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If you aren't having any luck finding a quest you like on the public quest board, why not try making your own? You can play any scenario you like--within the usual forum rules, naturally--and choose the reward you want yourself. Whether you've got a cool plot you want to play out or the desire for a reward you can't earn anywhere else, you can design a quest to suit.

At its most basic, IRP quest creation is as simple as filling out the quest template and posting it in this thread for a moderator to look over. If it's approved, you can start playing it out just as you would any other quest--by jumping right into the RP if it's a solo, or starting an open thread to advertise for other players if you want to bring a couple other people along. When it comes to deciding what difficulty your quest idea would be considered, and what kinds of rewards it might offer, however, there are few guidelines to keep in mind.

Basic Scenario Requirements

As stated, almost anything goes when it comes to scenario preference. You can stop a bully picking on a kid in Versorecto City, challenge a master thief to a duel, or even defend New Logora against space aliens, if that's what you'd like. More realistic quests have a greater chance of becoming a part of the main RP canon, but if you're not concerned with that, you can be just as zany as you'd like.

The difficulty of your quest will primarily be determined by the complexity of the scenario you have in mind:

Easy quests should be, as the name implies, pretty simple. Small fetch quests, "babysit my pokémon for a while," "deal with this troublesome wild pokémon," and similarly minor concerns all make for good easy-level quests. In general, easy quests are those where the characters can expect to complete the objectives quickly, with little exertion, and without encountering much, if any, resistance. They make good warm-ups if you're new to the IRP format, want to try playing with a new group of people, or want to set the scene/have characters gather resources necessary to tackle bigger things as part of a quest line.

Medium quests are a little more challenging, but can still be resolved with only minor difficulty by a competent character. In general, if the objective is one that can be obtained with just a couple standard pokémon battles, it's probably about a medium-level quest. Thwarting low-level criminals, traveling through areas full of moderately dangerous wild pokémon, or running a fetch quest through a treacherous area or for a particular rare item. In general, medium quests have some element of resistance, but nothing more than a pokémon battle or two is necessary to resolve the problem.

Hard quests, as the name implies, should be difficult for a character to accomplish. Breaking up a smuggling ring, retrieving a particularly obscure or well-guarded artifact, or defending some ruins from a determined attack by a horde of wild pokémon are all examples of appropriate goals for hard IRP quests. The character(s) is expected to encounter significant resistance in pursuit of the objective, and the situation is probably going to be more complex than something that a simple pokémon battle alone could resolve.

You should also try to make your scenario at least somewhat related to the reward offered by your quest. If it involves going out to pick some lum berries, then a lum berry would be a perfectly reasonable reward; an expert belt, somewhat less so. In general, if you're having trouble figuring out whether your quest is of an appropriate difficulty and offers reasonable rewards, it may help to skim over some public quests to get an idea of the kinds of scenarios/goodies generally offered at each difficulty level--or you can always pitch an idea in this thread and see what the moderators think, then write up a full quest description if you receive a positive response.


Your quest can have any RP-relevant reward you want: your character learns about the true motivations of an NPC, say, or finds the key to the back storeroom of the Versorecto Department Store, or manages to recover a beloved umbrella. But when it comes to items that can actually affect your progression in the main RP, there are some guidelines as to what you can give out:

Easy quests can reward players with any combination of items and money with a net worth of 500P or less. Pokémon cannot be obtained from an easy quest.

Medium quests can reward players with any combination of items, tutored moves, and money with a net worth of 1000P or less. Alternatively, players may obtain any lowest-stage pokémon that has a 30% or better appearance rate on at least one route in New Logora. As with birthday promo pokémon, the moderator who approves your thread will roll for the gender and ability of the pokémon as necessary, and it will always be at level 5.

Hard quests can reward players with any combination of items, tutored moves, and money with a net worth of 2000P or less. Alternatively, players can obtain any pokémon that has a 5% or better appearance rate on at least one route in New Logora. Also like the birthday promo, the pokémon will be at level 5, and its attributes will be generated by a moderator.

Note that you can't quest for key items or things that directly affect game completion, like badges. Also, if you have your heart set on a finnial, don't despair! See the "Quest Line" section for details on how to earn even more fantastic rewards by chaining multiple quests in a row.

Submitting a Custom Quest

Once you've filled out all the information on the quest template, all you need to do is post it in this thread. A moderator will look it over and either green-light it or give you some points to revise before they'd be willing to approve it. Once your quest has been approved, you're free to begin it at any time.

Quest Lines

Are you itching for a rare and powerful pokémon that's almost impossible to find in the wild? Want a questing challenge of epic proportions? Or simply want to give your IRP's a larger context than what you can provide in a single quest? Then quest lines are for you!

A quest line is a series of two or more smaller quests that come together to form a larger overarching story. For example, maybe in your first quest your character needs to stop a bank robbery, but the thief escapes. The next quest in the line might require the player to track them back to their lair and capture them and their co-conspirators. Quest lines allow you to progress through a much longer and more involved scenario than you would be able to construct within a single quest, while collecting rewards at checkpoints along the way: the end of the line's various sub-quests.

All that's required for a set of quests to be considered a quest line is that there's at least two of them and that they build off one another. Thus, one of the requirements for the second-and-later quests (as entered on the quest template) should be that the player has completed the previous quest in the line. If you'd like, you can retcon what was once a standalone quest into the beginning of a line this way, by creating a new quest that requires a previous quest you've created as a prerequisite--so you can build up a quest line piece by piece if it strikes your fancy. Alternatively, you can submit the entire line at once and receive a go-ahead or request for revision on the whole thing at once.

If you're feeling ambitious, quest lines offer the only opportunity to kick your adventure up to the next level and seek rewards you can't find anywhere else. Take down enough challenges, and you'll have the opportunity to progress to quests of unprecedented difficulty--with similarly fantastic rewards. While a quest line can include any combination of easy, medium, and hard quests, you can also choose to mix in a quest of an entirely different difficulty altogether:

Extreme quests can offer items, money, or tutor moves of up to 10000P in value or any nonlegendary pokémon that can be found in the wild in New Logora--still in base form and level 5 and still rolled by a moderator. The minimum writing requirement to complete an extreme-level quest is 5,000 words or 20 posts.

In order to include an extreme quest in your quest line, it must be preceded by at least two hard-level quests, or their equivalent (by minimum requirement) in lower-leveled quests. For example, you could have a quest line containing two hard quests, followed by an extreme quest; or one with ten easy quests followed by an extreme quest; or five easy quests, a hard quest, and an extreme quest; etc.

The extreme quest must always be the last in its line, and it must also end the line: no chaining multiple extreme quests one after another. Even the most heroic character's going to have trouble pulling that kind of thing off!

Note that extreme quest scenarios are intended to represent the player accomplishing something truly impressive and significant: averting a natural disaster, making a major scientific discovery, defeating a primary antagonist, and so on. End your quest line with a bang! Take an extreme quest as an opportunity to let your character really shine at whatever it is they do best--get out there and change the world!

Multi-Player Quest Lines

Of course, you might want to embark on a quest line with at least one other player. But organizational issues start to loom large when you're talking about trying to keep a collaborative story going over multiple sub-quests. For multiplayer quest lines, it is not necessary that every player participate in every quest. A quest line can also have a mixture of solo and collaborative quests if the creator requires, and players can jump in at any point in the quest line if given the opportunity to do so, even if they haven't participated in any of the previous quests in the line.

For quests of easy, medium, or hard difficulty level, any player who completes the quest may claim its full reward, whether or not they completed any previous quests in the line at all. Extreme quests, on the other hand, are intended to be special, the culmination of a character's hard work through all the previous quests in the line. Therefore, only a player who has completed all the quests in a line may claim the reward from the extreme quest at its end. For any player who takes part in the extreme quest and does not meet this requirement, they may at the end of the extreme quest choose to claim any combination of rewards from one hard-level quest earlier in the line, or the equivalent of one hard-level quest in some combination of easy/medium quests (e.g. five easy quests, one medium quests and two easy quests, etc.). In addition to whichever reward they choose, the player will receive a flat 5000P, plus any bonus rewards given for quality roleplaying, as usual.
After a Christmassy IRP quest line for multiple players. Here is every single quest: I've juggled requirements so that you do either one hard or one medium+2 easy before doing another hard and then on to the extreme. (Or the lot if the players are so inclined.) The first time this is done, Kathira and Revar are played by me as PCs included in the player requirement. Later attempts can use them as NPCs, however.

The hunt for shiny things

Rating: Medium
Number of Players: 2+
Requirements: None
Rewards: 1000P
Objective: Head into town and buy/scrounge whatever you can for decorations!
Location: Szlazan City

Revar Erine, beginning trainer and all around nice guy, recently managed to get something approaching a fortune out of his Paralthonian bank account after weeks and weeks of arguing with bloody bankers. Being an all-around nice guy, he's decided to use this to throw as epic a Christmas party as possible in a rented buildng in Baaresa Town for whoever decides to take him up on his offer. But there's a catch. Money isn't everything, and what Revar lacks is time and pairs of hands. So, you'll only get to stuff yourself silly and join in the festivities if you help Revar put it all together!

Revar needs decorations for the party, including the obvious tree and lights. Thing is, being an non-native of New Logora, he has no idea where exactly to get this stuff and doesn't entirely have the time to look this year what with organising the rest of the party. So, he has called you up to head to Szlazan and get as many decorations as you can, from pretty to ugly, high quality to tacky, whatever. Just don't forget the tree, or some lights, tinsel and baubles to go on it.

You have a budget of about 3000P each to buy things, but don't forget to simply ask people what they have and be willing to trade other things to them if necessary. You can get some real treasures this way! Aside from helping sort the very party you're hoping to go to as well, you'll also get some nifty rewards!

Catching dinner

Rating: Hard
Number of Players: 2+
Requirements: None
Rewards: 2 Quick Balls
Objective: Catch a bunch of Farfetch'd for dinner.
Location: Acoatyl Tower, lower floors.

Traditional Paralthonian Christmas dinner includes Ducklett and Unfezant, neither of which are obtainable in New Logora. Revar has decided to go for the next best thing: Farfetch'd, a mon kind enough to provide its own dressing. Except, with the expected turnout and hoped for leftovers, never mind the fact that Christmas is all about eating yourself silly, there is no way he can catch the right number in time! This is where you come in: you need to catch at least five Farfetch'd in total but without harming the birds! The slightest injury could make preparing them a lot harder than it needs to be. Catch each bird and take the lot back to Revar, then don't ask what he does with them. You don't want to know the process that turns them into deliciousness.

You'll also get a pair of Quick Balls! And wonder why you didn't get these earlier. This job would've been MUCH easier with them...

Deck the halls

Rating: Easy
Number of Players: 2+
Requirements: Completed 'The hunt for shiny things'
Rewards: 500P
Objective: Put up all the decorations
Location: []Baaresa Town[/url]

Remember those handy decorations you bought/traded for/half-inched earlier? Well, now you're going to put them up! Try to work WITH each other as you set up the tree and light it (not on fire...), put up whatever shiny things you have around the room, and set the table ready for dinner. There is a catch with this task as well,'ve got Revar's rough, tough, loud and violent and not terribly bright sister, Kathira, to deal with. There is every chance she's only going make things more difficult. Have fun! >:D

Kitchen where?

Rating: Easy
Number of Players: 2+
Requirements: Completed 'Deck the Halls'
Rewards: 500P
Objective: Help Revar cook the enormous amounts of food.
Location: []Baaresa Town[/url]

The kitchen is bustling despite there currently being only one person in it. Revar is actually a pretty good cook, but trying to cook Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, mince pies, several Farfetch'd, a Tepig or two he got imported, a pile of leeks and other veg, nutty 'meat' loaf (without the meat), several nibbles and so on and so forth all by himself in not much time is quite difficult. Thankfully, the kitchen is big enough for him to get some assistance if you're willing to give it.

No, he hasn't heard the phrase about 'too many cooks'. Why do you ask?

Great balls of ice

Rating: Hard
Number of Players: 3+
Requirements: Completed 'Catching dinner' and/or 'Kitchen where?'
Rewards: A Mystic Water
Objective: Participate in a snowball fight with Kathira!
Location: Fulgurok Mountains

Revar has encountered a problem. A problem that stands in the way of his ability to focus on finishing the preparations for the party, and a problem that has nothing to do with the animal-transport lorry that's just turned up and he doesn't want you to see.

You see, Kathira hates the Revivalists. And I do mean hate. Unfortunately for her and them, she's just found out about the Revivalist post in Baaresa and has every intention of ruining their day. Revar wants you all to keep her out of trouble by any means possible, preferably by heading up into the mountains where you can't see what he's up to either. Kathira is very fond of fighting and competition, so the obvious way to keep her attention off the Revivalists would be a snowball fight!

Divide yourselves into two teams and prepare to hurl as many snowballs as possible at each other! Snow forts could be built as well, if you need protection. Feel free to allow your pokemon to participate or not as you wish, as well, even letting them be on the opponent's team if you're both willing!

When you come back, Revar will thank you with a bunch of Mystic Waters he had lying around. Apparently, they got mixed in with the last bauble box.

Everybody's having fun

Rating: Extreme
Number of Players: 4+
Requirements: Completed 'Great balls of ice'
Rewards: One Cubly, as a Christmas gift from Revar.
Objective: Eat, drink and be merry as the party takes place. Try to make things as epic as possible, you've earned it!
Location: []Baaresa Town[/url]

Everything you have all worked on has finally come together in a spectacular Christmas party. Admire the tree and the many lights, before settling down for the biggest dinner Revar has ever managed. There's something for everyone here, which you probably need after the snowball fight! Straight afterwards, you can all join in for some sort of game: parlor or board, or even a video game if you're that inclined. Perhaps even a friendly battle between friends? It's up to you to laugh and talk with everyone and enjoy the fruits of your labours. Or burn the house down. Your choice.

As the party of epic proportions comes to a close, Revar has one last gift for each of you: a young mon that may, one day, but the most adorable little snow angel possible.

I really hope this goes through...
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Title:Descending to Never...

Rating: Hard
Number of Players: 2+
Requirements: Three or more Badges
Rewards: Derfin
Objective: Head into Dingbat Cave to find all those missing people & pokemon.
Location: Route 600(Dingbat Cave)

There have been troubling reports around Leddin Town of strange disappearances off of Route 600 after dark. Whatever is happening, Rookie Trainers are being targeted. Locally Pokemon have started getting the habit of running off into the night too, and for little to no reason. Local authorities suspect a small group of Pokemon Thieves going after easy prey, but civilians in town whisper of something far more dark, and sinister going on inside of Dingbat cave. The job for players is to get to the bottom of the mystery, at any cost. This mission will be dangerous, and not for the feint of heart.
OOC: Thanks to the Staff for even looking this over! :)

Admin Note: Changed requirement field. -Chron
Title: Infestation: Dustley Rising
Rating: Medium
Number of Players: Any
Requirements: None
Rewards: 1,000P
Objective: Keep the Dustley from stealing Leddin Town's stuff, and find out what's got them so riled up. 
Location: Route 600

Afraid of a 'lil dust bunny? No? Me either... but a horde of them? Something is antagonizing the local Dustley real good, and these fuzzballs mean business. Worst of all, the little rabbits want to take it out on poor ol' Leddin Town! Player's are urged to stop this invasion before it happens, or they'll steal everything in sight with their sticky paws!
OOC: Easier quest for a beginner like me!
Accepting both of Mac's quests with the amendment to Descending to Never that 3 badges are required prior to starting quest. Thanks for your submissions, you are free to start your sign up thread!
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