use both strikes at once).

Also, I don't necessarily expect to even run into that problem, but I'd rather not have too many people joining, since in that case it could be quite chaotic for everyone to complete the requirements. I don't have a specific limit in mind, but let's say no more than five people for now.

I'll be playing as Lulu, who is one half of my player character duo.
I'll join in with ya. Playing as my character, Nikolai. ^_^
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I'll probably fail miserably at this, but I'll give it a shot.
Rating: hard? This is probably suicide, but I'll join.
This often catches me out, too, but Xander the Crocoal is female.
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I'd love to join!
Well, that got people fast.

I'm going to get started with the thread; it may take a while, so if anybody else would like to join, now's the time.

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