Community Moderator Application
If you've found your way here, then you must be at least the tiniest bit interested in whatever Community Moderators do. But what exactly do they do, first of all?

Community Mod Expectations Wrote:Here at Pokémon Turquoise, our Community Mods have the following main responsibilities.
  • Regulate and produce forum activity and discussion.
  • Encourage people to join the community and become integrated members of Pokémon Turquoise.
  • Enhance community life and friendship among members through the production and enacting of forum events.

That being said, let me give you a few examples of what these events might entail. In recent Turquoise past we've put together events such as the Icon Contest, the Posting Spree event, along with a movie night as well. However, the number of events we've had so far is few, and we'd like to see it grow more and more as time goes on. We'd like to see new ideas coming in and being acted on in each coming day.

That's probably enough insight on the position for now, though. Without further ado, let's continue to the applications

Community Moderator Application

The first part, general information we'll need to know for applicants interested in being Community Mod Applications.

Application Part I Wrote:Questions of Applicant Information
Answer the following questions with as much information as possible, and with honesty and integrity:

1.) How dedicated are you to helping Turquoise prosper as a community and website as a whole? And along with such, how much time will you be able to dedicate to performing your duties as a Community Moderator here?
2.) What are your strong suits and short comings when it comes to being leaders and developers in a community?
3.) What sort of ideas and things can you bring to the Community Mod Team and the forums as a whole?
4.) Have you had any other experiences being moderators at other forums? If so, what kind of responsibilities and duties did you have, and what kind of activities did you head up?

The second part here will have you react to certain scenarios dealing with things you might come across as a Community Moderator.

Application Part II Wrote:Scenario Questions
For the following three questions, answer honestly and completely to give a detailed explanation for what you'd do in the described scenarios.

1.) It's the time of year when we are trying to bring in a new crowd of members to bolster RPG activity more. As community mods, it's your duty to be the first to bring in new members to our family. Describe one way in which you'd help to bring in new users.
2.) So it's the start of school time again and unfortunately, the forums are looking a bit dead (this is hypothetical). Name one or a few ways you'd help to get the discussion forums kickin' again.
3.) One day, you're looking through the forums and come upon a topic where two members have gotten into an argument. However, as the argument gets more heated, the members begin to start flaming one another. How would you handle the situation?

The final part will be your biggest test, creating an event of your own, as you might if you become a community mod.

Application Part III Wrote:The Final Part: Your Big Moment
This is going to be a bit different than a usual mod application you might find. For this section, you will be required to create an event of your own that you would want to introduce here at Turquoise. This includes not only first explaining what the event is, but creating a draft of the topic in which you would announce or have this event take place in. Be creative, and reasonable as well. Whatever you suggest should be feasible and actually able to be put into place. And for all you know, it might be your first event to head up if you are chosen to be a community moderator.

Go ahead and send in your applications now via private message to myself, Skyler, Phoenxsong, and Dragonfire (or at least two of us). Applications will be carefully looked at upon their receiving, and will either be approve or denied upon our judgement. If approved, we will attempt to make an announcement within a reasonable amount of time, or will notify you of being put on a waiting list if we aren't in need of extra staff at the time.

Thank you, and good luck!
The Turquoise Staff Team
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