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Going to the PC to switch Pachirisu for now with Remoraid. (Also if someone can change his move list....)

Then I would like to have a trainer that I can train Remoraid on. We need to get ready for the gym.
A young boy approached you, "Will you help me train my bugs?"
He tug on your shirt.

Bug Catcher Yosef would like to battle!
[Image: Spr_DP_Bug_Catcher.png]
Bug Catcher Yosef sent out Mandicore!

[9] [sp=f] [sp=mandicore] 40/40 [Hustle]

OOC: Tried to give you a tough one. Hopefully Shuckle's level and defense are enough to cancel out your Water-type advantage, and not be too difficult
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Bella lets use Pound.
Yosef begun, telling his Mandicore to use Harden. The enormous bug complied, concentrating. Her muscles stiffened and its shell visibly hardened, making the already scary creature seem more intimidating. Breaking through and dealing damage would be a lot tougher now.

Nevertheless, Bella didn't back down, relentlessly charging forward at the beefed-up Dark-type with a Technician-boosted Pound. Despite this, it was barely enough to harm Mandicore, as Bella's swiping tail wasn't too strong. Bella landed on all fours, and looked up at the foe. Mandicore smiled devilishly at Bella, taunting her.

"Yay!" said Yosef in glee.

The foe's Mandicore used Harden. Mandicore's Defense rose!
Minccino used Pound!

[7] [sp=f] [sp=minccino] 31/31 [Technician]
[9] [sp=f] [sp=mandicore] 36/40 [Hustle] [DEF+1]

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[Image: LeBron-James-Dunk-on-Jason-Terry.gif]
Bleh I have no special move, so if it only keeps harden we lose...

Farfetch use peck.
Mandicore moved first, nimbly scuttling toward Farfetch'd and biting the little bird with sharp pincers. Farfetch'd squawked, and fell to the ground. He readied himself to peck his foe, but looked at the Mandicore's razor-sharp pincers and winced.

Mandicore used Bite!
Farfetch'd flinched!

[6] [sp=m] [sp=farfetchd] 6/24 [Keen Eye]
[9] [sp=f] [sp=mandicore] 36/40 [Hustle] [DEF+1]
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Admin Note: Gonna step in here for a second. Watch it with the single-stage pokémon this early on, guys, especially if you're going to give opponents more than one. Remember that the vast majority of pokémon have to rely on stuff like tackle at this stage of the game, no matter what type they may otherwise be; anything with high stats, especially high defense, is going to be a nightmare to battle. Shuckle's ridiculousness alone would make it very difficult for this team to take down, never mind how powerful mandicore is. Trainers requested by players should never be too easy, but please don't go so far into the other extreme.

Yosef's mandicore bore down on the farfetch'd, pincers snapping dangerously close to the leek clutched in his wing. The fear drained from the wild duck's eyes in an instant, replaced by a burning fury the likes of which Pomfrey had never seen before. Even as Mandicore reared back for another bite Farfetch'd stood up and glared right into its eyes, righteous indignation radiating from every feather.

You do not. Threaten. The leek.

An unearthly battle cry escaped Farfetch'd's beak and he swung out, slamming the leek against the side of Mandicore's head with all the force he could muster and nearly slapping the monster right off the path.


Slapping a mandicore's exoskeleton with a leek, especially after said mandicore has just spent time fortifying its shell, is in actuality little more than an annoyance. The monstrous beetle hissed and took a step to the side, ready to round on the annoyance and teach it a lesson it wouldn't soon forget.

But then she froze. Her eyes narrowed. Her mandibles snapped and clicked thoughtfully as she watched the little girl who had just become visible now that her head was turned: probably no more than seven years old and with a little finnial bouncing along right beside her. A bouncy, happy, deliciously plump little finnial.

Mandicore clicked her jaws in delight and, forgetting all about the silly bird, charged toward her favorite snack.

"Wait! Wait! Mandicore, come back— don't run off— wait! Oh, man, not again..." Yosef moaned and hastily dropped some of his poké balls to the ground, turning and chasing after his pokémon before the white light had even properly coalesced into several small, cicada-like pokémon. "Sorry, it's just— she does this sometimes, but I thought after the last one— aw, geez, I can't afford to pay for another finnial's surgery... do you have any idea how much it costs to fix a broken lightningrod? Look, sorry, just practice with Nincada and Paras and I'll be back as soon as I can—"

A scream, presumably from the unfortunate finnial's trainer, rent the air. Yosef took off down the road, already shouting apologies as he went.

The path was mostly silent for a few seconds, the only sound Farfetch'd heavy breathing as he came down from his towering leek-rage. One of the nincada turned and watched its trainer's mad dash until he was finally out of sight; then it shrugged, ambled forward and positioned itself in front of the mostly-calm Farfetch'd. It was ready to continue whenever Pomfrey was.

[6] [sp=m] [sp=farfetchd] 6/24 [Keen Eye]
[6] [sp=f] [sp=nincada] 25/25 [Compound Eyes]

[Image: sig.gif]
Let's go Farfetch'd to hopefully finish this Nincada. Peck.
The bug wondered when her Trainer would come back, but decided she had to do the battle without him. Not sure if Yosef had planned some strategy, she went to attack with her claws. The goose was weak, so perhaps she could bring him down and make her Trainer happy when he came back.

Farfetch'd was quicker though, and brought down his large beak on the bug monster, inflicting damage. However, the sturdy bug would not back away, and finally delivered that scratch attack. It did not defeat Farfetch'd however.

[6] [sp=m] [sp=farfetchd] 3/24 [Keen Eye]
[6] [sp=f] [sp=nincada] 17/25 [Compound Eyes]

You probably won't finish it but lets go peck again."
Farfetch'd was on his last legs, but he would fight to the finish. He used his stick as support as he walked over to Nincada as quickly as he could, swung his head back, and then planted a solid Peck on the Trainee Pokémon's abdomen. It knocked the little insect into the ground, but it wasn't enough to knock her out. The Nincada got back up and shook the dust off its body, looking smug, and gave Farfetch'd a final, half-effort scratch, knocking the poor thing out.

[6] [sp=m] [sp=farfetchd] 0/24 [Keen Eye]
[6] [sp=f] [sp=nincada] 5/25 [Compound Eyes]

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Remoraid let's go Water Gun. (Don't forget Moody after the turn)
Remoraid appeared on the field, chomping at the air vigorously. Then she blasted Nincada with a sharp stream of pressurized water, knocking the Trainee backward and into unconsciousness. "Dang it!" Yosef cried.

Remoraid shuddered, and her skin seemed to harden. However, she also seemed to visibly sag.

Bella gained 32 Exp. Points! Bella grew to level 8! Remoraid gained 45 Exp. Points!

[5] [sp=f][sp=remoraid] 23/23 [Moody] [+2 Sp.Def] [-1 Sp.Atk]
[8] [sp=f] [sp=paras] 31/31 [Dry Skin]

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OOC: I rather wait till someone fix this, because as far as I can see it should send out the Nincada... Lvl 7.. not the Paras first...

If the above is fixed I will use Water gun on the Nincada. If this doesn't gets fixed, I would like to send out Bella to use Pound then..
Bella, the quicker Pokemon, used Pound first. The Paras was far from out, though, as it sliced back with a Scratch. Bella took little damage, however.

Bella used Pound!
The foe's Paras used Scratch!

[8] [sp=f] [sp=minccino] 28/34 [Technician]
[8] [sp=f] [sp=paras] 23/31 [Dry Skin]

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Pound once more Bella
Bella's Pound did quite a lot to the poor Paras, which, when struck, released a cloud of poisonous powder in shock. Bella could not help but inhale it, and shuddered as the poison began to take hold.

[8] [sp=f] [sp=minccino] 24/34 [Technician] (Poisoned: -4HP per turn)
[8] [sp=f] [sp=paras] 13/31 [Dry Skin]

"Bella keep going you can do it. Pound"
Bella Pounded on Paras with her tail once more, dealing a heavy amount of damage to the insect. Paras struggled to stay up, countering the Mincinno with a sharp Scratching!

[8] [sp=f] [sp=minccino] 14/34 [Technician] (Poisoned: -4HP per turn)
[8] [sp=f] [sp=paras] 3/31 [Dry Skin]


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