Let's Play Pokemon Turquoise Version Part 3: Steeling Myself For The Rest Of The Game
"Oy!," shouted a police officer, who had shown up to the courtyard. Many of the people turned around. The police officer pointed at Mortimer, "Oy, person-who-nearly-drowned, oy!"

Mortimer glared past the officer, his Acafia not looking thrilled about this fight at all. The police officer mistook Mortimer's glare as a challenge, so he sent out a Kiblis. When Mortimer realized this, he sighed.

"Alright, Cairne, it looks like this cop wants to battle us. Let's use a Razor Leaf to have this guy be dead to rights!"
River's Kiblis had low defensive capabilities, and therefore took quite a hit from the razor sharp leaves sent out by Cairne. It tried to retaliate by hunting down Cairne with a pursuit, but the attempt was practically futile.

[8] [sp=m] [sp=acafia] 31/35 [Overgrow]
[6] [sp=f][sp=kiblis] 9/25 [Synchronize]
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"Another Razor Leaf, Cairne!," Mortimer insisted, satisfied by his starter's performance.
Kiblis trainer called for another Pursuit, but the command was all for naught. Cairne whipped up another batch of Razor Leaves, engulfing the goat pokemon in a flurry of sharp leaves. The kid dropped, end of story~

Cairne gained 56% exp
Cairne grew to level 9!

River heaved a sigh and recalled Kiblis, before sending out his next and final pokemon, a rather agitated Auriole. The moment it popped out of its pokeball, the spirited bird began to flutter around and tweet angrily at Cairne, causing the calf to snort and dig at the ground.

[9] [sp=m] [sp=acafia] 34/38 [Overgrow]
[6] [sp=male][sp=auriole] 26/26 [Technician]
The police officer muttered to himself, "'Ow in 'eaven's name are ye not out of the bloody 'ospital yet?" Mortimer didn't hear all of what the guy said, so an answer wasn't given.

"Uh, Cairne, I think we should Tackle," Mortimer shrugged, upon realizing there wasn't much to do for this battle.
The auriole was faster, striking the acafia with his beak. The attack seemed quite powerful for such a small Pokemon.

Cairne's body blow struck its target, but the bird fluttered happily on. The battle was maybe not as easy as it looked for the acafia. As a grass monster, he was not that good at fighting birds.

[9] [sp=m] [sp=acafia] 22/38 [Overgrow]
[6] [sp=male][sp=auriole] 17/26 [Technician]
Mortimer noticed that the Auriole pecked at Cairne, and that the attack was severe. It was at this moment that he withdrew Cairne to send Malygos out in his stead.

"Alright, Malygos! Let's Wrap this bird up!," Mortimer incited his Wyrmal as it entered the fray.
Malygos and Auriole charged at each other with almost equal speed, but Auriole beat the Wyrmal to the punch just by a hair, pecking at his face repeatedly. Malygos clamped his eyes shut and took the hits, all the while wrapping his long body around Auriole's inconspicuously, eventually constricting the little bird.

[6] [sp=m] [sp=wyrmal] 19/26 [Magma Armor]
[6] [sp=male][sp=auriole] 14/26 [Technician] {WRAPPED}
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"Hrm, not bad!," the officer complimented Mortimer's switch of Pokemon.

"Thanks," Mortimer smiled, actually able to respond to what the officer was saying.

"Hrm, I might wanna ask ye a few kweschuns after this," the officer said.

Mortimer nodded, "Okay. Anyway, use Bite, Malygos!"
The auriole was caught by Malygos' long body, and couldn't get free. He drove his beak right into the snake's body before the wyrmal started to chew on the little bird. Malygos wasn't so strong physically, so the bite attack could have been worse. What weakened the auriole was the squeezing, leaving the bird quite weak.

[6] [sp=m] [sp=wyrmal] 12/26 [Magma Armor]
[6] [sp=male][sp=auriole] 6/26 [Technician] {WRAPPED 3 turns left, HP -4}
"A second Bite ought to do it, Malygos!," Mortimer encouraged his Wyrmal.
Auriole fought and flailed as it struggled to break free, but to no avail. Finally giving up, it gave another hard Peck, oping the attack would cause the Wyrmal to loosen its grip, but that was another no.

Malygos hissed as she clamped onto the avian, while also giving a tight squeeze, making doubly sure that the creature was finished.

"Rrrr, darn it!" River said, the officer kicking at the dirt before recalling his Auriole, "Guess I'll have to wait until my next check to buy some snacks..."

River handed over a wad of bills before leaving, muttering as his stomach grumbled.

Cairne and Malygos gained 38 exp each!
Malygos rose to level 7!
Mortimer won 120p

[6] [sp=m] [sp=wyrmal] 5/26 [Magma Armor]
[6] [sp=male][sp=auriole] 0/26 [Technician] {WRAPPED 3 turns left, HP -4}
OOC: Hm. At this point Mortimer would still be in the hospital for a few more days before being allowed into the rest of the city. Another trainer in relation to this lovely little fact would be very helpful, please.
Given that Mortimer was still to be detained in the hospital for a few more days, there was time to spare, The following day brought on a doctor who noticed the two pokeballs on Mortimer's belt. "I normally wouldn't need to do this,"
he started, "but being in a good mood from a battle can have a positive effect on the healing process. What do you say?"

Doctor Henry the Fifth would like to battle!
Doctor Henry the Fifth sent out Minccino!

[6] [sp=f] [sp=minccino] 28/28 [Cute Charm]

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"Aight, doc," Mortimer shrugged, "If it's a battle you want, I'm willing to provide."

Doctor Henry V smiled, "Splendid!"

Mortimer sent out his Acafia, Cairne. Mortimer had no idea what Cinccino was, as a Pokemon's coloration usually did not indicate its elemental typing. He tried to use the PokeDex to figure it out. While he did that, he said to Carine,

"Hey, Cairne. Let's start the battle off with a Razor Leaf."
The opponent made the first move, the cute monster striking at Cairne with her tail. The strong body of the acafia did not take much damage, and perhaps Cairne was facing an opponent weaker than himself. When he struck the other Pokemon with the razor leaf, it appeared to be true; the little monster had already lost much of her health. She wouldn't have a chance if pounding with her tail was all she could do.

[9] [sp=m] [sp=acafia] 34/38 [Overgrow]
[6] [sp=f] [sp=minccino] 12/28 [Cute Charm]

"Your mind seems to be good," Dr. Henry V said, "We might want to see if the rest of you is fully healed."

Mortimer blinked, "Wait, what's this for?"

No response. Dr. Henry V just shrugged.

Mortimer sighed, "Another Razor Leaf, Cairne!"
"You see," the doctor said between orders to his Minccino, "we doctors have a tendency to get around, if you know what I mean! One could say I take battling to a whole new dimension!" He winked in unison with his Pokémon. However, the Minccino was quickly struck down, and the doctor was forced to send out a new Pokémon. "Well, I suppose my strategy was a bit wibbly-wobbly!"

Cairne gained 50 Exp. Points! Cairne grew to level 10! Cairne learned Horn Attack!

[10] [sp=m] [sp=acafia] 33/41 [Overgrow]
[7] [sp=m] [sp=spraylet] 30/30 [Torrent]
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"Hm," Mortimer mulled the doctor's "dimension" statement over, as the doctor sent out his Spraylet. Mortimer did a quick process of elimination - Aacafia being the Grass starter, and Dirk Lannister picking the Fire starter to try and outdo Mortimer, that meant Spraylet was pretty much a Water type. It wasn't immediately obvious that Spraylet was a Water-type, though, as its wings were better-suited for early flight than most other bird-like species.

"Cairne, I'd advise using a Razor Leaf on this Spraylet," Mortimer shrugged. He would have to confirm Spraylet was a Water-type by use of a super-effective move. Otherwise, details were still a little fuzzy to him.
The spraylet was ready to strike, but Cairne was better prepared, striking the spraylet with the razor leaf. The bird was cut and took a lot of damage, so one could guess it had some sort of weakness against plants.

"Hmm, not quite the dimension I had in mind . . ." the doctor said to himself as he called back yet another defeated Pokemon.

Cairne acquired 53 exp. points!
You acquired 130P!

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