Neptune Ferries: Dia City
Thank you for choosing Neptune Ferries! Our swift and sturdy craft will whisk you across the archipelago to your next destination, and at a very affordable price if we do say so ourselves! Just choose any destination from the list below, and we'll get you set with a ticket and a seat on the next boat over! Happy sailing!

To use the ferry, post in this topic stating which port you'll be traveling to next. You may then post your next thread in the requisite forum, and a mod will deduct the ticket price from your account. If you're returning to a forum you've already posted in simply use your original thread and remove the [INACTIVE] prefix if it's there.

Available Locations:

Brol Island
  • Leddin Town (700P)
  • Shrdlu Town (700P)

Kronea Island
  • Allogra City (500P)
  • Route 604 (500P)

Tilnen Island
  • Route 606 (100P)

Xybryle Island
  • Falantr Docks (300P)
  • Route 613 (500P)
  • Rune City (300P)

Krtuso Island
  • Route 615 (500P)
  • Fractura City (700P)
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*Sighs* I did have a plan. Sadly, I need something first, which is throwing everything out of whack.'

Heading to Route 615.

Mod Note: Saw this hadn't been approved yet, so I'm doing it myself. Removed the 500p from my wallet.

Edit - 7-6-2015
Instead of double posting, just going to edit my post. Taking a trip to route 606. I'll deduct the 100p from my funds.
Heading to Route 615, I'll use the Ferry Coupon.

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