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Since we appear to still be on Shinx, I remember my first play-through of 4th gen... kind of. x3 I was always missing my Electrike, but also always played with an Intimidate Shinx-line because it was the only electric type I had found that I wanted to use in that game.. x3 (to temporarily replace my Electrike..)

((Also on Wartortle: I normally don't like the middle stage of the starters based on their looks.. but Wartortle is definitely nice in design. At least that's my opinion.. x3))
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Well, let's move on to another.

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Cubone! I've always liked the Cubone - Marowak line for it's simple but powerful theme. Probably still one of the most depressing Pokemon to date, and I felt like the Pokemon Tower and Lavender Town was one of the most powerful moments of the original games - possibly one of the only powerful moments to be honest. Pokemon Origins adds some interesting depth to the original story, so if you haven't watched through all of it I highly recommend doing so.

I find it interesting how Marowak is now finally a ghost type too in Alola, given what I know about Kanto, and while I haven't played S&M it seems like they've brought the line back to its roots.

I've always really liked their signature moves too: bone club and bonemerang, not for any particular reason though.
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I was never a big fan of the line. One day I'll give it a try and give both Marowak's a shot (once we have the ability to get the Kanto version again)

That being said, I do like the new version. Alolan Marowak is so good. It has its own signature move in Shadow Bone along with others. It might not get STAB with Bonemerang/Earthquake anymore, but Shadow Bone + Flare Blitz together are amazing (the latter especially with Rock Head~)

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