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This is a fun thread that started over on the Cave of Dragonflies! I've had a lot of fun with it, so I figured I should make on here, too.

Basically, the basis of it is that one Pokémon is randomly selected everyday, and you talk about it. Basically, just post your opinion! Sometimes good discussions can come from it.

Here's the random Pokémon generator I use. It allows you to see a basic profile of the Pokémon you choose with it, so you can compare and contrast it right from the get-go.

So the first Pokémon of the day is...
[Image: totodile.gif]

Totodile is a cute little thing, isn't it? While I never picked it as my Generation II, it has a pretty broad moveset, especially for a starter, and its stats are not bad for a basic Pokémon! Superpower, Ice Fang and Thrash combined with Sheer Force is a force to be reckoned with. I've always thought of Totodile as a spunky and rebellious Pokémon, and I've taken a shining to it in the recent years.
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I seldom choose the water starter. The only water starter I've picked and seriously trained was Pocchama in DP. I had a friend who liked water Pokemon though.

I know there was a good deck that used this Pokemon in the TCG. Its evolution had an attack that let you discard all energy attached to it to inflict lots of damage I think. It could be combined with Rain Dance but I never tried using it in my Rain Dance deck.
Ah Totodile, my favorite water starter line, and one of, if not, my favorite starter(s). Not much for the competive scene so I don't really have anything to add. He's served me well in both original and remade Johto.
A rule of mine when I get my first game for a new gen is to choose the water starter. So of course, when I first bought my Crystal version, I chose Totodile. He served me well in my foray into Johto, and he was one of the only pokemon I kept on my team full time (I didn't use a full team for some reason)

Battlewise, they have a great set of skills. Dragon Dance, most moves it can use with Sheer Force, etc. But it doesn't hole a candle to other water starters imo, and it is actually my least favorite water starter line, right behind Piplup and Froakie.
Totodile is an interesting little guy - while he's below average when it comes to the strength of the starters, he's arguably the best of his generational batch. Plenty of cool options, like Waterfall, Aqua Tail, Aqua Jet, Return, Crunch, Ice Punch, Earthquake, and more. He even has boosting moves like Swords Dance and Dragon Dance, turning it into a very dangerous threat for unprepared teams. While it's unfortunate that it doesn't have Sheer Force yet, when he does, he'll definitely be a tough gator to beat.
I've used Totodile and his evolutions once, in my copy of Pokemon HeartGold. Like many others have said, Totodile is an excellent choice for starter in Johto, and I was very pleased with his performance.
Today we have Cobalion.

[Image: 638.png]

High speed and defensive stats, a combination I have difficulties with. It learns some power-up techniques. This is not a Pokemon I have trained or battled with, so I do not have much experience of it.

When it comes to design, it is a cool-looking Pokemon. Its egg group is undiscovered and it cannot breed, so it is likely a very ancient. It's said that it protects Pokemon from bad humans; this is a calm and protective Pokemon.
(01-27-2014, 09:55 PM)Timeblaze Wrote: While it's unfortunate that it doesn't have Sheer Force yet, when he does, he'll definitely be a tough gator to beat.
Totodile does have Sheer Force, it's a Hidden Ability.

Cobalion is an interesting Pokémon, I've written about it a lot. It has trust issues to say the least, although it is iron-willed; its design is also not bad.

Steel/Fighting is a very interesting combination, Fighting being arguably the most powerful Type offensively (in the physical class), and Steel being the strongest defensive type. This makes for a pretty powerful Pokémon.

Cobalion was my "cheat" during my run through Black 2; it gained Experience particularly quickly, and before I knew it, it dwarfed the rest of my team and I beat Ghetsis with it alone.

I haven't seen much of its stats, but being a legendary, I'm sure they aren't bad.

Its moveset is what's more or less expected of a Pokémon of its caliber, although I'm confident it gets some good TM moves.
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(01-28-2014, 10:39 AM)Qvalador Wrote: Totodile does have Sheer Force, it's a Hidden Ability.

Sheer Force Totodile is unreleased, so it doesn't have it yet. Like I said.


Ah, Cobalion, Cobalion, Cobalion. Out of the Muskedeers, you are possibly the worst. Terrakion is a monster to face, with tough to beat offensive coverage and excellent STABs. Virizion is a threat on two fronts, being able to be either a boosting physical threat or a bulky special threat. Meanwhile, Keldeo, the unofficial fourth member, is one of the best Special sweepers of the past generation that is a monster to face when unprepared. It seems very much like Cobalion got the short end of the stick.

However, Cobalion is definitely a dangerous Pokemon to face when in the right hands. An excellent defensive type means that it can take multiple types of attacks with ease, such as Dark, Bug, Rock, Grass, and Steel. His balanced attacking stats and multiple boosting options, including Swords Dance and Calm Mind, as well as a varied movepool, means he can take on a lot of opponents. While he falters against Ground-type opponents and bulky Psychics, Cobalion is definitely a Fighting type to watch out for.

He's also my favorite Muskedeer, so there's that.
New day, new Pokémon.

[Image: bunnelby.gif]

Bunnelby! It comes of as strange to me, not quite like a Pokémon, but I like the concept. I think the digging ears are a good idea. Its evolution unnerves me a bit, and Bunnelby's wide eyes turn me off to it, but Huge Power make its aesthetics irrelevant.
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Its evolution is ugly, because of that ring of fur round its body, which I don't know if it serves any purpose. Would have been cool if the evolution, or maybe a second evolution, would grow claws on its ears. Then the ears would be good both as a digging tool and as a weapon.

The name bunnelby I find a bit strange for a Pokemon, because place names sometimes end with -by. Sometimes persons' names do this as well. However, it makes the name more like a personal name. The Japanese name is ホルビー, and I guess the final ビー is the spelling of -by. ホルビー can thus be translated into Digby (horu = dig), so the -by is still there.
Bunnelby is a funny little guy. As far as first route rodents go, it's arguably the ugliest. Of course, as many of us have learned, never judge a book by its cover. With its Hidden Ability, Huge Power, Bunnelby flattens teams with powerful Returns and Quick Attacks. Its evolution, Diggersby, is even more threatening, with STAB Earthquake, and Wild Charge for coverage. Mostly anything Diggersby fights is going to take one hell of a punch. It also has utility in the form of Spikes!

I haven't used this little guy, and I doubt I will ingame, due to it relying on its ability to be a threat. But who knows, maybe I'll play with him competitively.
New day, new Pokémon.

[Image: leavanny.gif]

Leavanny! I don't have much of an opinion in this one. It's decent, I suppose, though it seems like they could have done much better with the concept.
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^ Would have liked to see wings on that one. Perhaps bigger claws as well, although it would be a bit like another Pokemon . . .

A new Pokemon?

[Image: 650.png]

I like the evolved form of this one. It has a nice shield attack.
Chespin is a cutie! Unfortunately, Quilladin ruined it for me. Its shield attack is pretty brilliant, and it has a generally diverse movepool, as well as pretty great stats. If not for Quilladin, I would have chosen it.

I'd also like to point out that it has a really cool Shiny form!
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*hugs Leavanny* Love. It. You know you want to.

I've liked the mantis since Black/White. Sewaddle is a little cutie too~ A shame the line has little to work with in terms of attacks. What does it have that is even remotely useful?

X-scissor, Leaf Blade, Shadow Claw, Sticky Web, Heal Bell, Knock Off... Not much variety.

Still, it has its uses I suppose. Being immune to spore moves now is wonderful~ Chlorophyll + Swords Dance would make a powerful albeit limited Sweeper too.

As for Chespin... It's alright. Chose it for Y. Great physical stats, wide move pool, cute, etc. That's about it. x3
[Image: kangaskhan.gif]

Kangaskhan! Kangaskhan has always been a powerful Pokémon, and its Mega Evo was even put in Ubers. The theory about it being Cubone's mother is really interesting, if only because it seems so genuine. It gets Outrage for some reason, and being a Normal-type with Scrappy gives it a great advantage. If only it could get Superpower...
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And today we have...

[Image: sigilyph.gif]

Sigilpyh! A pretty interesting concept, although it's not an incredibly unique Pokémon competitively. Most of the moves it gets, while more offensive than Xatu's, are mediocre at best and its stats are not incredible.
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That Pokemon is often difficult when you meet it, but I'm not sure if it's strong if you use it yourself.
I don't care if I'm late, I'm coming off hiatus to give you my opinion on Sigilyph. My first encounter with Sigilyph was when I was looking at the wild list for Black 2, and was trying to find one last member to fit on my team. As a last minute thought I chose Sigilyph, mostly because it looked weird and therefore stood out. Come the day I got Black 2, I obtained a Sigilyph from Dream Radar, which I nicknamed Mystic. Mystic would go on to be the star member of that team, which included behemoths such as Flygon, Darmanitan and Keldeo. Mystic carried me through that game. Had something the rest of my team struggled against? Use Mystic. Need a strong special attacker? Use Mystic. And if you think he was stopped cold by resists, think again. Tinted Lens, my friend. Have fun finding something that 4x resists all three of Mystic's damaging moves. Mystic is what caused Sigilyph to skyrocket up my favourite Pokemon list, and he was part of the first and so far only team I ever got all 6 members to L100 in.

Competitively I have yet to use Sigilyph, but I know of its power. Whenever I'm battling and come across the mighty avain, I know I'm in for a struggle. Thanks to Magic Guard it takes no damage from its Flame Orb, which it will then happily Psycho Shift to whatever it feels like burning. From there it begins to power up with Cosmic Power, rendering it nigh impenetrable barring a timely critical hit. And once it's done powering up, get ready to be OHKO'd, because Stored Power's coming your way and with two stats at +6, it's going to be doing a lot of damage. Hope you have a dark type. Is what I would say if anything could stop the god that is Sigilyph.

Eon out.
While Sigilyph does have decent coverage, it also has a notable amount of weaknesses, and to be frank, its stats suck. However, it's certainly up there in the Rarely Used tier!
EDIT: Tinted Lens does bring a bit to the table, but at the same time, it has its own weaknesses to worry about.
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