20 Questions: Pokemon Style
Okay, everyone knows the game 20 questions right? Someone thinks of something that belongs to four different categories and people ask yes or no questions to narrow the answer down? Well, we're going to play the pokemon version! Same rules. Yes or no questions only, only up to 20 questions (Please number your question appropriately so we know what question we're on), repeat questions count so pay attention and read before you ask. Anyways, here are the categories:

1. Pokemon
2. Pokemon Characters
3. Pokemon Movies
4. Pokemon Types (yes, I'm making it a category :P)

1. Yes or no questions only
2. Up to 20 questions (NUMBER YOUR QUESTIONS!)
3. Repeat questions count so PAY ATTENTION and READ BEFORE YOU ASK!
4. Whoever gets the answer right wins and starts a new round.
5. If nobody gets it, the first person to reply to the thread saying they have something goes.
6. In regards to rule 5, the next person cannot be the person who answered questions the previous round.
7. If the person answering does not reply to a question within 72 hours, the game proceeds in accordance to rule 5.
8. If no questions are asked in 72 hours, the person currently answering has the choice to start over or wait until someone asks a question. They could use the answer they were using before or switch it as they see fit.
9. If the winner chooses not to start, the game proceeds in accordance to rule 5.
10. When guessing, you may only make one guess per post. You can, however, ask up to three questions per post.
11. After guessing, you must wait 24 hours before guessing again or until someone else guesses or asks a question and has it answered. You can, however, still ask questions and have them answered.
12. People answering must list all questions that have been asked. This way, the people asking the questions will always know what has been asked. For a good example, please look to Metallica Fanboy's posts on page 7 though it doesn't have to look exactly like that.

I'll start and...
Is it a Pokemon? (Question # 1)
Indeed! [1/20]
Is it a New Logora Pokemon? (Question # 2)
Yep. [2/20]
Does this New Logora pokemon stand on two feet? ^^ (Question # 3)
Hmm... it probably could, but generally speaking no. [3/20]
Hmmmm.... Does this New Logora pokemon need a special way to evolve? (Question # 4)

OOC: ((I've gotten myself slightly confused. I probably should have worded my second question a little better. The New Logora pokedex or completely New Logora, meaning non-canon. I guess I'll have to ask for clarification and that'll use another question, won't it?))
Nope. [4/20]

OOC: I feel like you should use another question, but since it's the first round, I'll let it slide. To answer that question, it is a full New Logoran pokemon.
Is this New Logora pokemon's main color red?(Question # 5)

OOC: Alrighty. Thank-you very much, DM. ^^
Nope. [5/20]
Is this New Logora pokemon's main color blue?(Question # 6)
No. [6/20]
Darn.... How about... Is this New Logora pokemon's main color green?(Question # 7)
Is that Pokémon's primary type one that would always deal physical damage pre-Gen IV? (Question #8)
@Negrek: No [7/20]

@MF: I believe so... -looks up- nevermind. It's a no. [8/20]
Is the Pokemon's base stats total less than 450? (Question #9)
You guys are coming up with some gnarly questions!

-checking- No. No it is not. [9/20]
Right, let's gather some information first.

Judging by the answers given and Dancin's responces, we can prove the following things:

- It is a fakemon.
- It can stand on two feet, but spends time on 4.
- It evolves normally/doesn't evolve
- It isn't blue, red or green.
- It is a Dark, Dragon or Ice type (Fire, Water, Electric, Grass, Ice, Psychic, Dragon, Dark are the types that were special. Dark, Dragon and Ice are the only questionables.)
- It is presumably a single type ("I believe so... -looks up- nevermind." is not the answer you'd give, should you have 2 types.)
- It has a BST higher than 450, so it is likely to be fully evolved.

I may have over analysed it, but oh well.

Judging by this info, my question is: Is its BST 540?
No. No it is not... -double checks- Yep, it's not. [10/20] Halfway there!

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