OOC: You must have a Pokémon with the move Surf (HM03) in your party to access this route and its wild Pokémon; if you don't have such a Pokémon, please use the nearest Neptune Ferry to reach your destination. There are several moderately-large floating platforms, provided by a joint effort between the Pokémon League and the local coast guard, spaced more or less evenly along the route, giving land-bound Pokémon someplace to stand if you wish to battle with them while swimming.

Access To:
  • Route 613
  • Route 615

Wild Pokémon (Surfing):
  • 50%: Latikrai [18–33] / Kraitra [34+]
  • 45%: Latikrai [18–29] / Sharpedo [30+]
  • 5%: Aeolagio [20+]

Wild Pokémon (Super Rod):
  • 75%: Latikrai [10–19] / Basculin (Blue-Stripe) [20+]
  • 25%: Kelfee [10–30] / Drakella [31+]

Dive Spots:

If you have Diving Gear and a Pokémon with the move Dive (HM06) in your party, you may choose to dive in a particularly deep area and search for treasure. Move down toward the seafloor over the course of three action updates, and at the end you'll find a random item from the list below:
  • 40%: [sp=flyinggem] Flying Gem
  • 40%: Random type gem (other than Flying)
  • 10%: [sp=sunstone] Sun Stone
  • 5%: [sp=skyplate] Sky Plate
  • 5%: Random plate (other than Sky)
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