Another Quick Question
Another Quick Question (I'm full of these).
I was wondering - not that it applies to me in the slightest considering my current adventure progress - whether you would be able to train pokemon you receive at, say Lv. 5, when the rest of your party is Lv. 40. I know wild pokemon are typically set to the level of your party, but things like promotional giveaway pokemon are Lv. 5, aren't they?
Considering the format of the way battles run here, simply recalling a pokemon on the first turn wouldn't work, because actions are typically applied simultaneously as opposed to one-before-the other, so the pokemon would sustain damage before returning. This would mean it would faint (a result of a Lv. 5 being hit by a Lv. 40), and would subsequently receive no experience.
Do Exp. Shares work (or even exist) and if so, how so?
I assume you could also
for lower level pokemon, but that would be a tedious task to level up in a slow-paced TRPG, resulting in many posts devoted to simply having a Pokemon reach the same level as the rest of your party.
I know that this probably applies to nobody so far in this young TRPG, but at least I get it out of my system.
Anybody able to help?
Thank you in advance, because i know it's tedious.
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The only way a pokémon would get hit and knocked out if it was bait-and-switched (sent out, then immediately recalled) would be if the opponent used pursuit. You can therefore level weak pokémon the same way you would in the games. In general I'm not sure what you mean: the battle mechanics here are almost identical to the games, and normal action and speed priority is taken into account as usual; actions are not applied simultaneously in battle.

Experience shares exist and can be bought at the Versorecto Department Store. You need to have three badges to purchase one and can only ever own one.

It's possible to leave a pokémon in the daycare for training the same way it is in the games. You need to have one badge to use this service.
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Daycare, of course!
Anyway, it's not so important at this very early stage in my adventure, but thanks for the reply.
I guess it'll work out when I get to that point.
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