Such a Beautiful Nightmare
This is an oddball fanfiction I started a few weeks ago. Here's the first chapter. :) I originally wanted take the idea I had in mind and turn it into an RP but... eh, I really just don't have the time for that. So it got turned into this RP.

Such a Beautiful Nightmare

Chapter One

"There's also a new Pokemon coming out in October; wouldn't you like to reserve a copy?"

Poor guy's pushing his sale hard.

Avery smiled, trying to be nice even though her interests had never been in those kiddie Pokemon games. "Donnie, you know I'm not gonna reserve that game,"she said, flicking through the money in her wallet. She pulled out a few crinkled and dingy twenties to pay for her action adventure shooter and held them out to the cashier, who was a heavy set guy with thick curly hair. His name tag at his breast said,"Hi, Welcome to Gamestop! My Name is Donald!"

"Ave! Com'on,"he said, taking the money with pudge fingers. "You've never seen a game like this one though. Its going to be epic! Its been in development for the past three years. Its gonna take the gaming industry new places!" His pudgy fingers were agile on the keyboard of his computer; the drawer popped open, revealing the money inside. He quickly flicked out Avery's change while she rolled her eyes.

"Donnie, we have this conversation every time,"she said, voice exasperated. He really was a nice guy; just so stubborn... and way past a little geeky. Pokemon had been around for at least fifteen years and she was sure that Donnie had been interested in it since day one.

"Pokemon... its just not my thing,"she said. "This is little, cutsie creatures kickin' each other's butts. You heal them, you train them... they never die or anything. Its a risk free game. For kids!"

Her change was in her outstretched palm, receit tucked neatly underneath the bills. Donnie was giving up, face pleading. "Com'on though, Ave! This one is really different,"he said, eyes suddenly shining. "They sent me a beta copy, Ave. I haven't... well... haven't tried it yet but I just get a feeling in my gut that its good. For starters, they have a new region-"

Avery rolled her eyes. "They always have a new region,"she interrupted. Her money disappeared into her pocket and she grabbed her game case, baggless. The Gamestop was empty leaving Donnie able to slack off with his best friend. Just walls and walls of games staring down at the pair.

Who floundered at Avery's interruption, clearing his throat and pressing on. "Yeah, okay, there is but they also changed how your starter is chosen,"he continued. "Now your starter can be any Pokemon. Its decided by a sort of quiz-thing you take at the start of the game. First, it decides the type of pokemon then it narrows it down further-"

"Which is all very interesting but doesn't really change my opinion."

"-and the Pokemon... they die now. They're going to advertise this one as a "Pokemon for the adults that have loyally followed us from childhood!" kind of thing. Look, Ave, I really think you'd like it!"

Again, Avery huffed and rolled her eyes, murmurring incoherently under her breath. She looked away from Donnie, mouth no longer smiling; now it was pulled down into a grimace of irritation. Did they really have to have this talk every time she came to buy a new game?

"Com'on, Avery,"Donnie said. "I know your mom and dad didn't like them when you were a kid..."

Her lips thinned at his words.

"... but Pokemon was really great... and I know that you wanted to play when you were younger. The way you stared at my games and my cards..."


She sagged and looked at him. Then she sighed, rubbing her face. "Okay..."she said resignedly. "Which one do you suggest?"

Instantly Donnie perked up, grinning. "How about this?"he said. "How about I lend you the beta?"

Avery's expression crinkled and she jerked her head back. "What? No, Donnie,"she said. "I can't get you into trouble like that-"

"No, no its cool! They won't ever know, Avery. Just let me get it."

Donnie disappeared into the stock room and returned with something like a bluetooth headset in his hand. He held it up to Avery, grinning. "This is brand new technology, Avery,"he said, excitedly. "Virtual reality... You're not just a character; you're you in a whole, open world."

He pressed it into Avery's palm, looking excited and jittery. "Give it a try. I don't think you'll be disappointed!"

Avery glanced at him before looking down at the device, seeming skeptical; someone could just be pulling her poor friend's leg. She sighed then nodded. Guess they'd be pulling hers too.


Avery rushed into her dormitory, the rain outside having soaked her to the bone. She shivered in the air conditioning and reached up a hand to ring out her long, dirty blond pony tail. Her pale skin was even paler under the affects of the cool summer rain and her hoodie was heavy with water. She was leaving puddles. At her hip, her bag was wet but, after a quick investigation, she found that its contents were dry. Now it was just a matter of getting dry herself.

She squelched through the corridor and turned off to a room five doors down. Entering it she came to little more than a bedstead; it was a small room with the essentials. A bed, a desk with a laptop on it, a TV on a stand against the back wall, a dresser, and a window. Sighing, she tugged her bag off and tossed it on the bed before turning to the right and heading for her small bathroom; not before she stopped at the closet to grab a baggy t-shirt.

She dried and changed into the shirt quickly, the clothe swallowing her small form. Gingerly she tugged the ponytail holder from her hair, wincing as it tugged, and tossed it on the desk. She then flopped onto her twin sized bed, hands landing on her thighs. After seeing Donnie, she'd had to rush to her morning classes; they had lasted long into the afternoon. Then there was take out dinner and... the run in the rain back to her school dormitories.

Pale fingers quickly flicked open her bag and she pulled out her books, the new game she bought... and the beta game that Donnie had given her. It was blue and round and looked like it clipped onto the ear. Holding it in her hand, she turned it over, looking it over. There was a button on the opposite side from where it clipped; likely the power button.

She shuffled backwards on her bed and then leaned back against the headboard. No homework tonight... good a time as any to give it a shot.

Delicately, Avery clipped the device to her ear, pushing her hair out of the way. She pressed the button and suddenly her vision went dim. Her heart stopped for a moment frightened by the sudden lost of light... but then it was like she opened her eyes again.

She was standing in the middle of a bustling town. People were walking past her, not even noticing her even though she must have just appeared out of nowhere. There was a crisp, oceanic smell to the air, like sea salt. The sound of waves and the horn of a docking boat told her she was in a port town.

Confused and a little thrown, she stumbled and turned around, looking at the buildings. Most were humble cottages but a few down the road behind her got larger; maybe that area lead into an upper part of town.

The air was warm and overhead, a sea bird called out. It was... was so real. It scared Avery a little, her heart thundering. She bolted, walking in a random direction down the sidewalk. There were no cars which was strange. A town this large, surely people didn't walk everywhere?

She got her answer when, along the cobblestone road-who made roads out of cobblestone anymore?-a carriage passed, being pulled by a horse... on fire. It was large and cream colored with a sharp horn protruding from its head. Its eyes were red and it gave a soft snort to its companion(another of the same kind but of a darker greyish white). And its mane was made of fire. And so was it's tail.

Avery drew in a stuttery breath and continued at a brisk pace, forcing past people and moving away from the fire horse drawn carriage. She came out on a row of docks realized she'd reached the port side of the town. And that was when she was approached by a woman in a long lab coat.

It was a young woman, maybe a few years older than Avery herself, with her brown hair pulled into a tight bun at the back of her head; her bangs hung free and fell elegantly into her face along with a few of lose strands around her face. Her skin was tanned and Avery could only assume she lived around this town; there was likely a lot of beach around the area. And the woman's eyes were a deep green.

"There you are,"she breathed impatiently. "You have to be Avery Month."

She knows my name...?

"U-uh... yes..."Avery answered, uncertain suddenly. Her lips thinned, irritation niggling at her. She was in a strange place with strange fire horses and this lady had the balls to get agitated with here.

"Who are you? And where am I?"

Her voice had gained more confidence and clearly showed her growing anger. The strange woman's face slowly smoothed before forming a slight smile, clearly impressed that Avery was asking questions at all. She folded her arms over her chest and that's when Avery noticed the tattoo on her hand; it was a very large snake coiled around an apple.

"I am Professor Alder,"she said smoothly. "And you're in the Somnia Region. You came here for a Pokemon adventure of epic proportions. I'll be providing you with your starter." The snake hand delved into the front pocket of her coat, her head turning to reveal another snake coiling up from underneath her clothing. It had massive fangs and eyes that seemed to follow people.

From the depths of the pocket, she pulled a small, red and white ball. She pressed a button on the front and it expanded. "Based on your personality and general disposition, your chosen starter was a fighting type; a small, lizard like pokemon called Scraggy." She pressed the button again and the ball clicked open.

Avery watched with some amount of fascination as a a light zipped from the ball and a small, child-like creature appeared before it. It was small, only about a foot and a half tall, with largely pale yellow colors though its bell was a bright red. There was a red spine of the same color on its head, though it was split in two at the end. The creature was wearing what looked like baggy, yellow pants that covered its legs and tail but, upon closer inspection, Avery realized that it was actually scaley skin.

It looked up at Avery with a hard look and frowned, its big, half circle mouth curling. Professor Alder smirked. "Its male, with an observed adamant nature,"she said. "I'm honestly quite happy to be getting rid of him... he likes to brawl with the other Pokemon at my lab."

The Scraggy grunted and crossed his arms over his chest, unabashedly allowing his "pants" to dip lower on his hips. Clearly, he didn't appreciate being passed off to some newcomer. His body language said it in waves and some how, Avery just knew the little turd didn't think her worthy.

Frowning, she looked to Professor Alder; the woman was full on grinning now. "Don't bother trying to swap him out,"she said. "He's your problem now. I've been calling him Wrecker but feel free to change it... it fits his personality." She flippantly flapped out her hands, palms up, and shrugged.

Avery sighed, already feeling a bit of a headache coming on. It was like dealing with a thirteen version of herself...

"His attacks are Low Kick, Leer, and Sand Attack,"Alder continued and Avery tried to commit them to memory. "I also have a pokedex-"a phone like device was deposited into her hands"-and a few empty pokeballs." Five of the red and white balls were passed to her. "I'd keep them in your bag. They'll come in handy..."

The headache was there in full force and Avery glanced behind her. "So where do I go now?"she asked, completely lost.

The grin still in place, Professor Alder answered,"Well, the pokemon league is what most trainers strive for. I suggest bulking Wrecker up first... Here's a map of the Somnia region."

A rolled up scroll was passed to Avery and she opened it to reveal a detailed map with several routes and towns. The Somnia Region appeared to be broken up into three islands; Animus, which covered in mostly forest and grass land and had two very large lakes, Temor, which seemed to be largely desert though there was a small section of snow at the very north, and Hibernus, which seemed to solely be a mountain. There was a strait or channel that cut between Animus and Temor and it looked like, at one time, the region was one whole piece.

The snake hand appeared in Avery's vision again, this time pointing to a rather large port town at the southern part of Animus. "That is where we are,"Alder said. "Its Die Town. To the north is Fictus Town." Her index finger trailed to the right and up in a backwards L to a much smaller town just on the edge of the grass lands.

"That is where the first Gym leader is..."

She pulled her hand away. "I have one more thing,"she said, as Avery closed the map and put it in her bag. Alder had a book in her hand which she held out to Avery. "This is a help book,"she said. "If you get lost, consult it... now I need to get going. I'm expecting an arrival at the port."

She gave Avery the book before turning and walking away. Avery gripped in and glanced around, sighing. At her feet, the diminutive Wrecker was glaring at a small, blue and white bird that was largely all wings, head, and beak. It squawked angrily at him as it kicked up dirt at it before taking flight. Wrecker snickered until Avery bumped him with her foot.

"Don't be a brat,"she grumbled. Wrecker gave her a nasty stink eye before crossing his arms over his chest.

The help book, surprisingly, was very helpful. It explained many of the mechanics of the games, such as, but not limited to, how to get out, how to lose, and how to win. To leave the game, she just had to reach up and act like she was taking her ear piece off. To win, she had to defeat the elite four for the Somnia region and become the Champion. To lose...

She glanced down at Wrecker; to lose all pokemon in her party had to die. She frowned and closed the book; from the looks of it, she'd have a game over in no time. The book disappeared into her bag and the map came back out. Surrounding Die Town was a ring of white beaches called Albus Shore and according to her help book, they were a good place to start at.

"Okay, Wrecker... Lets do a little bit of brawling, hm?"she said, looking down at her small fry partner. "Lets see what you can do."

It was the friendliest look the Scraggy had given her the entire time. The pair set off for the edge of town.
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Woohoo! Way to kick off the library. I really enjoyed reading this and I can't wait for the rest of the story.
Oh, yes. What Daggerstorm said. I would love to continue reading this. Do continue it, please. Whenever you have the time to, of course. Kinda makes me want to believe that something like this technology could be made, minus the pokemon all dying part.

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