I've seen the light type mentioned a few times on the wiki but there are no light-type pokemon. So is that going to be taken out or is it going to be changed to the fairy type when we get more info or is it actually going to become a fake type that we use?
Haha, and I had just realized I'd made a mistake and was going around editing all those mentions out >>;

There is no light-type in New Logora and there are no plans to include one. Turquoise's original region, Serekayo, was originally slated to include light, and we had originally gone forward assuming that moves and items relating to that type would be at least partially available in NL while we waited for actual light pokémon to be included in the new regions. Shortly before we opened, though, we decided we'd just wait and see what was going to happen: it seemed pointless to bother when there were no pokémon with that type yet, and yes, on top of that, we're not sure what's going to happen with fairy. I just forgot to clear out some items and some notes in the wiki when light was officially removed and put on hold.

So in a nutshell, you didn't see aaaaanything. *frantic handwave*
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