Introducing the Cast / Story Index
Introducing the Cast

Protagonists - Lulu Kali & Adelaide "Adele" Kali
(A/N: it's pronounced ka-LI, not KA-li)

Lulu is boisterous, extroverted and bursting with artistic flourish. What she lacks in people skills, she makes up for with wit and captivating style.

Adele is silent, observant and crafty. She's very attentive to her surroundings and she's at her best when she's coming up with unconventional solutions on the fly.

Sidekicks - The Pokémon Team
(Active: The Great Cowabunga, Unown, Continuity Error, High Five, Friendly Fire, Edelweiss)

Secondary Antagonist - Erin Danahe
(Coming soon!)

Minor Characters
(Note: these listings may contain spoilers)

Story Index

Book I - Brol Island
Book II - Krtuso Island

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