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In the most recent Batman movies (the ones with Christian Bale, swoon), Twoface becomes Twoface as the result of an oil explosion. And, well, sparcoil's name...
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Ah, I see. Yeah, I don't watch those movies. My only dealings with the entire franchise is watching playthroughs of and wanting to play the Arkham games, and being a fan of the extremely silly and campy So Bad They're Good 60s TV series and corresponding movie. Yeah, weird group, I know. I really should watch the Bale movies someday.

My reasoning on Two-Face fitting Caslot was meant to apply to Two-Face whatever your preferred Batman since I believe Two-Face's obsessions with duality and luck of the draw are central to the character no matter the interpretation. Sparcoil applies to only one interpretation, narrowing the reference a bit too much. And relying entirely on a somewhat tenuous bit of wordplay.

I heartily recommend the Arkham series if you're into ANY sort of Batman, though. It's got references to and takes influence from EVERYTHING the rest of the franchise has to offer. Even the 60s movie, even if that's just a couple of easily missed jabs at the Bat Shark Repellant.
This often catches me out, too, but Xander the Crocoal is female.
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I love the Arkham Series! I want Arkham Knight so bad… Arkham Origins kind of flopped for me…

Anyway, onto the quiz. My answer is… Conkeldurr
Hmm... Delllliiiibbbiiiiirrrrddd?
I suck.

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