IRP Quest Rules (Read Me First!)
IRP Quests

Want to try your hand at IRP but not sure where to get started? Want to go on an adventure with some friends but stumped for a plotline? Just want to stretch your writing skills a bit and earn cool rewards? IRP quests are for you!

While freeform IRP's allow you to play out any scenario you'd like with one or more other people, IRP quests provide a structured scenario with a set goal--and a prize at the end if you pull it off! And, unlike ordinary IRP's, you can play them alone if you prefer. Sound like fun? Hop on over to the public quest board and grab one that strikes your fancy. Want to know more? Keep reading!

Anatomy of an IRP Quest Listing

Alll quest listings on the public quest board have a common format that provides some basic information about the quest:

Rating: Easy, Medium, Hard, or Extreme. The rating of the quest determines the minimum post requirements for completing the quest, and also determines how good the rewards for completing it are.
Number of Players: The number of players that can go on the quest in a single thread. Can be anywhere from "one" to "any."
Requirements: Any additional requirements that players must meet before they go on this quest. Can be anything from a minimum number of gym badges to having a particular pokémon on your team.
Rewards: What do you get for completing this quest?
Objective: A brief summary of what must be accomplished for the quest to be considered complete.
Location: Where the quest takes place.

The rest of the listing describes the premise of the quest, including any objectives the players are to fulfill along the way. Pay attention to this part--if you deviate from the scenario in your thread, you may lose out on your reward!

Signing Up

After you've picked a quest to go on, if you want or need to recruit other players, make a thread for it in the IRP forum. Quote the quest scenario you're using in the first post and use the [OPEN] thread prefix to indicate that you're looking for players. You should include any additional information you think other players might like to have (e.g. a link to your personal profile, if any) in your first post, and you need to set a posting rate for your quest: this is how often each player will need to make a post in the quest before you can move on without them (see the section on dropping players). If you want, you can specify that there is no minimum posting rate.

Once you've made your thread, people interested in joining can then post in your thread to request a place on the quest. Once you've got everybody you need rounded up, make a thread for your actual RP in the location indicated in the quest description (using the [IRP] prefix), post in your organization thread with a link to the new RP thread, and get cracking with the RP! You can continue to use the organization thread for OOC discussion of the RP you'll be doing if you'd like.

On the other hand, if you're doing a solo quest, you should just go ahead and post it in the appropriate location with an [IRP] prefix on it; no need for an organization thread. Do make sure to include the quest information in the first post, but other than that, you can start RPing immediately; no need to keep your prose and the quest info separate if you don't want to.

You don't need to start a quest thread yourself if you don't want to, of course! Take a look over the IRP forum and see if any threads are listed as [OPEN], then jump in if you see one you'd like to join.

Looked all over and still not seeing a quest that strikes your fancy? Why not design your own instead?


For the most part, you can write your way from the beginning of your quest to the end in any way you please. However, in order to claim a reward at the end, you need to conform to some simple content guidelines along the way. Quests require a minimum number of words (for solos) or posts (for collaboratives) to complete, based on the quest's difficulty:

Easy: 500 words or 3 posts
Medium: 1,500 words or 6 posts
Hard: 2,500 words or 12 posts

Word requirements apply to solo quest threads, where only one person is doing all the writing. These can span any number of posts as long as the final word count in the thread hits the minimum. Want to throw everything up in one big wall of text? Fine! Want to write a little bit on your quest each day and make each entry a separate post? Go for it!

On the other hand, if you're working with other players, the requirement specifies a minimum number of posts of 200 words or more, and the minimum requirement is per player. An easy quest undertaken between three players should therefore contain at least nine posts total by the end of the quest. Feel free to make any number of posts less than 200 words if you'd like--they simply won't count towards the quest requirements.

Note that when working in a group, you don't need to keep to a consistent post pattern, e.g. player one posts, then player two, then three, then one again, etc. As long as everybody ends up with at least the minimum number of posts by the end of the thread, everybody will get rewards, even if, say, one person was able to post a lot less frequently than the other members of the thread. The only thing to keep in mind is that multiple posts in a row by the same person will all count as a single post for the purpose of fulfilling the post count requirement.

Getting Rewarded

Once you've finished a quest, you'll want to have a mod come in and check your thread and distribute your rewards. Just have one of the people participating in the quest make a post in the mod request thread with a link to the quest thread and a request to have it looked over.

The mod's job is to check whether your RP meets the minimum post/word count requirement. They'll also be looking to make sure that the story that you played out at least generally matches the scenario presented in the quest description. For example, if the quest is supposed to be about retrieving some jungle plants from the Ambalchi Temple gardens and you instead wrote about some kind of underwater adventure, you would not be eligible for any rewards. As long as the quest you play out is generally recognizable as a response to the scenario, though, you'll be fine. Even if you completely fail to meet the objective in-character, as long as your thread meets the general quality requirements, you'll still get a reward!

IRP's are intended to be enjoyed by players of any level of roleplaying skill. So long as you manage the minimum number and your posts are at least legible, you'll get your reward. However, we also want to recognize outstanding RP and give players an incentive to try stretching their skills a bit. If you go above and beyond in your roleplaying, whether through general quality of writing, depth of character, or flat-out creativity, you may find yourself earning a little bonus. Particularly good writing will earn players extra rewards, at the discretion of the moderator who assesses their thread.

Canceling Quests

Even if you're very interested in playing out a quest, you may unfortunately not be able to find enough people to join you if you want a multi-player experience. If you've set up an open quest thread and haven't received as many players as you'd like to begin your quest, you have a couple of options:

1. Cancel the quest. If you want to give up on waiting for other people to join your quest, simply post in the mod request thread thread and ask a mod to come along and lock it for you.

2. Change the quest to a solo quest. If the quest can accommodate a single player, you can decide to simply go it solo. In this case, you should simply change the prefix of your thread to [CLOSED] and set up a solo RP thread for yourself.

In either case, note that it's up to the player that opened the thread to decide whether or not to cancel or alter the quest, whether or not any other players have since signed up to participate.

Dropping Players

Unfortunately, there's no guarantee that all the players who start out on a quest together will manage to cross the finish line. Each quest has an associated expected posting rate, and a player who fails to meet it may be dropped from the thread by the remaining players.

If one or more players drop out of a quest thread, the remaining player(s) have some options:

1. Continue the quest without them. If there's only one player left, that turns it into a solo quest; if multiple players remain, they can continue playing together. If multiple players remain, they can claim full rewards simply by finishing out their own post requirements. If the quest turns solo, the remaining player can claim full rewards by meeting a minimum word count equal to 250 words multiplied by the number of posts they have left to finish out their minimum post requirement.

2. Invite a new player into the quest. In this situation, the original players qualify for the full quest reward after finishing up their required minimum number of posts. If the entering player is also able to make the minimum required posts, they receive the usual quest reward. If not, they may instead claim 200P per 200-word-or-greater post that they make in the thread.

3. Terminate the quest. All remaining players may claim 200P per post in the terminated thread, up to the minimum number of posts required to complete the quest.

The player that dropped the thread suffers no penalty for doing so, but they don't receive any reward for the quest, either. If a player has a chronic problem of dropping threads, they may be barred from taking on further quests.

To indicate that you're dropping a player from your thread, one of the participating players should make a post saying as much in the RP thread, or include the announcement as an OOC note in one of their RP posts--this will aid the mod who later evaluates the thread for reward purposes. After the player is dropped, the remaining new players (and any new ones) can simply return to RPing as normal.

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