Special Announcement: Gen VI Move Underway
The time has come for the Great Gen VI Move to get underway! We've already implemented a few early adjustments—the modified experience payout, for example—but starting this week the staff will begin making gradual changes to the site and implementing various gameplay tweaks and site updates to fully bring our forum into the sixth generation.

Changes will be coming to the forums, the wiki and the mod calculator, and since they're being implemented more or less as we go there may be some discrepancies here and there while the work is in progress. We'll make additional brief announcements in this thread as we go so you're all aware of what's been completed so far, and of any changes that may affect your profiles or adventures. Feel free to ask any questions about the updates here as well.

Note that Gen VI still won't be considered "fully released" until all of the updates are finished. A full announcement will be made in the Turquoise Articles at that time. In particular, this means that any new members who have yet to claim their pre-release promo still have some time to do so. :)

Please bear with us through all the dust of renovation and refinement. We hope you'll all enjoy what's in store for Pokémon Turquoise going forward!
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Hey everyone! Quick progress update to let you all know that we've made some serious overhauls to Turquoise's TMs! There was something of an imbalance in the number of moves of each type, a heavy bias toward basic physical attacks and a few moves that needed some balance tweaks, and after several weeks of discussion and brainstorming we've finally come up with a list we think is better suited to the game. All of the Turquoise TMs that contained canon moves (like Ice Fang and Captivate) are still available, but now they may be purchased as tutor moves rather than found in TMs. The spoiler below contains the full revamped list of 50 TMs, along with quick summaries of what's been changed or added with respect to the old one.

A more permanent list of TMs will be available on the wiki soon, since we realize there hasn't been a single, clear location to find that information in the past. In the meantime, if you have a question about these moves or need to know whether your pokémon is compatible with the TM you just picked up, feel free to ask in this thread!

This does mean that some of the TMs you may have received from sidequests or gym battles in the past may need to be changed out for the corresponding new ones (although any pokémon you may already have taught those old moves to are allowed to keep them as long as the move itself still exists in the game). It looks like a few people may have already had those changes made, and the rest will hopefully come shortly.

Speaking of gym changes, we've got another announcement: Gym leaders can now hand out one of two TMs, with the TM itself determined by the number of badges you have going into the battle. Early challengers now receive a TM that is appropriate to their level (which means you can use it right away rather than having to wait for two badges!), while later challengers get a TM that packs more of an advanced-level punch! (Casey is an exception to this rule: he can only be challenged by late-game players and therefore only has the one corresponding late-game TM.) If you're concerned about missing out on a TM you wanted because you went for the badge at the other challenge level, don't worry—sidequests will be added in the near future that will let you pick up the gym leader's other TM, too. The new TM rewards have already been edited into their respective gym threads, although the notes about which of the leaders' pokémon know those moves may be slightly out-of-date until we've had a chance to finish updating the pokédex itself.

We've also done away with the old idea of reserving certain TMs for just New Logora or just the upcoming Serekayo region, so now all 150 TMs will eventually be available in each region you play through! While not all of the TMs have a home in New Logora just yet, the gym leaders' two-TM offerings and some additions to the two department stores have already added several more that were previously unavailable! We're getting there!

Pokédex updates are also underway now! Only the first few (the starter lines + dustley, auriole and their evolutions) are complete at this time, but we're moving forward with the updates to the pokémon's levelsets and TM lists and should be able to have them ready (including wiki pages for all the new additions!) within the next few weeks.

Important notice about changing movesets

If your pokémon's level-up moves have changed (e.g., Crocoal used to learn Ember at level 7 but now learns Coal Scatter), you can decide whether you want to apply any changes that affect that pokémon up to its current level. You can either grandfather in all old moves or replace all of them with new ones; you cannot cherry-pick the old moves you want to keep. For now you can make these requests in this thread, but there'll probably be a more organized place to do so soon and as more of the altered movesets are revealed. Note that this grandfathering only applies to moves your pokémon has already learned and not to moves it might learn in the future—as soon as a pokémon's moveset is updated in the wiki, that is the moveset that species must use for all levels it gains going forward. New players starting with Crocoal, for example, must have it learn Coal Scatter, as Ember is no a longer valid move for new Crocoal that reach level 7.

In practice this will probably affect very few players as most movesets either have not changed much or have had most of their changes applied to later levels, but we wanted to be clear on what your options were during this transitional period.
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I'd like to go ahead and replace my Pokemon's old moves. The only changes are that Feucrota's Ember and Fire Fang need to replaced by Coal Scatter and Incinerate.

Also, with Daring Dash no longer being either of Fairlie's gym TMs, are those going to have to be replaced by Round?
Done, and if you're talking about having already taught daring dash to your pokémon then no (although technically you shouldn't have been able to use that TM without having two badges). As long as the move itself still exists, which daring dash does, any earlier uses of that TM can be kept—it's just the TM item itself that needs to be changed.
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I am going to replace my Pokémon's moves myself, thought I would just give a heads up!
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I would like to replace my Virlich's moves (Fairy Wind for Double Team) with the Gen VI update. The strange thing is that my Virlich got to level 7 after the Gen VI changes, but still got it's old move.

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