Luthire Galeforce

Luthire Galeforce

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Age: 18
Gender: Male
Nickname(s): Lucy, Gale
Affinities: [sp=poison], [sp=dragon], [sp=fire], [sp=light]
Biography: A man of no boundaries, Luthire makes his mark by working hard at everything he does. Among other things, he is a swordsman of great caliber and a scientist at heart. He is a smart and resourceful person, but also overly ambitious and merciless to his enemies. Luthire tends to keep his cool no matter how hot the situation, which had earned him some respect. However, his lack of manners and overly-dramatic personality tend to throw people off.
History: Luthire hails from a land far away, a place where Pokemon is nonexistent. He has traveled out to New Logoran archipelago to learn about Pokemon and how to fight with them. Few people know anything about Luthire's past in his homeland, mostly because he rarely mentions it. Luthire is a childhood friend of Celinda, even though the two could never seem to get along.



Siaz the Lazy (Thunderma) [sp=thunderma]
Siaz enjoys solitude and takes long, undisturbed naps. Upon being disturbed, one can expect a fierce hiss and a display of sharp fangs. When visibly angry, he will chase his antagonizer and attempt to bite. In battle, Siaz lacks a variety of moves to be useful in some situations, though his bulk and tendency to inflict poison with Poison Sting make up for this.

Siaz received the honorary title of "Laziest of them all", when he managed to sit through half of the first gym battle, doing little more than shake his tail at the opponents. He also decided to take a nap halfway through the battle, and was ignored completely for several turns.
Titles: Grumpy, Lazy

Alphonse the Merciless (Sandile) [sp=sandile]
If Siaz is scary, then Alphonse is downright terrifying, eye patch and all. His massive jaws and sharp teeth are intimidating, and when angry, he will attack without warning. He is both stubborn and cruel, and does not hesitate when finishing off his foes. Each victory only increases his strength thanks to his ability Moxie, giving him amazing potential as an attacker. Alphonse is often at odds with Siaz, and the two frequently fight with one another in a contest of reptilian dominance.

Alphonse didn't stand much of a chance during the first gym battle, due to his inferior stats and the foes' attack boosts. Needless to say, this has only made him angrier.
Titles: Merciless

Craid the Apathetic (Skrelp) [sp=skrelp]
This seahorse was given the Luthire as a gift from the Revivalists from Tilnen Island for braving Acoatyl Tower. Passive in nature, Craid tends not to concern himself with anything. Insensitive and a cruel fighter, he is a formidable foe, although his slow speed can sometimes hinder his performance in battle. Not much can be said about Craid, since he doesn't do much, though he seems to like hanging around in murky water.

Craid played a small part in the fight against Nick and Mia, by releasing a smokescreen to lower Dartizel's speed. Luthire used him as bait for Dartizel's pursuit attack, so that it would ignore Rhett. Craid didn't seem to care much.
Titles: Apathetic

Iulia the Underdog (Virlich) [sp=virlich]
Iulia is the light at the end of the tunnel... the flame of hope. She was one of many Virlich handed out during a small festival in Versorecto city. The mysterious woman who was handing them out has yet to be identified, and her motives remain unclear. Iulia is a special attack powerhouse, and her Stoke + Ember combo is more than enough to decimate parties without so much as breaking a sweat. In her free time, Iulia enjoys soap operas and taking long walks on the beach... long floats on the beach? Not really sure.

Iulia was the kingpin to Luthire's victory against Nick and Mia. After losing Craid, Rhett, Alphonse and Siaz from powerful physical attacks, Iulia was sent into battle to take vengeance. With one hit each, she toppled the mighty Loftitan and sent Dartizel flying. But Iulia's winning streak didn't last much longer. After a long and unfavorable struggle, she lost to Pepper. She is currently resting, recovering from the fight.

Titles: Sanguine, Underdog

Tacitus the Depraved (Seviper) [sp=seviper]
Luthire met Tacitus twice on route 616, first on his way to Etaoin, and after his first loss to Celinda. He seems docile, but can he be trusted?
Titles: Depraved

Friends and Acquaintances

Celinda Etaris - Celinda is Luthire's childhood friend, and kinda a big deal. Incredibly bossy and difficult to counter, Luthire tries to avoid her most of the time.

Mysterious Virlich Lady - No one knows who this is, or what her motives are. Presumably Iulia's former owner (OT not recorded).

Norlai - A trainer who files around on his Nahualatu. First seen on Route 616 after Luthire's first loss against Celinda, not much is known about him. Wears a sleeveless black trench coat with a small black hat. He has long, silver hair.

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Celinda Etaris

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Age: 17
Gender: Female
Nickname: Celly
Affinities: [sp=fighting], [sp=steel], [sp=ice], [sp=electric]
Biography: Celinda is Luthire's childhood friend, and main rival. She tends to be bossy and uptight, and is always arguing with Luthire. Despite this, she is kind and highly compassionate towards Pokemon.
History: Celinda was once close friends with Luthire, despite their incompatible upbringings. They were unable to stay in contact for many years, and eventually drifted apart. However, when she heard of Luthire's plans to leave the continent, she decided to follow. What she wants from Luthire is not yet known.

Currently, she is accompanying Luthire oh his journey through Krtsuo island.


[sp=catalcia] [sp=hawlucha] [?]

Leroy the Loyal (Catalcia) [sp=catalcia]
Celinda's original Pokemon, and trustworthy companion. He is reckless in battle, and is quite protective of Celinda. During Celinda's first battle against Luthire on Brol, he was defeated by Luthire's Alys, but since then has improved considerably.

Leroy apparently evolved into a Catalcia sometime before Celinda challenged Nick and Mia. He fought valiantly against Alys, and managed to get past her aggressive demeanor. He is still sore about the entire experience though, and does not understand Alys's unprecedented rage at all.
Titles: Bold, Loyal

Pepper the Fighter (Hawlucha) [sp=hawlucha]
When Celinda received Pepper in a trade, she had never been given an opportunity to battle. Celinda worked hard to bring her up to speed with Leroy, and together they managed to beat Nick and Mia with ease. Pepper continued working hard afterwards, training with Leroy by picking off unsuspecting travelers on Route 616. During the rival battle in Etaoin City Gym, Pepper was able to overwhelm Iulia, giving Celinda the victory.
Titles: Fighter

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