Let's Play Pokemon Turquoise Version Part 3: Steeling Myself For The Rest Of The Game
Well, that Thundershock paralyzed Cairne. The way that things went would render that not helpful.

Mortimer shook hands with Marven, "I'm glad to inspire you." I'm glad to inspire people in general. Maybe this is what Master Gadari wound up doing, after all.

He withdrew his Acafia, and decided to take his Pokemon to the Pokemon Centre. Presumably, this would help recover their health long enough to consider challenging the Gym Leader proper. While he was unsure if Marven was really the travelling type, it was good to be considered an inspiration to someone, even if Mortimer himself was just a novice.

Let's see if he couldn't find another Gym Trainer.

OOC: Time for another Gym Disciple.
On his way back to the gym from the Pokemon Centre, Mortimer ran into a guy-- who, by his looks and clothes, seemed to be a Trainer from the gym. Perhaps Mortimer could ask him for a battle? He had with him his little girl though, and somehow Mortimer became the object of fascination for the young one. That was, until she spotted his pokeballs.

"Daddy! Daddy! I wanna try a battle! Pretty please with a cherry on top?" She begged the Gym Trainer, tugging on his hands.

"Ah, well, that's only if this young man says yes, dear. It's more polite to ask if you want to battle another Trainer." He told her, playfully scolding. The little girl turned to Mortimer, her eyes large saucers as her bottom lip trembled. Looks like Mortimer was getting the old puppy-dog-eyes from the kid if you ask me. However, the question was -- would it work?

The girl's father winked at Mortimer over her head, assuring the Trainer that he had some pokemon with him that she could borrow -- ones that wouldn't be too powerful and were more like pets for his daughter to play with for now. If Mortimer agreed, he could entertain the kid for a little while. And if Mortimer felt up to it, he might also be able to battle the gym Trainer right afterwards.
[Image: Spr_BW_School_Kid_F.png]

Gym Trainer's daughter would like to battle!

"Daddy! Daddy! I wanna try a battle!"

Mortimer knelt down to offer a hand to shake, after overhearing the child and her father converse, "I accept." There was literally no way he could say no to her puppy-dog-eyes. It would have been a dick move to do that.

"Alright, Halduron! Let's emerge forth!"

Mortimer decided he would go after the Gym Trainer once he was done battling her daughter.

"Halduron, use Low Kick!"
As Mortimer released his Scraggy, the girl gasped and squealed,

"Daddy! What's that? I've never seen it before! What is it, what is it, what is it?" Jumping with a child's giddiness, she took one of the pokeballs her father gave her and threw it cutely through the air (hardly a far throw, though) -- to open in a flash of light and reveal a plain old Dustley. 

The creature didn't look battle-ready at all; a pet indeed. The Dust Bunny pokemon gave a squeak of its own when it saw Halduron coming for it. Leg sweeping out, the Scraggy knocked the normal type clear onto the ground in a puff of dust. Getting up with some difficulty, the Dustley charged at his opponent. Using the only attack he knew, the normal type ran full-tilt and bumped into the fighting and dark type as hard as he could.

"Now, now, dear. You need to give Dustley some instructions. This Trainer appears to be quite capable, so he's going to be more difficult than the other boys and girls your age, okay?" The gym Trainer encouraged his daughter.

Halduron used Low Kick! It's super effective! (-8 HP)
Dustley used Tackle! (-3 HP)

[7] [sp=male] [sp=scraggy] 27/30 [Moxie]
[4] [sp=male] [sp=dustley] 13/21 [Shield Dust]

Mortimer was not entirely sure how to approach this battle. In theory, it was relatively straightforward, and clearly this Gym Trainer had enough Pokemon to where he could lend some to his daughter. However, beyond that it seemed like things would get really awkward if he just straight-up beat this Gym Trainer's daughter in battle. He considered partially going easy on her, but that would also effectively undermine the Trainer's compliment of Mortimer's capabilities.

"Halduron, another Low Kick!"
"Okay!" The child responded and then yelled out "Tackle!" to her father's Dustley, excitement showing in her eyes. At least the kid knew the attack of the pokemon correctly, right? Heeding Mortimer's command, Halduron once again drop-kicked the normal type and then stood by idly as he sensed the slight hesitation in his Trainer. The yellow pokemon sat there --waiting-- and watched as the Dustley drew himself to his feet again. The Dust Bunny pawed the ground, and then charged, headbutting the fighting and dark type in the stomach with his full-body blow. It was a good try, but the Scraggy quite clearly outclassed the Dustley. Even with holding back just a little bit, Halduron was very powerful against the normal type; or maybe the Dustley was just that weak.

Halduron used Low Kick! It's super effective! (-8 HP)
Dustley used Tackle! (-4 HP)

[7] [sp=male] [sp=scraggy] 23/30 [Moxie]
[4] [sp=male] [sp=dustley] 5/21 [Shield Dust]

Was Halduron going easy on the Dustley to where Mortimer wasn't? It seemed like it, though the conclusion to this battle was foregone.

"Another Low Kick, Halduron!"
OOC: Apologies for the wait...

"Do it again!" The little girl yelled out happily, probably unaware of how much strength her father's Dustley had left. Dustley started on his attack, however, Halduron was much faster still and quickly swept him away with a final kick.

"Ah, well. It can't be helped." The gym Trainer said softly. "This Trainer is more knowledgeable and skilled than what you're used to." The beginnings of a frown formed on the girl's face, and only lightened up a little when her father gave her a second pokeball to throw. "Now, Dana dear, this next pokemon you have has a few more choices when it comes to what she can do. Here, I'll give you a list so you can look at them, okay?" The man found a piece of paper and a writing utensil in his pockets and scribbled a few lines down, handing it to his daughter. "A little bit of carefully thinking here and you might just win." He gave her a reassuring squeeze on the shoulder and then turned his attention to Mortimer, giving him a light smile and a quick nod. 

Halduron used Low Kick! It's super effective! (-5 HP)
Dustley Fainted.
Halduron gained 68% exp.

[7] [sp=male] [sp=scraggy] 23/30 [Moxie]
[4] [sp=male] [sp=dustley] 0/21 [Shield Dust]

Next: [5] [sp=female] [sp=snorunt] 24/24 [Ice Body]

After defeating one Pokemon, Halduron's Moxie ability activated. It seemed more... confident? Mortimer was unsure what his Scraggy was doing, but he was doing a dance after defeating Dana's Dustley.

The Gym Trainer was probably going to recommend his daughter do something, though...

Mortimer declared, "Another Low Kick, Halduron!"
OOC: Oops.. totally forgot to add that... I'm sorry... ;_; Also, wow.. never realized that Snorunt was that heavy.. o.0

The girl squinted at the paper her father gave her and then pointed at one line and looked up. "How about this one, Daddy?"

"That looks like a good move to start with. Go ahead and try it." The man grinned and nodded, giving his daughter the reassurance that she needed. Building upon what he'd said, Dana yelled out,

"Okay, start with Double Team!"

Halduron was just a hair or two faster than the Snorunt, however, and kicked her low to the ground before she could waver and appear to be in many places at once. It was very confusing to see so many copies, but only one was real. Dana laughed, thinking it was funny that she suddenly had a whole lot of pokemon all around her. The father winced though, seeing how much damage had been caused and doubly so because of the Scraggy's ability. Despite that, the gym Trainer kept his mouth shut and allowed his daughter to have whatever fun she could make out of it. One day when she's older, she'll understand it a little bit better.

Halduron's Moxie ability definitely activated at the end of the last turn. .
Halduron used Low Kick! It's super effective! (-23 HP)
Snorunt used Double Team! Snorunt's Evasion increased.

[7] [sp=male] [sp=scraggy] 23/30 [Moxie] (+1 Atk)
[5] [sp=female] [sp=snorunt] 1/24 [Ice Body]

Mortimer winced from how powerful the Low Kick was. He did not know Snorunt was so heavy, else he might have tried a different technique to go somewhat easy on her. Still, Evasion meant Snorunt would last a little longer, and it seemed the little girl was making some fun out of this mess. Small victories, small victories.

"Halduron, another Low Kick!"
Again the Scraggy rushed at Snorunt, only he didn't know which was a copy and which was real. They all reacted the same way however -- by trying to run away from him. Something must have happened to at least one of them though, because they all fell face-first onto the ground (likely one had tripped). Triumphant, Halduron attacked the ice type that was closest to him, and by luck, his leg connected with something solid. The rest of the Snorunt evaporated and Dana frowned. The Snorunt was Recalled and the girl twitched her nose, pouting a little bit. Her father gave her some reassuring gestures again and handed her the last pokeball.

"This last pokemon that I have to give you is a very familiar one, Dana. You play with him at home all the time." The girl released the creature and then gave a squeal at seeing her favorite pet pokemon. Though she couldn't hide the fact that she knew she was losing, Dana was glad that her father had brought him along. Him was a pokemon that Mortimer was already very familiar with.

Halduron used Low Kick (again)! It's super effective! (-1 HP)
Snorunt Fainted.
Halduron's Moxie raised his Attack power.
Halduron gained 71% exp. Halduron grew to level 8!

[8] [sp=male] [sp=scraggy] 26/33 [Moxie] (+2 Atk)
[5] [sp=female] [sp=snorunt] 0/24 [Ice Body]

Next: [6] [sp=female] [sp=aron] 27/27 [Sturdy]

Halduron did a dance. Mortimer assumed it was a Celebrate dance, and just said, "Atta boy! Use Celebrate this time!"
Dancing to celebrate that he was easily winning against this human his Trainer had put against him, Halduron danced around the Aron in circles. However, there seemed to be no other effect, since the Scraggy didn't have an item to focus his feelings through.

"Tackle, A-a!" The girl cried out. Apparently the creature had been given an odd nickname, but that's to be understandable with a young child. It is also of curious note that the gym Trainer's daughter didn't call out for the other attack that Aron knew; perhaps she only had knowledge about Tackle? Nonetheless, the steel and rock type plowed into Halduron with full force -- and bounced off. It seems as though the fighting and dark type was much stronger than the Iron Armor pokemon at this point in time.

Halduron used Celebrate! Nothing extra actually happened, though. . .
Aron used Tackle! (-4 HP)

[8] [sp=male] [sp=scraggy] 22/33 [Moxie] (+2 Atk)
[6] [sp=female] [sp=aron] 27/27 [Sturdy]

Halduron continued to celebrate. Lacking an item to hone the celebration through, Mortimer considered getting the Scraggy one.

"Alright, let's use Low Kick now, Halduron!!"
Stopping his celebrating and dancing around, Halduron abruptly hopped sideways a step or two and effectively put himself nearly behind the Iron Armor pokemon. Kicking out with his foot, the fighting and dark type drop-kicked the heavy creature and she landed with a loud thud onto her side. Dana yet again called for a Tackle, and "A-a" struggled to get up, before careening into the Scraggy with her whole body. Had the Aron been quite a bit stronger, she may have been able to last longer against Halduron. But she was a pet mostly, and had not battled very much; she left that up to her older brother.

Halduron used Low Kick! It's super effective! (-88 HP) (-26 HP)
Aron's Sturdy allowed it to survive the hit!
Aron used Tackle! (-5 HP)

[8] [sp=male] [sp=scraggy] 17/33 [Moxie] (+2 Atk)
[6] [sp=female] [sp=aron] 1/27 [Sturdy]

OOC: lol. Just noticed that I used the wrong pronoun two posts above. XD
There was not much else to say here. A-a was certainly doing a good job against Halduron, though this was almost entirely a type disadvantage issue. There was some thought to consider going up against the Gym Leaders, but Mortimer felt Scraggy needed more training.

"You've got this, Halduron! Another Low Kick!"

OOC: I'd like one last Gym Trainer after this one is concluded.
OOC: How about the girl's father, who appears to be a gym Trainer?

A last kick from Halduron took the Aron down, and Dana began to sniff and wipe her nose as her father Recalled the Iron Armor pokemon. The father walked over and shook hands with Mortimer, handing over the funds he'd won. And then the man's demeanor changed.

"So, how about it? Would you like to try against me, Trainer? By the way, I don't think I ever introduced myself. The name's Haus; I'm a Trainer from the gym in this city. You've already met my daughter, Dana, of course."

Halduron used Low Kick! (-1 HP)
Aron Fainted.
Halduron gained 75% exp. Halduron grew to level 9!
Halduron learned Feint Attack!
Mortimer received 150P.

[9] [sp=male] [sp=scraggy] 20/36 [Moxie] (+2 Atk)
[6] [sp=female] [sp=aron] 0/27 [Sturdy]

Haus. What a cool name for a Gym Trainer.

Oh, right. Haus challenged Mortimer, who nodded. There was a decision to keep Halduron on the field, which was probably for the better. It was not likely that things would get better than having a Fighting-type with access to something that keeps up with the heavyweight nature of most Steel-type Pokemon.

"I accept."

Haus then sent his Aron out.

Mortimer commanded his Scraggy, "Alright, let's go with a Low Kick like usual, Halduron!"
Haus gave a good-natured laugh as Mortimer accepted the challenge and decided to keep his Scraggy up at the top of the line. His Aron gave a polite nod to the fighting and dark type, before pawing the ground and getting ready for the battle. The Shedding pokemon started it quickly, running full-tilt at his opponent before sliding down on his side and sticking a leg out to trip his opponent up. The Aron fell heavily to the ground, causing a large cloud of dust to envelope the two combatants. Out of the murkiness, there was the shine of silvery metal, and the Scraggy was punted out of the dust cloud to slide back toward his Trainer. Despite the strength of this Aron, Halduron was enjoying himself a little bit more; with his Trainer at his side, he didn't need to be so afraid of steel types anymore. It also helped that Aron was such a heavy pokemon, of course.

Halduron used Low Kick! (-28 HP)
Aron used Metal Claw! (-12 HP)

[9] [sp=m] [sp=scraggy] 24/36 [Moxie]
[12] [sp=m] [sp=aron] 17/45 [Rock Head]


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