Let's Play Pokemon Turquoise Version Part 3: Steeling Myself For The Rest Of The Game
Halduron seemed a little timid during the battle. Mortimer did not notice it at first, but then recalled that he seemed to Celebrate before hitting "A-a" with Low Kicks that were rather effective. If the Scraggy did have a fear of Steel-types, it likely faded away a little bit.

"Alright, another Low Kick, Halduron! Keep up the good work!"
"Try again, Aron. Use Mud Slap!" Haus called out. If anything, it might make it more difficult for Mortimer's ace pokemon against steel types to hit his targets. Unfortunately for Haus, his Aron couldn't keep up with the soccer kicks Halduron was dealing out and another hard slam to the ground was all it took for the steel and rock type to be knocked out. Haus gave another short laugh and Returned the Iron Armor pokemon.

"Well, I suppose I should have been expecting that. Knew I should have done Mud Slap first. . . Aron is a heavy-weight despite his small size, so it's no wonder you can abuse Low Kick so much. How about my next pokemon, though?"

Halduron used Low Kick! (-17 HP)
Aron Fainted.
Halduron's Attack increased due to his ability.
Halduron gained 133% exp! Halduron grew to level 10! Then to level 11!

[11] [sp=m] [sp=scraggy] 30/42 [Moxie] (+1 Atk)
[12] [sp=m] [sp=aron] 0/45 [Rock Head]

Next: [11] [sp=f] [sp=dasfix] 41/41 [Levitate]

Halduron seemed to be getting a lot more confident, though Mortimer had surmised this was due to Moxie. Haus's Aron used Mud-Slap, which was enough to consider withdrawing even though Moxie would have likely been enough to deal with Dasfix.

"Nice 'mon," Mortimer seemed interested in Dasfix overall. He had no idea what this Pokemon was. The purple colour palette suggested it might have been part-Poison or part-Psychic, though there was no way to tell. Regardless, he switched to his Wyrmal, Malygos. It was more appropriate a match-up, overall.

"Alright, let's go against this other 'mon with Water Gun, Malygos!"
"Thanks." Haus said in reply to Mortimer's compliment. And then his eyebrows shot up at the sight of Malygos the Wyrmal. "Oh, ho! With two pokemon like that, at a strong enough strength, you'll be right ready for the gym, I think!" Haus let out a booming laugh this time and ordered his Dasfix to use Poison Sting. 

Malygos was much faster and shot a stream of cold water into the purple stingray's face, causing her to splutter and shake the water off her fins before trying anything. Afterwards, though, she came back with a vengeance and sprayed poisonous needles all over the ground around the Vent Worm pokemon, quite a few of them hitting their mark. The attack was a little lack-luster when compared to Malygos' however, as none of the needles did very much damage.

Malygos used Water Gun! (-7 HP)
Dasfix used Poison Sting! (-4 HP)

[11] [sp=m] [sp=wyrmal] 36/40 [Magma Armor]
[11] [sp=f] [sp=dasfix] 34/41 [Levitate]

Not much else could be said of the match-up; Malygos was the only candidate Mortimer had for it.

"Another Water Gun!"
And so the battle continued with the same attacks as each Trainer called them forth, with little Dana watching her father from the sidelines. The little girl occasional cheered, but she also sat there enraptured by the way the two handled their pokemon. She wished, eventually, to be able to do the same thing. On the battlefield, Malygos once more shot water at the Lurker pokemon, while the purple stingray returned the spray with one of needles, piercing through the remnants of the Water Gun attack. She didn't even bother to shake the liquid off this time, knowing that she'll probably get another face-full of it very soon. So far, if the Dasfix wasn't lucky, the battle would easily go in the Vent Worm's favor.

Malygos used Water Gun! (-8 HP)
Dasfix used Poison Sting! (-3 HP)

[11] [sp=m] [sp=wyrmal] 33/40 [Magma Armor]
[11] [sp=f] [sp=dasfix] 26/41 [Levitate]

Dasfix looked to be an interesting Pokemon. Surely, it knew more than Poison Sting, but it seemed to handle Special attacks decently. That would ensure the matchup was not too easy. Mortimer might want to catch a Dasfix of his own, someday.

"Alright, Malygos! Let's go for another Water Gun!"
An interesting pokemon indeed. Due to its ability, it only had a single weakness. It was, however, quite weak in its defenses while it was young -- and did not fully mature until after it had evolved. This, of course, is only background information, and not something that Haus was giving. The gym Trainer called out for another Poison Sting, hoping luck was with him, as Mortimer’s Wyrmal splashed him and his Dasfix with another stream of water. He was, unfortunately for him, not so lucky this round either.

Malygos used Water Gun! (-7 HP)
Dasfix used Poison Sting! (-3 HP)

[11] [sp=m] [sp=wyrmal] 30/40 [Magma Armor]
[11] [sp=f] [sp=dasfix] 19/41 [Levitate]

"Nice 'mon you got there," Mortimer decided to compliment Haus' Dasfix. It was adequate small talk material, something he wished he did more with various trainers, good or ill.

"Malygos, another Water Gun!"
"Why, thank-you, kindly." Haus replied amidst ordering another Poison Sting attack. "With more training and once she evolves, she'll be a beast for anyone to handle, I reckon." Haus smiled and nodded to Malygos. "Wyrmal are formidable (as are their evolved forms), especially for steel types when they become strong enough to call upon their fire. But be careful though; I've seen some Trainers with those pokemon who haven't trained enough, and they have a difficult time controlling their flames at all."

Meanwhile, on the battlefield, Malygos once more jetted water at the Dasfix -- the steel and poison type was entirely soaked. In return, the Lurker pokemon again shot her poison pins him, somehow scoring against a weak spot - though it didn't seem to have affected the outcome very much. However, in addition to the seemingly increased damage, Malygos began to show signs that the pins had found their way under his scales!

Haus suddenly gave another of his booming laughs, and seemed to stand a bit easier than he had previously. It seems that the poison was what he was after the entire time.

Malygos used Water Gun! (-8 HP)
Dasfix used Poison Sting! It's a critical hit!(-4 HP)
Malygos was Poisoned!
Malygos was hurt by his poison. (-5 HP)

[11] [sp=m] [sp=wyrmal] 21/40 [Magma Armor] [PSN]
[11] [sp=f] [sp=dasfix] 11/41 [Levitate]

Well, it took long enough for the Poison status to be going. Still, it might have been too little too late for Dasfix or Haus. Haus' lesson gave Mortimer some ideas on how many other Gym Trainers he might have to fight against.

"Bring it on! Malygos, another Water Gun!"
There wasn't Haus could do. Not being on the gym's pay roll, he couldn't afford any potions. No matter what he did, he would be forced to watch his Dasfix fall. He simply watched the next exchange of attacks... or exchange of attack, singular. A well aimed Water Gun struck Dasfix hard, blasting the levitating stingray to the gym floor.

Haus let out another laugh, only this one trailed off instead of his typical booming laughter, "Well then, guess that's that. Good job, Dasfix!" he said as he recalled the soaked poison-type, "Your loss won't be in vain. That poison of yours'll help us out greatly. Now," Haus turned back to Mortimer as he tossed out his last pokeball, "Let's see how you handle this one. He's not as well trained as my other two, but he should be more than a challenge for you!"

As the pokeball burst open, a yellow creature with a large black head faced you, its wide, fang-lined maw gnashing in anticipation for his chance to fight. Malygos shrank back, the intimidating movements the Mawile made making the sea snake want to fight less and less... All the while, the Mawile giggled to itself, enjoying the sight of his foe recoiling in fear at his mouth-like horns, never realizing the Deceiver pokemon's true face was far less frightening.

Malygos used Water Gun! Critical hit! (-11 HP)
Foe Dasfix fainted!
Malygos gained 100 exp, growing to level 12! Malygos learned Bide!
Malygos was hurt by his poison. (-5 HP)

[11] [sp=m] [sp=wyrmal] 18/42 [Magma Armor] [PSN]
[11] [sp=f] [sp=dasfix] 0/41 [Levitate]

Last up: [10] [sp=m] [sp=mawile] 39/39 [Intimidate]

"Ah, nice Mawile!"

At the very least, Haus thought in the long term. Mortimer was curious as to how effective the poison affliction might be. In the worst case scenario, Cairne or Halduron could finish.

"I think he'll do fine. In fact, let's see how well he does! Go, Malygos! Use another Water Gun!"

Mortimer probably would have liked to get some Full Heals later down the line. The way things were, though, meant that it was still smooth sailing from here.
Shaking off his tremors from the stare, Malygos shot more water at the steel type he'd already encountered before, spraying the Deceiver pokemon right into those jaws! They snapped shut to prevent more water from entering, and then the Mawile spun around to reveal his true face. But he didn't stop there. He spun around again and again until he was close enough the Vent Worm pokemon, and a final spin brought that gaping maw back around to snap shut on Malygos!

Mawile's mouth-like horns Intimidated Malygos!
Malygos' Attack fell.
Malygos used Water Gun! (-9 HP)
Mawile used Bite! (-10 HP)
Malygos was hurt by his poison. (-5 HP)

[11] [sp=m] [sp=wyrmal] 3/42 [Magma Armor] [PSN] (-1 Atk)
[10] [sp=m] [sp=mawile] 30/39 [Intimidate]

Now, Mortimer withdrew Malygos. It would be vital to get the Wyrnal to the Pokemon Centre, but that was something he would have to do after this battle was over. In Malygos' place, came Cairne. It was reasonable to assume the Deceiver Pokemon was part-Fairy, what with its aesthetics lining up with something akin to it, which meant that Scraggy would be none too thrilled to enter this fight and none too likely to survive without grievous injury.

Mortimer talked to his Acafia, "Hey, mind using Razor Leaf, Cairne?"
Watching the ill serpent get called back, Haus Quickly called for a Fairy Wind, expecting Halduron to make a repeat appearance. It was too late to call off the attack when Cairne appeared, the grass-furred calf have a mere moment to brace himself for the pink wind Mawile's jaws spewed out! Cairne snorted and retaliated by launching several razor-sharp leaves, but each leaf merely bounced off of Mawile's sturdy steel frame.

Return Malygos! Go, Cairne!
Foe Mawile used Fairy Wind! (-7 HP)
Cairne used Razor Leaf! It's not very effective... (-6 HP)

[14] [sp=m] [sp=acafia] 47/54 [Overgrow]
[10] [sp=m] [sp=mawile] 24/39 [Intimidate]

"Fairy Wind" had been heard. Haus had expected Halduron to reappear, presumably, which made Mortimer smirk. It was not everyday that an amateur trainer could outpredict a professional. Since it was not everyday, it was likely that such an outcome would not arise again.

"Another Razor Leaf, Cairne!"
"Hmf, you tricked me. I should have guessed you wouldn't bring out your Scraggy against Mawile..." Haus felt a tad dejected at his misprediction, but that's just something you have to expect with trainers nowadays. 

Calling for a Bite, Mawile lunged at Cairne with its jaws agape, only to get a mouth full of bladed leaves, one leaving a nasty gash on the tongue inside the mouth-like horns. Good thing it wasn't a real tongue or that would have hurt so much worse... Mawile's jaws spat the clump of leaves out and continued with its attack, but despite the damage the nomming did, it didn't compare to the damage the deceiver took...

Cairne used Razor Leaf! Critcal hit, but it's still not very effective... (-12 HP)
Foe Mawile used Bite! (-7 HP)

[14] [sp=m] [sp=acafia] 40/54 [Overgrow]
[10] [sp=m] [sp=mawile] 12/39 [Intimidate]

This matchup was still going into Mawile's disfavour.

"Alright, Cairne, another Razor Leaf!"
Becoming more focused as the battle headed toward its climax, Haus' began to laugh less and less as he hoped for Mawile's safety, and hopefully his victory. Once more Mawile was swarmed by a flurry of sharp swirling leaves, but the Deceiver pokemon fought through the foliage to clamp its jaws down on Cairne once more!

Cairne used Razor Leaf! Nope, still not very effective... (-6 HP)
Foe Mawile used Bite! (-9 HP)

[14] [sp=m] [sp=acafia] 31/54 [Overgrow]
[10] [sp=m] [sp=mawile] 6/39 [Intimidate]


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