MrKyurem (hey lets copy the mods and do a Q&A)
So... yeah. Apparently you guys don't hate me, so I'm just gonna add this Q&A because I'm bored. Yeah.

Post whatever questions here, and if you're unlucky, I'll respond.
Hmm, I was almost sure I posted there to introduce you, but I guess not. >_<

What are you three favorite things to do?
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What on Earth is up with all the random things in your signature?
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Chron: I generally don't think about stuff like that, but in no particular order, game planning (Not "oh wouldn't it be cool if Mario could fly?" but rather designing levels that teach the player as they play, boss designs which act as an "exam" based on the previous levels you've played, etc), thinking (about generall stuff) and something. Can't think of a something, so I'll do it tomorrow. Or the day after. Or next week. Or whenever.

Nova: I remember when the signature was actually organised, so I might clean it up. "Shiny Pokemon Everywhere" is a bit irrelevant now, but I was referring to the shiny Chatot and Paras that have been caught. Third line speaks for itself, and the fourth line is a reference to When Worlds Collide or whatever it was with Megaman and Sonic.
Why are your threads so silly? Not that that's a bad thing, it's actually very fun to read, I just wondered why you decided to take your RP in the silly, no-fourth-wall route you did.
This often catches me out, too, but Xander the Crocoal is female.
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To sum up your question in a nutshell, I was planning on doing a really serious, storyline-based RP, but I quickly dropped that idea in favour of humour - humour is much more fun to write and it doesn't require an essay to post a good topic.

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