Art Plugs?
Are any of you artists? Are you willing to display some of your artwork - be they stories or actual drawings?

I'm a fiend on deviantART and furAffinity. You could easily look me up by scanning for my username here. :P
Hello hello! I go by ~Mohacastle on deviantART, and I actually have a whole thread for my arts. I'll check out your account, Windra.
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I'm totally watching you. :o

Why thank you. I'll watch you as well, because you're a very good artist, you know, but you forgot to add ".com" to the end of your link there. :p
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Derp. Thank you. :P And likewise~

Eeee ... I just realized there was a galleria section in the forums down below ... Well, I was due to have a derp moment, wasn't I!
It's no problem, I'll go ahead and move this to the Galleria forum.

Wonderful art, I must say, too! I really like the style you use, and I adore the Sheikka you drew! Very beautifully done. :)
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Thanks! She's such a pain in the rear to roleplay though. Very stoic, matter-of-fact, and stubborn ...

I love your pokemon pictures! For some reason I can't look at the rainbow Bouffalant without thinking of Sgt. Frog and the afro ending theme ...
Thanks! And someday I'll know what that means...
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