Let's Play Pokemon Turquoise Version Part 3: Steeling Myself For The Rest Of The Game
Well, that Thundershock paralyzed Cairne. The way that things went would render that not helpful.

Mortimer shook hands with Marven, "I'm glad to inspire you." I'm glad to inspire people in general. Maybe this is what Master Gadari wound up doing, after all.

He withdrew his Acafia, and decided to take his Pokemon to the Pokemon Centre. Presumably, this would help recover their health long enough to consider challenging the Gym Leader proper. While he was unsure if Marven was really the travelling type, it was good to be considered an inspiration to someone, even if Mortimer himself was just a novice.

Let's see if he couldn't find another Gym Trainer.

OOC: Time for another Gym Disciple.
On his way back to the gym from the Pokemon Centre, Mortimer ran into a guy-- who, by his looks and clothes, seemed to be a Trainer from the gym. Perhaps Mortimer could ask him for a battle? He had with him his little girl though, and somehow Mortimer became the object of fascination for the young one. That was, until she spotted his pokeballs.

"Daddy! Daddy! I wanna try a battle! Pretty please with a cherry on top?" She begged the Gym Trainer, tugging on his hands.

"Ah, well, that's only if this young man says yes, dear. It's more polite to ask if you want to battle another Trainer." He told her, playfully scolding. The little girl turned to Mortimer, her eyes large saucers as her bottom lip trembled. Looks like Mortimer was getting the old puppy-dog-eyes from the kid if you ask me. However, the question was -- would it work?

The girl's father winked at Mortimer over her head, assuring the Trainer that he had some pokemon with him that she could borrow -- ones that wouldn't be too powerful and were more like pets for his daughter to play with for now. If Mortimer agreed, he could entertain the kid for a little while. And if Mortimer felt up to it, he might also be able to battle the gym Trainer right afterwards.
[Image: Spr_BW_School_Kid_F.png]

Gym Trainer's daughter would like to battle!

"Daddy! Daddy! I wanna try a battle!"

Mortimer knelt down to offer a hand to shake, after overhearing the child and her father converse, "I accept." There was literally no way he could say no to her puppy-dog-eyes. It would have been a dick move to do that.

"Alright, Halduron! Let's emerge forth!"

Mortimer decided he would go after the Gym Trainer once he was done battling her daughter.

"Halduron, use Low Kick!"

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