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Mr. Ching






Black-coat (members of a certain organisation; part of their uniform is a black coat)


Mr. Ching has a serious and hard face with jagged features and slanted eyes. His black hair he more or less always has in a tail. One will often see him dressed in black, usually in a suit. He is tall and strong, and moves in a determined and controlled way. He can sometimes reveal a scary and cold grin, but he usually remains serious-looking.


This is a very serious man, who despises any weakness or flaw. He is determined to accomplish his work and try to be as efficient as possible. He is very cold and explains things as they are, not trying to hide anything. However, he can hide the truth with code words or complex descriptions to fool others, but whenever it is safe and appropriate, he will draw the curtain aside to reveal the horrifying truth and is pleased by doing so.

Mr. Ching is hard and determined, and follows the orders of his boss if he has one. Often he feels the pressure of that he has to be strong and complete, and he is afraid of being weak or that others will think he is weak and incompetent.

He does not help people in trouble, since he thinks that they can only grow and be strong if they fight the troubles on their own. If they fail, he thinks they are too weak anyway and do not deserve any help.


His real name is Jan Kuro Blackwick but he was called Mr. Ching. ('janjan' is Japanese for clanging bells or something happening non-stop; 'ching! ching! ching!' is English slang for things happening quickly in succession, and is also the sound of ringing bells).

Mr. Ching has a son named Kuro, but the boy's mother died when he was born. If Mr. Ching and Kuro's mother were happy and liked each other is hard to say, but Ching has not been known for liking other people, as he states love is another weakness.

He has been teaching his son that one must not show any weak signs and that it is important to be strong and independent. This he lives by himself, and he does not trust others. Two years ago, he joined an organisation, a group sharing his thoughts of strength and power. The organisation, having their base below The City, a large metropolis, followed the instructions of someone in the above city, a person they referenced only as The Leader. This they did, for after having been rejected by the society above the surface, like many others in The Undercity had been, they sought any chance to get up and be free. The Leader, disliking the people of The Undercity, naming them criminals, drug-addicts and crazies, although not all of them were, told the organisation to kill them, and so the members of the organisation - the black-coats - could themselves come up from the depths.

Mr. Ching was employed by an older man named Eldritch, who liked his efficient work and good ideas. Mr. Ching also helped with the plans of destroying the unfortunates in the sections of The Undercity. The City was in great trouble and near a serious collapse; the security of The Undercity was faltering and resources were running out. Many people blamed The Undercity, where they had for so many years buried their problems. During the collapse was the best time for the organisation to set their evil plans to work, and little risk was there, that anyone would notice or stop them. And maybe, as their leader had planned, would people thank them for saving the city and later accept them; for after all, the citizens were afraid of The Undercity.

When the organisation had come to the surface, after having put many unfortunate people to death, they took advantage of the chaos in The City and wreaked havoc in the section just above The Undercity as well, and captured people who had once come from the underground city and anyone who helped those people. The black-coats' attack seemed chaotic and unplanned. However, they took only the people The Leader had pointed out, for they were careful not to get the rest of The City against them; once having reached the above city, the black-coats were determined to stay there.

The attack they did upon the upper city was an idea of Mr. Ching, who knew that in the city's crisis no one would have time or resources to stop them. Instead, people in The Overcity would probably believe in the rumours of The Undercity conspiracy - that the underground people had caused the crisis - and even help the black-coats in their assaults. This actually came to happen, and if it really were the black-coats who started the fight in the upper city some people cannot be sure about.

After the attack of the organisation, people captured in The City were sent away to a prison-camp where they worked as slaves in a big black factory. Mr. Ching helped his boss there to make sure they fulfilled the organisation's goal; for the only good way to preserve the world was to make it strong and complete, thus they had to get rid of its weak components.

Mr. Ching in Logora

Mr. Ching was sent to Logora to investigate. He was in no way sent to attack, and he was sent alone. Information about Logora could prove useful, in case The Leader planned to expand his realm. However, the main purpose of the investigation was to find information about the people and monsters to get an expectation of what the organisation would confront if they chose to visit the islands. On his arrival, Mr. Ching wore his black uniform and coat, but avoided any emblems that might connect him to his organisation, which should be unknown to the Logorans anyway.

What Mr. Ching didn't know, was that he had been followed. Not long before he arrived, a man named Yukinari Winter had come to Logora too. Winter was a member of another organisation, whose main goal was to protect and take care of people. Although being somewhat ignorant and overly optimistic, the organisation suspected the evil plans from Mr. Ching's organisation, and had sent Yukinari Winter to spy on him.
Mr. Ching's Pokemon

[sp=vulkhet] Napoleon XIV
This vulkhet was Mr. Ching's first companion, sent with him on his mission. This was one of the few Logoran Pokemon available in Mr. Ching's homeland, and it was safest to bring a Pokemon who was known in Logora, not to attract unnecessary attention.

The vulkhet is trained to be loyal, though he can be somewhat annoying at times. It seems that he will not listen unless one addresses him as Napoleon XIV. Usually, he will chatter a lot, yet Mr. Ching often keeps him outside his Monster Ball. The bird is somewhat proud and has high thoughts about himself in battle. He sees himself as a leader for Mr. Ching's other Pokemon.

[sp=crocoal] Flamer
Mr. Ching was given a Pokemon on his arrival, as were many other guests on the island. Flamer is a wild and aggressive creature, but due to his purpose as a beginner's Pokemon, he is also loyal and understands humans very well. Flamer was not very strong when Mr. Ching obtained him, but the man chose to forgive the Pokemon, since Flamer is very young.

[sp=gravendou] Togezou
Togezou was found and caught in the caves on Brol island. Mr. Ching got him mostly to get rid of him because he was trouble, but the man still sees him as an interesting Pokemon. Togezou is usually calm and withdrawn, but can easily get aggressive if threatened, whereupon his spikes will stiffen and point up.

[sp=bucarat] Yersinia
Yersinia was named after Yersinia pestis, the bacterium behind the Black Death. Mr. Ching chose to get this Pokemon, for even though she is a tiny rat, he hopes to train her into a strong viscious one.

Despite her scary looks, Yersinia is calm and does seldom show herself hostile. She would attack and kill an enemy without hesitation, however. Due to her small size and weak attacks, she will try to find excuses that she is not weak at all; for instance that her ancestors were strong and she just needs some time to grow. She is very clever.
Mr. Ching's Journey

Day 1: Arriving to Logora

I have been sent on a mission to explore the islands of Logora, in order to find information about the people and their society, monsters and their habitat, and potential resources or threats. Any information that is deemed useful to the organisation will be reported.

My first stop was Brol Island, where I came upon a man named Gadari. He is a sort of professor, educated in the area of Pokemon. Similar to the Pokemon doctors and professors in our own lands, he can act as an advisor to Trainers. Due to the crowded area round the professors facility, I did not get an appropriate opportunity to gather information from him.

He was willing, however, to offer a free Pokemon to any person who visited the Logora islands. I was given a Pokemon known as the Crocoal. This is a fire-type Pokemon who tends to burst in flames on impulse and can be quite energetic. Mine happens to be somewhat aggressive.

[attached data on crocoal]

I met on Brol island, also a stranger who was very talkative. He was a young man, who challenged me to battle. His Pokemon was another one given out by Prof. Gadari, a white and blue bird, with large wings that seemed to function as arms. It was a silly-looking monster, but fast.

Since the town seemed small and unsignificant, I sought out the caves in the area. The area round Ding-bat Cave appeared to be inhabited by rather weak monsters. The caves contained tougher breed, however; I captured two monsters which data I have attached to the document. If they are useful Pokemon, I am not sure.

[attached data on gravendou]

[attached data on bucarat]

I also found a paras in the cave.

Beyond Ding-bat Cave was a town, known as Shrdlu. A professor there owned a porygon.
Day 2: Krtuso Island

Krtuso Island is a rocky area, with expanses of red wasteland, so I decided this to be my next stop. I expected this to be where Logora's strongest monsters resided. What first welcomed me on my arrival with the ferry was a teen-age boy who wished to battle. His Pokemon resembled a dromedary, and it was sturdy, but otherwise weak. His other monster was a red serpent, which I expected would wrap round or bite its enemy, but to my surprise and shock, it was capable of shooting rays of water.

In the wilderness, I encountered the same rabbits and birds as were seen on Brol. I also met a secret agent who claimed to have graduated high-school the same time as I, but all I seemed to recognise was his silvern hair, since his face was partly masked. Hakugin? He challenged me to battle, and seemed curious about my mission. I did not fully trust him, and after I had defeated him I asked who had sent him and if he belonged to the 'organisation'. He avoided answering my questions, more or less panicking at the mentioning of the word 'organisation', then turned to run. I attempted to catch up with him, asking myself if he was in trouble with the organisation, also wondering why he had been curious about my mission and what he knew about it. Finally, he turned round, claiming that he had no idea what the organisation was; he was just an old friend from school. He resumed his flight, but as I followed him I was attacked from behind by a stupid auriole, the common Logoran bird.

After clearing away this disturbing element of a Pokemon, I continued forward, but saw no trace of the agent. Instead, I was followed by a pink, drooling monster, which I caught just to get it out of the way quickly. There is some interesting matters concerning this monster, which I will cover later.

[attached data on derfin]

Continuing to explore the wilderness, I came to encounter a gang, of which I have little information. It started with the meeting of a man carrying a baseball bat, and he challenged me to a battle. After defeating him I met another member, this one kicking a ball. They called themselves the Cave Sports Gang. I expected them to be some common trouble-makers, but what I later came to meet in their cave was sort of strange. When the way was clear, I made my way into the cave which they had seemed so intent on protecting, deciding I should not over-look any sources of information.

Inside the cave I was attacked by a swarm of lizard-type imps, who were either allied to the gang or simply defending their territory. After having broken through this obstacle, I came upon a secret passage through the cave wall. Due to the battle against the imps, I had gotten no time to investigate the cave itself, but I spotted this crack which appeared to be some kind of door. Since I found no way to open it from my side, I sent Yersinia, my bucarat, through the narrow space to search for any kind of handle or device. This was when I was interrupted by another gang member: a skinhead having discovered my intrusion upon his hideout.

This man was weak and I defeated him easily. I assumed he must be from a gang of simple bandits. Since he did not seem capable of joining and helping me, I decided to ask him questions instead. He said there were others like him there, and he was very bold, showing no fear despite his defeat.

Believing their leader to be behind the door, this is where I turned to resume my journey. Yersinia had managed to get it open from the other side, but two guard Pokemon attacked us. After breaking through this resistance, I came to hear a voice from yonder room. The voice appeared to be passing through a loud-speaker, so that it could be heard loud and clear. It was no recording though; it was speaking directly to me.

Calling me agent.

The first question in my mind was what they knew about me and, more importantly, what they knew about our organisation. My guess was that they knew nothing of where I come from, but they must have been spying on me ever since I entered their territory.

The source of the voice was revealed rather quickly; in the room sat a strange, pink dolphin-type creature with a deep purple jewel shimmering on its forehead. Though the creature spoke, its bill of a mouth did not move, though I could be sure that was where the sound originated. There was nothing else in the room, save for some magazines, I remember, and a lot of warning signs, pointing toward a dark corridor. I was somewhat annoyed to see that the dolphin creature greatly resembled the dumb Pokemon I had recently caught. Yet, this one had a much more clever, and even malevolent, look, with the same small, black dots resembling eyes.

As the creature spoke, it was evident to me that this was the leader of the gang whose members I had fought before; or, it was simply a kind of relay of the leader's voice. Whatever it was, I was shocked to hear it mention that I worked for a 'certain other group'. How much did it know about me?

It asked what I was doing in Logora, upon which I said that I was only here to investigate, which is true. The creature presented itself as the guardian of the cave and its 'treasure'. I explained that I was not here to steal the treasure, that my coming to Logora was peaceful, but the guardian did not trust me. I'm afraid he took me for a spy, perhaps even knowing of our real intentions, but I decided not to let this touch me; the risk of this stranger possessing great knowledge about us is after all small. How would a Pokemon secluded in a cave know about our organisation?

Telling me about the treasure, the cave guardian said that it belonged to the encanoto. A person named Dingbat Helmsley once encoutnered the encanoto many years ago, but it has not been seen since. I got no clear picture of what the encanoto is.

The guardian also seemed interested in the derfin I found on my way to the cave, having been informed about our encounter. It seemed that the derfin would be part of some kind of deal. I had to remember that the clever version of the derfin might try to trick me, and that I must never underestimate it.

The clever derfin told me that the dumb one was only a child, its brain having yet to develop fully. Once grown, my Pokemon would acquire an intelligence above that of ordinary humans. The guardian wanted me to take care of the child, teaching her about the world. If I did this, the guardian said, I would be rewarded.

I sensed a trick somewhere, but if what the guardian said was true, then the derfin might become very useful. If we find more of them and train them, perhaps they could be useful for our organisation. I decided to agree to the deal, wanting to see for myself how my derfin would grow.

Once I got out of the cave safely, I started to search for the nearest town. After travelling for about twenty minutes across a hot wasteland, I finally reached Versorecto City, the largest city in Logora.
Day 3: Versorecto City

After staying the night in the city, I went out to investigate the area. Despite Versorecto being Logora's largest city, it was not built in vertical sections, save for the rail roads and the bridges that connected the city towers. There was likely to be a multitude of smaller streets, but the provided maps showed only the wider ones and the railway which circled the city. The railway was for tram cars or a smaller type of train, but I did not study them closely.

While looking for information in the city, I found the enterprise DiCardia, and decided to look more into the business. I did not find much, however, for they were as secretive as the dark, anonymous towers in that city. At this time I came to discover that Versorecto had some sort of sections, for there were different people living deeper into the city. The border between the two sections was sudden, though there was no problem in passing it.

In the inner section lived wealthier people. I also came to note, that their Pokemon were stronger. There was no suspicious activities or matters of interest in this area, so I returned to the outer section.

Close by a Pokemon gym, there was a crowded area with Trainers fighting each other. By challenging one of them, I could perhaps collect some information about the big enterprise and their business. I battled a youth in the street, but he had little knowledge about the inner city and the enterprises there. All I got to know about DiCardia, was that they produced Pokemon merchandise. I might have spotted their brand at the shopping centre earlier. The youth told me they had contacts at the university, so I made this to be my next stop.

The university was doing research in fossil Pokemon, but DiCardia wished to keep their work hidden, perhaps for commercial purposes, to protect themselves against competitors. The university itself was a large, white marble building with thick, rectangular columns, very magnificent. The people there were busy when I arrived, and would only spend little time with a stranger.

I was given a guide though, who was not that happy to walk with me, even though they must be proud to show this place to people outside Logora. He guided me through the university, showing me pictures of Pokemon I have never seen before. One of them was a blue moth. That blue colour reminded me of the toxic mist we have been experimenting with, though I cannot be sure; it was but a picture. The guide, who was a scientist, then told me the history of Logora.

Once upon a time there lived strong Pokemon together with humans in a land which the Logorans look upon as happy and peaceful. However, the native Logorans of that time, known as the Tanoby, went on an exodus and disappeared suddenly. Perhaps this was due to an earthquake or other disasters. They left behind architecture and science which are impressing to the New Logorans.

A group of revivalists, only known as the Revivalists, are trying to solve the mystery of the ancient Pokemon and revive them. Their members could be found in Etaoin City, which is not far from Versorecto. The scientist mentioned that the Revivalists were involved in an incident there, but he was reluctant to speak about it. I am not surprised; revivalists do cause one trouble after another. Likely they have revived some ancient monster they were later forced to destroy.

The tour continued, and my guide showed me pictures of artificial Pokemon. There had also been researches on cloning. Apparently, DiCardia was involved in these researches. As I observed the artificial monsters, they were robotic in appearance, resembling metallic reptiles. My first thought was, that this was an army, but I can not find Logora a nation looking for war or fearing to be threatened by such. The reptiles were replicas of ancient Pokemon, and perhaps this was the sole reason for their design and structure.

The guide did not seem to enjoy discussing the Revivalists, so I would waste no time with him. I asked for the fastest route to Etaoin and departed immediately.


The route to Etaoin did not show any matters of interest. I lost sight of the path for a while, having to traverse the rough terrain, meeting many wild monsters. The town of Etaoin could be found on a rocky hill.

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