Let's Play Pokemon Turquoise Version Part 3: Steeling Myself For The Rest Of The Game

Mortimer considered letting his Scraggy, Halduron, have some fun. However, there was a likely chance that could prove problematic, unless he bait-and-switched. Unsure of the rules of bait-and-switch, he actively decided to keep Cairne on the field.

"Alright, Cairne. Let's use Razor Leaf on this Pokemon, too!"
Sandile was marginally faster than Cairne, and lunged forward at the behest of his Trainer, snapping his jaws together around Cairne's leg. Fortunately for Mortimer and his Acafia, the green bovine did not flinch for even a moment, immediately sending his leaves flying and knocking the poor croc belly up in front of Marven. The gym Trainer didn't grin or chuckle this time, even though he knew that this had been the mostly likely outcome.

"Hey, now. Be a little bit easier on me? I'm not like the rest of the Trainers around here who are all for the steel-types. My next pokemon is one that I actually bred myself. I'd rather she not get too much of a beating, ehh?"

Sandile used Bite! (-10 HP)
Cairne used Razor Leaf! (-39 HP)
Sandile Fainted.
Cairne gained 51% exp.

[14] [sp=male] [sp=acafia] 38/54 [Overgrow]
[10] [sp=male] [sp=sandile] 0/39 [Moxie]

Next: [8] [sp=female] [sp=cubly] 27/27 [Simple] (knows Feint Attack)

Mortimer mused this point.

"Hm, fair enough."

He withdrew Cairne, sending out his Scraggy. He had named it Halduron. Going easy on this trainer meant not using his starter, and likely meant also not using his Wyrmal, Malygos. If that was what this Gym Disciple wanted, so be it.

"Alright, Halduron, let's start things with a Low Kick."
Marven was impressed with Mortimer's next pokemon. Not only was his special little Cubly that he'd bred going to have a tough battle to win, but given enough experience (and coupled with his other two pokemon), this Trainer could possibly breeze through this gym like it was nothing.

"A Scraggy, huh? Well, I guess that's a little bit easier." He joked. "But in all seriousness. . Cubly, get in fast and use Feint Attack!" The abrupt order didn't faze the Homely pokemon at all. She jumped to her feet quickly, but then took her time getting close to Halduron. She settled close to him as though they weren't battling against each other, but going on an outing someplace. After a few moments, she suddenly turned to him and sucker punched him in the jaw. A sly smile split her muzzle but then was replaced by a yelp as Halduron came back at her full-force and landed her on the ground. The Scraggy had easily brushed the attack aside, as he was doubly resistant to the attack, and had only faked being hit hard. Despite his lower strength and abilities, it looked like this match was going to be far too easy for the fighting and dark type.

Cubly used Feint Attack! (-1 HP)
Halduron swept Cubly's feet out from under her!
(Halduron used Low Kick.) (-8 HP)

[5] [sp=male] [sp=scraggy] 23/24 [Moxie]
[8] [sp=female] [sp=cubly] 19/27 [Simple] (knows Feint Attack)

Halduron seemed to be handling the situation a lot more nicely than Mortimer anticipated. Good.

"Another Low Kick, Halduron!"
Once more faster than the Scraggy, Cubly feinted at him again. Despite knowing it was probably fake, the fighting and dark type fell for it again -- this time getting sucker punched in the gut. Taking a step back, Halduron moved one direction to confuse the ice type, and then struck from the other side, landing the Homely pokemon heavily on her side.

Cubly used Feint Attack! (-1 HP)
Halduron used Low Kick! (-8 HP)

[5] [sp=male] [sp=scraggy] 22/24 [Moxie]
[8] [sp=female] [sp=cubly] 11/27 [Simple] (knows Feint Attack)

Hm... was this a good idea?

"Keep it up, Halduron! Another Low Kick!"
"....Well, this isn't working the way I had hoped.." Marven muttered. " Okay, Cubly! Switch gears and use Defense Curl!"

Cubly obediently rolled up as tight as she could before the Scraggy got to her with his foot. Kicking outward, Halduron punted Cubly around the floor like a soccer ball, before eventually letting her roll to a stop. Even with the slightly buffed defenses though, it was probably too late for Cubly to make enough of a difference in this round.

Cubly curled up into a fluffy blue ball!
(Cubly used Defense Curl.) Cubly's Defense rose sharply.
Halduron used Low Kick! (-3 HP)

[5] [sp=male] [sp=scraggy] 22/24 [Moxie]
[8] [sp=female] [sp=cubly] 8/27 [Simple] (knows Feint Attack) [+2 Def]

Mortimer looked at the situation. It seemed a little charming, though beating this trainer was something that needed to be done. Halduron probably would not be able to finish it, not with the +2 Defense carried out by Defense Curl. Wait, +2 Defense?

Yeah, this Cubly must have had the Simple ability.

Mortimer withdrew Halduron, and sent out Cairne. Halduron was not defensively capable of handling whatever came after, and not offensively capable of taking out Cubly for good. As such, this was necessary.

"Alright, Cairne. Let's use a Razor Leaf!"
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Halduron was replaced by Cairne the Acafia in order to finish the job with less of a hassle (hopefully). Expecting the fighting and dark type to remain on the field and another Low Kick to be thrown, Marven called out for another raise in Cubly's defenses. The Homely pokemon curled up once more, expecting to be kicked around like a pin-ball in the machine again, but instead felt incredibly sharp leaves cutting through her fur and leaving her feeling like she'd been ripped to shreds. After the last leaf passed by, Cubly released her ball-up form -- but not of her own accord. She'd been knocked out by Cairne's powerful attack.

Marven rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly and sadly Returned his Cubly. "Well, I guess we need to train some more. Maybe one of these days, Cubly will evolve; She would be a lot more powerful then. Anyway, here's my last pokemon. I caught him recently actually, because he eventually evolves into a part-steel type."

Return, Halduron! Go, Cairne!
Cubly used Defense Curl again! Cubly's Defense rose sharply.
Cairne used Razor Leaf! (-8 HP)
Cubly Fainted.
Cairne gained 26% exp.
Halduron gained 128% exp. Halduron grew to level 6!

[14] [sp=male] [sp=acafia] 38/54 [Overgrow]
[8] [sp=female] [sp=cubly] 8/27 [Simple] (knows Feint Attack) [+4 Def]

Next: [5] [sp=male] [sp=finnial] 24/24 [Lightning Rod]

Mortimer returned Cairne. He sent out Halduron again, and waited to see what Marven had next.

An Electric-type was what he got, and he did not expect it.

"Let's use Low Kick, Halduron!"
A new round for the last part of the battle saw lots of lightning arcing about and quite a few kicks in an attempt to sweep the floor with the lightning-thrower. The two pokemon appeared to be about even with their speed, and it was hard to tell who had struck who first, since they had charged at each other and met in the middle. Finnial had discharged a good electrical shock at the Scraggy and received a harsh kick for his troubles, one that caused the electric type to fall to the ground. Jumping back up, the Conductor pokemon began to charge his electricity again for a second round, staring at Halduron with a strange hungry gaze.

Halduron used Low Kick! (-6 HP)
Finnial used Thunder Shock! (-4 HP)

[6] [sp=male] [sp=scraggy] 21/27 [Moxie]
[5] [sp=male] [sp=finnial] 18/24 [Lightning Rod]

The hungry gaze creeped Halduron out. The Scraggy must have known what hunger was like, for it raised a brow at the Conductor Pokemon.

"Another Low Kick!"

Halduron wished he knew more damaging moves than Low Kick.
The Finnial looked abashed and lowered his gaze with a blush when the fighting and dark type raised his eyebrow. After attacks had been exchanged again and in the short silence before the next commands were called, the electric type explained that he simply got hungry at odd times and was sorry he'd given Halduron that look. Apparently, Marven's Finnial was a glutton for food and probably ate more than his teammates did. Regardless of his eating habits, the two combatants seemed to be quite even in both prowess and speed.

Finnial used Thunder Shock! (-5 HP)
Halduron used Low Kick! (-5 HP)

[6] [sp=male] [sp=scraggy] 16/27 [Moxie]
[5] [sp=male] [sp=finnial] 13/24 [Lightning Rod]

Halduron nodded, and understood. Things did not really change a whole lot.

Mortimer tried talking with Marven, "I applaud the variety of teammates. Are there any tips one could teach about dealing with the Gym Leader's Pokemon?" There was likely something he was missing. He knew training his Scraggy would likely help with it immensely.

"Another Low Kick, Halduron!"
Once more the dark and fighting type used his technique to throw Finnial off balance and onto the ground. In return, the electric type again sent jolts of electricity at Halduron, doing his best to fry the Shedding pokemon before the end of the battle. It was going to be a close one to determine who the winner would be; they still appeared to be even, and were even weakening at an even pace.

At being addressed, Mortimer's opponent brightened his expression and responded,

"Why, thank-you. Perhaps I really shouldn't stick myself with a single type for the gym.. Hmm.. Life choices, ehh?" He seemed to muse. To his query, however, Marven said,

"Ah yes. Well, training your Scraggy up quite a bit would more likely do wonders for your chances of succeeding. Uhh.. You know as well, that they do a tag-team here, right? You'll be facing both Leaders in a double battle, so it's best to have a sound strategy or two in order to increase the odds of having an easier battle. I would go for either their speed or their defense, if you can. If you can't beat them hard and fast, you'll need to be ready for a long drawn-out battle (possibly)." Suddenly, the gym Trainer shut his mouth with a loud snap. "Oh... I think I've said too much.. oops..."

Halduron used Low Kick! (-4 HP)
Finnial used Thunder Shock! (-4 HP)

[6] [sp=male] [sp=scraggy] 12/27 [Moxie]
[5] [sp=male] [sp=finnial] 9/24 [Lightning Rod]

"They." Mortimer echo of the pronoun made him realize there might have been more than one Gym Leader in particular. Still, it provided enough information that told him exactly what was needed in order to provide an adequate chance against them. Things got gradually more interesting.

"Another Low Kick, Halduron!"
Marven kept his mouth shut this time, only nodding to his Finnial to try again. More lightning was arced at the Scraggy and the fighting and dark type did his best to fight through it, eventually knocking the electric type back again with his low sweeping feet. It was clear now that Halduron had out-lasted the Finnial, though it had been quite a rough battle thus far.

Finnial used Thunder Shock! (-5 HP)
Halduron used Low Kick! (-4 HP)

[6] [sp=male] [sp=scraggy] 7/27 [Moxie]
[5] [sp=male] [sp=finnial] 5/24 [Lightning Rod]

This battle had been close, in a toe-to-toe way. However, one thing was certain. Finnial was faster, and even if they were toe-to-toe now, a critical hit was all it took to stop the battle from being interesting, in Mortimer's eyes. Even if a critical hit was in favour of Halduron's Low Kick, that might just hurt Marven's feelings or cause some other drama to occur in front of the trainer.

I wonder if Master Gadari ever had moments like these.

Mortimer withdrew Halduron, and sent his Acafia, Cairne, out again.

"Cairne, use Razor Leaf!"
Surprise showed on Marven's face as Mortimer exchanged his active pokemon. There may have been a little bit of disappointment as well.Maybe he'd thought that they could have continued the mini one-on-one? Too late for that now, of course. When Finnial's electricity shocked Cairne instead of the Scraggy, the green bovine responded with a mooing low and sent a multitude of spinning leaves in the Conductor pokemon's direction. Finnial obviously fell to the onslaught of the overpowered grass typed attack; he stood no chance against it.

"Ah, well." Marven sighed, Returning his Finnial. "I guess I can't expect anything less of a Trainer who is trying to challenge the gym." He gave a shrug, and then walked over, holding out a hand for a good-natured handshake while the other hand held a few bills. "I think I've made up my mind. I'll travel -- like you do. I won't stick to a singular pokemon or particular typing. Thanks for helping me figure that out. Seeing how you handle your pokemon really gave me an inspiration."

Return, Halduron! Go, Cairne!
Finnial used Thunder Shock! It's not very effective. (-2 HP)
Cairne was paralyzed.
Cairne used Razor Leaf! (-5 HP)
Finnial Fainted.
Cairne gained 13% exp.
Halduron gained 83% exp. Halduron grew to level 7!
Mortimer received 340P.

[14] [sp=male] [sp=acafia] 36/54 [Overgrow] [PRZ]
[5] [sp=male] [sp=finnial] 0/24 [Lightning Rod]


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