{Spoilers} Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Discussion
(10-15-2014, 10:10 AM)Phoenixsong Wrote: I don't know that I'd call it a "poor version of mega aggron", really; the stats don't read the same way if you look at them in the context of the rest of the things the pokémon can do rather than solely looking at the numbers. The only worse stat that matters is attack (who cares about special attack and neither of them is winning any races anyway, and 30 is better for trick room or gyro ball if you feel like messing with those), and 125 is still respectable enough considering it didn't even break 100 pre-mega. Outside of the stats mega steelix has a nice secondary STAB that mega aggron doesn't, and if you're playing under sand then both of steelix's STABs end up doing a lot more damage than the same attacks from aggron. It can't take SE hits as well without filter but it also has slightly better special defense and HP, only one extra weakness and an extra immunity, so on the main (and with my admitted "lol I stopped paying attention to competitive play years ago") I'd say they're pretty even overall. I'd even hazard a guess that steelix is better just because STAB earthquake is still a godsend to anything as far as I'm aware, let alone boosted by sand force. I am surprised that they didn't finagle the stats so as to push the defense up above 230, though; steelix has higher defense than aggron, so I'm not sure why the megas have evened them out instead of letting steelix retain its one "edge" in the stats department.

So yeah, while it'd be nice if they stood out a bit more, steelix's type combination and more offensive ability will probably give it enough opportunities to play differently.

I went through a few calcs using a Mega Aggron with the moveset Earthquake, Stone Edge, Ice Punch and Iron Head, and a Mega Steelix with the moveset Earthquake, Stone Edge, Iron Head and Fire/Ice Fang. A clear trend was visable within the first few calcs.

TL;DR: Steelix gets a few OHKOs or guaranteed 2HKOs that Aggron doesn't, but almost everything outspeeds them both, and Steelix takes a lot more damage than Aggron thanks to the lack of Filter and its Ground typing. It may be good if Sand was still permanent, but for now, sand lasts too little for it to be worth it.
Fair enough. Like I said, I don't competitive anymore (and was never stellar at it when I did), so anything I say should be taken with a spoonful of salt given I don't care enough to dig that deeply into the numbers.

Still don't get why their defense is the same, though. That's just silly. Then again 230 defense is silly in and of itself, so eh.
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Apparently someone decoded the ORAS Demo or something. And Nintendo forgot to remove any spoilers.


Take this with a grain of salt, and add vinegar accordingly. Stir for 5 minutes, then leave to settle.

I love the Pidgeot leak, especially your comment. Hee hee!
This often catches me out, too, but Xander the Crocoal is female.
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(10-16-2014, 03:00 AM)MrKyurem Wrote: Lopunny gets Hi Jump Kick. The novelty of Jackravange is slowly, slowly slipping away ;-;

Oh, ye of little faith.

Pity that so far pidgeot doesn't seem to have gotten any more useful special moves to play with, though. Without being able to tell what some of the new tutor moves are (...why does the pastebin list some of them as names but the rest as numbers???) it's impossible to say for sure right now, but going based on the tutors that are given names the list looks the same as BW2, which means that heat wave is the only interesting thing thrown on top of hurricane. EDIT: They found the tutor names, the list is indeed the same (or at least doesn't seem to add anything new). Pidgeot remains a one-trick pony offensively. At least its support/boosting options are okay, I guess.

Meanwhile they've also ripped image data and some other stuff and please look at the trainer headshots/full-bodies because they are beautiful/adorable/hilarious (I love you, pokémaniac, and if they ever use a different image for you in future games I will cry). There are what looks like some new trainer classes at the bottom, including divers for what will probably be underwater trainer battles (doubt they'll use anything like sky battle mechanics, though). Unfortunately there's no sign of any frontier brains or even the return of the Battle Maison, though, which really bums me out. I guess they could go back to the original Crystal/RS Battle Tower, which had no special characters waiting at the top for you, but... my Battle Factory... ;-; I suppose it's possible that the brain/chatelaine/whoever image data was part of what was removed during the stripping-down process, but if that's the case then why bother leaving any of the totally new things like the divers in there? Or maybe those tough-looking people with the plusle and minun jackets are supposed to be something special, but it's still not as good as having the whole set of brains back.

They'd better actually do something with that "Delta Emerald" trademark they registered, and it had better include the Battle Frontier. Soannoyed. >|

EDIT: Read some other stuff. Bunny Jacket people are just a new trainer class/replacement for the punk guy/girl, but there is someone named "Fare Prince Trencherman" with a high-level team (but apparently no unique image) so I'm not giving up all hope of having interesting postgame battles yet. There's extra, non E4/gym team data for Wallace and Steven, and there are proper, buffed E4 rematches (with megas!) but no gym rematches. Brendan/May finally evolves their bloody starter all the way. Looks like inverse battles are back: Inver is listed with a single level 5 zigzagoon that appears to be a placeholder. There are also several other trainers with level 5 zigzagoon that they shouldn't have according to their trainer class (e.g. a bird keeper, a scuba diver), so those may be something interesting as well, although Inver has a unique class name, "proprietor", that the other placeholdery-lookin' people don't. If inverse battles are indeed back then that may also indicate something vaguely interesting to do postgame, because in XY Inver's team is pulled from the Battle Maison pokémon list and I doubt they'd make up a whole list just for him/seriously leave him with only a level 5 zigzagoon. There's also apparently a trainer class that has something to do with secret bases; idr if the super secret base reveals mentioned anything about that, but yeah.

In the map data there's an encounter type only listed as "???" that seems to hold non-Hoenn pokémon, so that's probably whatever the postgame natdex-filling catching gimmick is. There are some maps that contain a good number of non-native pokémon, too; they might be the Safari Zone/a postgame upgrade to the SZ, but I don't know. Vito has a darmanitan (and some random ace trainer has a sigilyph) and darmanitan is in one of those lists, but I don't know if that means darmanitan will actually be available pre-natdex. Also there are what looks like ~100 maps that have entirely too many zubat/golbat/some sableye to break the monotony/HORDES OF ZUBAT; I am reasonably confident that those are placeholders that they just c/p'd a real location's data into (AS Cave of Origin, maybe?), but without actually seeing a name matched up with the map it's hard to say and therefore slightly worrying. :|

This is the main pastebin with the mega stat data and links to images/downloads/other pastebins with the rest of the discovered info, if you want to see it yourselves. They seem to be updating it regularly as they find things.
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So, they dug up a list of sounds and this particular bit of the list stands out...

Quite a few legendary battle songs in there, as well as a faint glimmer of hope (which I've bolded)...

EDIT: There are also other legendary battle songs scattered around the list, as well as...
*crosses fingers for Battle Frontier even though it really isn't likely*

Downloaded the demo at work and played it a few times on the way home. Nothing noteworthy functionality-wise that Serebii hasn't already covered (although some of the references are cute, like the guy who gives you the "here is how you poké mart" spiel in Oldale being sent off by his big brother), buuuut I did catch a few interesting glimpses on the BuzzNav feed that plays on the bottom screen. Specifically, there's an ad for a "Mauville Food Court" where battles supposedly take place. Then I remembered that weird trainer/class from the roster list: Fare Prince Trencherman. At first I was thinking of "fare" as in something you pay to go somewhere, and I wasn't really sure what that meant, but now I'm thinking it's "fare" as in food, like "This new Mauville Food Court is supposed to have excellent fare". So the food court is probably the new battle facility thing, and Trencherman is probably some kind of head chef or food critic or something who is also totally an awesome battler. (Honestly, that's probably what the Frontier music is for at the moment.)

There was also a mention of "mirage spots" (and a silly fake TV show about such), which are probably the replacement for that island that we all can't wait to never find in 3D. I wonder if the fact that there's apparently more than one + the fact that they're announcing their existence up front means they'll be any easier to find?
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tbh if there's no battle frontier I think I'm going to hold out for Delta Emerald, if it should be coming. The Frontier is pretty much the reason I'd be interested in these games, so... yeah. If they haven't revealed it at this point, I doubt it'll be included, so... so much for that!

Quote:There was also a mention of "mirage spots" (and a silly fake TV show about such)...

According to Pokebeach that's the name for the places in the sky where you can battle various legendaries if you're riding mega Lati@s.
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Ah, you're right. I didn't actually see what the name was. Back to the island no one's ever going to see, I guess!

(Although they probably will do something to soften that up, given how they've made it easier and easier to find shinies over the years.)
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Hm, they've returned a lot of classes I didn't expect to see again, and I can't say I'm not happy about it! The Poké Maniac is nothing short of a masterpiece. The mirage spots sound fun, and it's interesting that they've added the sky, since Hoenn also has the sea, so you get all three methods of travel now. I'm very upset about the Battle Frontier, and honestly somewhat confused, considering how true HeartGold and SoulSilver were to things like that. Hopefully they're just lame and didn't mention it for some reason; I mean, there is music for it, after all.
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So, peeps. Remember the rumors, back in gen 3? About going into space and stuff? Yeah. They kinda made that real.
But! Let's start at the begining! New Coro Coro leaks.
So yeah. The legendaries: Nothing great, was to be expected, especially Regigigas(Tell me, would it make sense to make Hoenn Remakes without him?)
Second. Episode Delta. Remember the movie where Rayquaza battled two Deoxys? It has came to games in other forms than your own interpretations. And since the screenshots show space, and in one art there is a rocket flying off somewhere, we know one thing: We're going to space. Okay, maybe we cannot be 100% sure, but...
Now will it be postgame? Or ingame? Probably after obtaining Rayquaza and Rayquazite, that is what I assume, alongside pretty much everyone I know.
And finally: The reveal of the new character, Hagane(Probably the one known to some people before as the mysterious lines of code translating into Lorekeeper Zinnia, me thinks). It is said she will hold the key to the story. Maybe she will be somehow related to the Team Aqua and Team Magma? Or to Rayquaza? Or to mega evolution? Or all of these? We know she has a Whismur and a Mega Salamence(And some sort of keystone). And the location on the screenshot with her overworld model... Only thing that comes to my mind is Sky Pillar, but... Not to mention that she looks awesome.
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Been meaning to mention this somewhere, and a lot of people have probably seen by now, but...

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