Let's Play Pokemon Turquoise Version Part 3: Steeling Myself For The Rest Of The Game
Mortimer Randall walked to Versorecto City with a trail of blood from his hands behind him. He had to get to a human hospital immediately, but had difficulty finding one. Mortimer had lost enough blood for his head to start hurting, and he tried to stay resilient so he would not black out in the middle of the street.

After a few more hours of searching, he at last found a hospital. A Pokemon Centre was not too far away, so he was fortunate in case anything came awry which could harm his only Pokemon. Mortimer had no idea of the Pokemon League, and he did not get a phone number from Professor Gadari in order to talk to him. He sighed upon realization of this, and hoped Gadari was still living the peaceful life back home.

Meanwhile, Mortimer stepped in and got help from the clerk, who was shocked to see the state of his hand. The clerk informed him of a room he could wait at, while he got some people who would stitch his hand up once they removed the glass. Suspicion arose from the clerk, who kept to himself only because of the dire state Mortimer was in. Mortimer was surprised by the caution shown for just a bloody right hand. However, it would be a lot harder to be a novelist with a stitched hand. Mortimer thought this through, then shrugged.

The doctor eventually came, and stitching Mortimer's right hand took a few minutes. A bill was footed, and paid. Afterward, Mortimer left as quickly as he came. The rest of Versorecto City was now his to explore. He might as well try to gather some information and maybe recruit other Pokemon to aid his starter Pokemon, depending on what was around.

OOC: The story thus far revolves around Mortimer's bloody right hand and how it made a trail to Versorecto City before he got it stitched. I'd like a trainer; I don't have any particular specifications in mind, albeit I would prefer a detective or someone who'd fit within the right context for the story.
"Hi!" a voice sounded behind Mortimer. It was no person he knew, probably. It was a woman with a pink parasol. "Would you like a battle?" She looked excited to try out her new Pokemon which she caught yesterday. "Oh, how's your hand?" she exclaimed later. "Are you still able to battle?" Perhaps her words would embarrass Mortimer, but she meant no offence, only concern. She still seemed quite determined to battle though.

"My name is Raven, by the way," she went on. "I'm working in town at the moment, but I need to take a break from it." What she was working on wasn't clear. She summoned a green flower monster and said; "See, they arn't so strong. You can fight them?"

Parasol Lady Raven would like to battle!
[Image: parasol-lady.png]
Raven sent out Mefflora!

[3] [sp=f][sp=mefflora] 18/18 [Chlorophyll]
The woman in the pink parasol was quite a surprise for Mortimer to see. He shrugged, taking his Acafia out to battle.

"Alright, Cairne. Let's Tackle this, er, green flower monster," Mortimer said, trying hard to not recoil from the pain of his right hand, since that was the hand he used to send Acafia out of its Pokeball. He didn't really think things through, especially not enough to realize Raven was nonchalant about Mortimer's current predicament, almost as if she knew everything that happened.
"Go, use a pound attack!" Raven told her mefflora.

Her Pokemon made itself ready to leap forward, but was first struck by a powerful tackle from the acafia. Raven's Pokemon was no stronger than she had admitted it to be, and it took a lot of damage from the attack. Yet, it seemed that the mefflora could survive a little longer. The flower Pokemon struck back with a pound attack, causing minimum injury on Cairne; Mefflora was a better defender than she was attacker.

[6] [sp=m] [sp=acafia] 27/29 [Overgrow]
[3] [sp=f][sp=mefflora] 10/18 [Chlorophyll]
"Good job, Cairne!," Mortimer cheered his Acafia on, "Use another Tackle!"

The Meflora's defenses may have been sturdy, but they were not sturdy enough against physical assaults. Given the floral theme, Mortimer had assumed Meflora to be a Grass-type; therefore, using a Grass-type attack seemed entirely counterproductive.
"Go on, Mefflora. Another pound!" If Raven was worried about the effectiveness of her pokémon's attacks, she wasn't showing it. She seemed more interested in watching Mortimer than the battle, twirling her parasol every now and again in an offhanded way.

The two pokémon collided, Mefflora once again taking the brunt of the damage. The little grass type was looking terribly battered, but apparently she wasn't ready to go down just yet.

The foe's Mefflora used pound!

Cairne used tackle!

[6] [sp=m] [sp=acafia] 25/29 [Overgrow]
[3] [sp=f][sp=mefflora] 2/18 [Chlorophyll]
[Image: salvage_sworn_metalhead.png]
In which an undead trainer, a bloodthirsty super-clone, and an irascible ex-Rocket grunt set out to rescue an imprisoned Mew--if they don't end up murdering each other first.

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"Good job, Cairne. One more Tackle ought to do it!," Mortimer said, as he observed Raven looking at him more than looking at her own Pokemon.
The ailing mefflora scrambled to get another attack in before Cairne's tackle landed and managed to give him a swat across the nose before getting ground under by his counterattack. When it became clear that the little grass-type wasn't going to be getting up again, Raven recalled her with a shrug.

"Not bad," she said. "But there's more where that came from! Let's go, Lamanda!"

The foe's Mefflora used pound!

Cairne used tackle! Mefflora fainted!

Cairne gained 38% EXP! Cairne grew to level seven!

[7] [sp=m] [sp=acafia] 26/32 [Overgrow]
[3] [sp=f][sp=mefflora] 0/18 [Chlorophyll]
[3] [sp=f][sp=lamanda] 16/16 [Shed Skin]
[Image: salvage_sworn_metalhead.png]
In which an undead trainer, a bloodthirsty super-clone, and an irascible ex-Rocket grunt set out to rescue an imprisoned Mew--if they don't end up murdering each other first.

Banner by Sworn Metalhead of Dædric Design
Mortimer took a glance at the Lamanda. Then he realized that most of the Pokemon who were going to fight his Acafia were not particularly experienced. This fazed him, as the person he confronted earlier in Route 615 was a bit more challenging than Raven, who was definitely older and more astute. His realization made him want to go easy on Raven, but he decided against it. It would be unfair to assume Raven was a novice. He himself was more of a novice as, after all, he only had one Pokemon and did not manage to catch anything.

Mortimer then realized why he did not acquire a second partner for Cairne. He wanted to figure out what his first Gym's elemental attribute was, and see if his starter could solo it. If it turned out Cairne could not solo the Gym, then Mortimer would easily find supportive teammates who would be able to trivialize the Versorecto City Gym.

At the moment, his brainstorming would have to wait.

"Alright, Cairne. Let's do a Tackle for this thing!," Mortimer declared.
This next Pokemon would turn out simpler than the previous one. The lamanda took the body blow from Cairne without fainting. However, all that the opponent replied with was a Pokemon cry, lowering the acafia's attack power. Although Mortimer wouldn't go easy on his opponent, the lamanda made sure his Pokemon would.

Raven didn't seem to have in mind of letting her Pokemon go offensive, and it was unclear what the lamanda could do if it attacked. It could be a trick though, to weaken Cairne before sending out a stronger monster. But could she be sure Mortimer only had one Pokemon?

[7] [sp=m] [sp=acafia] 26/32 [Overgrow] [Attack -1]
[3] [sp=f][sp=lamanda] 8/16 [Shed Skin]
"Alright, Cairne. Another Tackle is the only thing we can do!," Mortimer ordered.
Raven still didn't seem to be paying all that much attention to the battle. For her part, the lamanda didn't seem to mind--she was still growling gamely at Cairne, up until the acafia's next tackle bowled her over.

"So, what happened to your hand?" she asked.

The foe's Lamanda used growl! Cairne's attack fell.

Cairne used tackle!

[7] [sp=m] [sp=acafia] 26/32 [Overgrow] [Attack -2]
[3] [sp=f][sp=lamanda] 2/16 [Shed Skin]

[Image: salvage_sworn_metalhead.png]
In which an undead trainer, a bloodthirsty super-clone, and an irascible ex-Rocket grunt set out to rescue an imprisoned Mew--if they don't end up murdering each other first.

Banner by Sworn Metalhead of Dædric Design
Mortimer sighed, "Cairne, let's end this match-up with a final Tackle."

He then listened to Raven's question about what happened to his hand.

"I tried to help Captain Neptune find some things," Mortimer shrugged. He might as well be honest with Raven, seeing as there wasn't much of a choice otherwise, "I punched a window to get at something from an abandoned building that would suit her crew's needs, and cut myself in the process." He spoke softly, in case anybody mistook his words for a heinous crime.
"Isn't that Captain Neptune too proud? She doesn't accept help from anyone, as if it would make her look weak." Raven stopped when she couldn't hear the cry of her Pokemon. Lamanda had been defeated by the tackle, and didn't want to make any move. The Trainer called the lizard back and sent out her next Pokemon - an acafia!

Cairne acquired 32 exp. points!

[7] [sp=m] [sp=acafia] 26/32 [Overgrow] [Attack -2]
[3] [sp=male][sp=acafia] 19/19 [Overgrow]
"I helped her out in secret," Mortimer sighed, "And my hand's health is the price I pay for trying to be decent to arrogant people."

"Hey, no sweat," Raven shrugged, as she sent out her Acafia.

"Right," Mortimer said, "Cairne, let's Tackle this thing!"
Cairne saw the despair in his Trainer's eyes. Yes, the opponent had tricked them and Mortimer had no other Pokemon to switch with. Yet, the other acafia was much weaker, so there was still a chance, despite his weakened attack power, that he could defeat the opposing acafia. Or at least, they would be equal in strength, but Cairne a bit faster.

Still, he decided to put all his strength in this first tackle against the acafia. The attack landed and overwhelmed the opponent, and it looked as if he was defeated already. But the opposing acafia was not defeated, yet the tackle had done loads of damage. Cairne must have hit a vital spot to inflict so much damage. He was a bit surprised himself.

The opponent struck back with a tackle attack of his own, but it didn't inflict more damage than Cairne's own tackle would have done would he not have had luck on his side.

[7] [sp=m] [sp=acafia] 23/32 [Overgrow] [Attack -2]
[3] [sp=male][sp=acafia] 3/19 [Overgrow]
"Alright, Cairne!," Mortimer cheered, "Fantastic job! One last Tackle ought to do it!"
Tackle brought down the enemy Acafia, and Cairne gained 32% exp. The trainer ran away in despair, throwing her money at you in anger.

What would you like to face next?
Raven looked at Mortimer, then saw that they were near the docks. The frustration of losing was enough to cause despair. What happened, however, was that Raven pushed Mortimer into the water below. Mortimer did not float, so he nearly sank. His Acafia, Cairne, looked in terror as his owner was at risk of drowning. Cairne knew full-well it couldn't swim, so it tried to get help while Raven ran away in disgust.

The saltwater made Mortimer's wounds on his hand hurt, and he tried to hold his breath while swimming back up. He narrowly escaped losing consciousness, but he caught a heavy migraine, and found it hard to swim when he was not experienced enough to keep himself afloat. Eventually, the authorities rescued Mortimer from the depths of the ocean near Versorecto City's harbor, and he was kept at a hospital for a few days to recover.

During those few days, Mortimer was getting treated for pneumonia, and his bandages on his right hand needed to be re-applied. Whatever pain he was feeling on there was no more, but he was still stuck in the hospital. During the time, he befriended a Wyrmal, someone who must've been in Versorecto's ocean, or otherwise concerned for the human. The Wyrmal could not speak English - many Pokemon could, but their English was limited at best. Oftentimes, those that could speak English only did so through telepathy; many Pokemon who could do this were either Psychic-type or Dark-type. Others had to improvise in order to communicate with humans. At any rate, the Wyrmal joined Mortimer's party.

OOC: I guess I'll need to train for the Versorecto City Gym. Given Mortimer's unfortunate state, I say maybe a trainer with a Chansey or something related to hospitals would prove fititng to the story. However, I leave it up to the RPG Mod reading this saga as to what trainer would best fit.
Whenever they had free time on their hands, the nurses and doctors would usually go into the courtyard for Pokemon battles. Some of the patients were enjoying themselves this way too.

The nurse checking on Mortimer could see that he was quickly getting better. She asked him to come out for a battle, to get some fresh air and sunlight. Even in a hospital, it was no good sitting indoors day after day. His Pokemon needed some exercise too, of course.

Nurse Fumiko would like to battle!
[Image: Spr_BW_Nurse.png]
Fumiko sent out Cubly

[6] [sp=male][sp=cubly] 18/18 [Run Away]

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