For this thread I thought I'd ask about people's starters in each region. So just go through each generation and choose your favorite starter. You don't even need to have to have played the respective game, just choose your favorite. Please mention gen 6 because I'm curious about everyone's choices there.

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I like fire-types obviously. I don't know what appealed to me with bulbasaur but I chose oshawatt because samurott has giant SHELL SWORDS! So yeah. (No sprites of gen 6 yet)
Charmander - Charizard continues to be one of my favorite pokemon even today. Fire-flying is a pretty sweet combination too.
Cyndaquil - I like all the starters in this generation, but the Cyndaquil line had the most interesting concept.
Mudkip - My favorite starter of all time, and also my first. Mudkip, Marshtomp and Swampert have awesome designs and some nice moves as well.
Turtwig - I stuck with Torterra, though I did like Empoleon as well. Only one of them has a tree on its back though, so the choice is obvious for me.
Tepig - I didn't like any of the 5th gen starters, so I just picked randomly.
Chespin - I'm liking this guy's design so far, and have high hopes that he will evolve into something cool.
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Gen 1 - All of them have appeal to me, but Venusaur and Charizard are generally what I go for, depending on the mood I'm in when I play.
Gen 2 - Feraligatr is a badass.
Gen 3 - Blaziken was the first Pokemon I ever raised to level 100 as well as the only Pokemon I've ever used in a solo Elite Four run. Swampert is also pretty cool.
Gen 4 - Never really liked any of these. I usually picked Piplup because Turtwig and Chimchar were even less appealing, but it still goes in the box pretty quickly.
Gen 5 - Used Samurott in Black and Serperior in Black 2, and I honestly can't decide between them. Samurott probably edges ahead a bit design-wise, but Coil gives Serperior the edge usage-wise.
Gen 6 - I'm still waiting for the evolutions to be revealed before I decide, but the scales are leaning toward Fennekin.
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Gen 1 - Charmander. What can I say? Charizard is just classic.
Gen 2 - I don't really like any of the starters in this gen. Usually pick cyndaquil.
Gen 3 - If I had to pick only one starter out of all the starters for all the gens, treecko would be it.
Gen 4 - I initially went with chimchar, but after getting a turtwig via GTS I found that I really do prefer it. I actually like all of the starter line designs here, more or less, but torterra was definitely the most fun for me to actually play with.
Gen 5 - Snivy, though I overall wasn't blown out of the water with this gen's designs.
Gen 6 - Not gonna choose for sure until I know the evolutions. Based only on the base forms, chespin.
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Gen 1- Charmander or Bulbasaur depending on mood. Usually Charmander.
Gen 2- CYNDAQUIL MY LOVE! ...was that out loud?
Gen 3- Love them all, so going to say Treecko as base and Swampert as final.
Gen 4- Piplup. Not a fan over-all of Gen 4, but I love Piplup to death.
Gen 5- Osha oshawott! I love its concept so much. It should have been water/fighting instead of Tepig getting Fire/Fighting...
Gen 6- Based on base forms, Fennekin. Will depend on the evos though.
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Bulbasaur- I have to say I'm a sucker for grass types. Plus, Ivysaur's design is pretty cool.
Totodile- Crocodile~ And also great movepool.
Treecko- Okay, not a fan of the final evolution, but Treecko and Grovyle are cool. Always loved Ash's Treecko in the show.
Turtwig-This dude. Resistance to fire and earthquake=yes.
Snivy- Anybody remember when this used to be called smugleaf? I do. Serperior is a great pokemon, no matter what smogon says.
Croakie- Proobably. Is the prospect of a water/flying or water/fairy final evolution not getting to anybody?
Gen I -- Must say Charmander or Bulbasaur. Never once used Squirtle, though I still love him more than some pokemon, and I'm leaning more towards Charmander because Charizard can fly and Venusaur looks kind of ugly and gross, though all three starters are adorable.

Gen II -- Never used Totodile because I didn't like him that much. Though he was cute, I remember not liking him because he was really stupid in the anime. Chikorita I used a few times but I always restarted my game when I had to beat my rival at Azalea town because I kept losing. So, this leaves Cyndaquil, which is cute at the start and awesome at the end so he is my favourite.

Gen III -- Between Torchic and Treeko. I used Mudkip a few times and got far with him but he wasn't my favourite. Also, with Treeko I always lost to my rival (again) when underneath the bike bridge thing on the way to the city with the Electric Type gym. Also, not a big fan of the final evolution. Torchic all the way! Fire/Fighting = best combination ever. Plus, Blaziken could know some flying moves and I found that pretty sick.

Gen IV -- I liked all of them, though I used Chimchar the most. All three starters start out adorable and later turn out to be badass. I guess Blaziken just made me fall in love with the fire/fighting types so Chimchar is my favourite, though the others are a close second.

Gen V -- I chose Snivy for my Black and White 1 game because I thought her to be the coolest; however, I like Oshawott more because he looks like a freaking ninja in his second evolution and he goes from adorable to kickass, giant water pokemon with a horn and a sword. Tepig I just... a wrestler? Seriously? Oshawott should've been a water/fighting because he has freaking sword. The only one I like in Tepig's evolutionary line is Tepig itself. Snivy and Serperior are awesome, though it was hard to beat Cheren on one of the battles (I managed it though!). Oshawott is my favourite though.

Gen VI -- Honestly, I am waiting for their final evolutions before I make a solid decision. Based on their types, and what their second types appear to be, I chose Chespin or Fennekin. Froakie just looks to fluffy and I pray that he turns out to be badass otherwise I will never ever EVER like him. The only aspect I like of Froakie is the fact that he may be Water/Fighting, based on gameplay footage of him doing a fighting move. I like Chespin because he is cute but if he doesn't turn out to be cool and weird looking, as I imagine him to turn out with like spikes coming out of him everywhere, then Fennekin will be my favourite. I do like Chespins might be typing though (Grass/Dark). So far, I've lent most towards Fennekin because I find her to be cute and sort of a different kind of Vulpix/Ninetails thing, which are pretty much my favourite. Plus she may be Fire/Psychic and that typing seems awesome.
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Gen 1: I don't really like any of the originals (Yes, I don't, now kill me already), but I usually go with Charmander
Gen 2: Chikorita is crappy, Totodile doesn't fit me much, Cyndaquil remains as the only reasonable choice.
Gen 3: Treecko. For Grovyle's sake.
Gen 4: Tough choice actually, but I find Torterra line the most fitting for my playstyle.
Gen 5: Snivy. Beacause fabulous.
Gen 6: Probably Fennekin, since it's a good early game choice, and looks hella cute.
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I: Charmander because adorable dragon. I have only had this choice in X/Y, however. Blastoise is close second; the Saurs are ugly as all hell.
II: Totodile, because he's an adorable crocodile. Chikorita + evos looks ridiculous and Cyndaquill just doesn't do it for me, despite my love of Fire types.
III: Purely hypothesis at this point as I have yet to play any game, fan or official, set in Hoenn. I'd go for Treecko because Grovyle. But, in all honesty, I don't like any of the Hoenn starters.
IV: Again, entirely hypothetical. I'm not terribly fond of the Sinnoh starters, but I'd rather them over the Hoenn ones any day (Turtwig is sorta cute). I'd go for Piplup because Empoleon, but Chimchar'd be sorta good because Infernape.
V: Normally, I hate the Grass starter and like the Fire starter. Unova flips this on its head. When I first got White, I chose Tepig because fire. Then I caught a Throh, soloed Lenora, and dumped the Tepig into the PC never to be seen again. A bit later, I did some research after beating the game and recoiled in horror at the godawful bipedal-wrestler-pig thing that was Emboar. I was hoping it could at least become a majestic beast like Ganon! Alas, no, but I saw Serperior and Samurott and I saw that they were good. And I can never decide betwenn Solid Snivy and Revolver Oshawott.
VI: Hands down Fennekin. Fire type, adorable, becomes a majestic Psychic witch-oracle. Amazing. Chespin is terrible. Froakie is cute but Greninja lost all appeal the day I found out its scarf was its TONGUE. Fennekin, and nothing else.
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I: Hmm... Bulbasaur. I don't see the appeal in Charmander, and though I love Squirtle and its mega evo, gotta give it to the bulb.
II: Honestly, not a fan of any of the starters, but if I had to pick, Chikorita, because Bayleef is freaking adorable.
III: Now here's a toughie. Kung fu chicken nugget or or buff mudfish that's obviously not a fish. I think I have to go with Mudkip in the end. More out of nostalgia than anything. Shame the mega has such a crap ability.
IV: Turtwig. Screw the others.
V: Oshawott. Dewott is awesome. Samurott was disappointing though. Why were you not a bipedal samurai?!
VI: Not a big fan of these starters either, but I guess I'll go with Froakie.
I: Charizard is cool and all, but I enjoyed using Bulbasaur the most out of the three.
II: Cyndaquil, just because it was my first Pokemon. Chikorita was too tanky for my tastes and a physical based Water-type back then wasn't that great.
III: Mudkip, since Swampert's only weakness to Grass was great. Blaziken was pretty cool, but Combusken looked too weird to me.
IV: Infernape, because Iron Fist and Sun Wukong. I liked the designs for Empoleon and Torterra though.
V: Snivy, so smug and Contrary Leaf Storm was too much fun. I like Oshawott's line too though.
VI: I love how they went with the warrior-wizard-thief archetype, but I'll have to pick Froakie because of Greninja and Protean.
1) It depends on the playthrough, but either Bulbasaur or Squirtle. I really like both of them and it's tough to choose.
2) I don't know what six-year-old!Flora was thinking when she saw a tiny crocodile and said "YES I WANT THAT" but whatever it was, it was genius. I was really attached to my Feraligatr.
3) Actually I wanted Torchic, but being one of three sisters who all want to play Pokemon and decided "LET'S GET DIFFERENT STARTERS," I got saddled with Treecko, which is funny cause now Treecko's one of my favorites.
4) I originally got Chimchar but I actually like Turtwig more!
5) OSHAWOTT. Hands down. Don't get me wrong the other two are great but I love Oshawott.
6) I don't know why, but I looked at Froakie and thought "yes I want this" and that Greninja and I have gone far.
So, tallying this entire thread's favourites:
I: Bulbasaur with eight 'favourite' mentions. Charmander is close with 7, though.
II: Cyndaquil's seven mentions makes it a clear winner.
III: Treecko's six puts it as this thread's favourite.
IV: Turtwig has six while both the others have 3 or less. I think we know who won here.
V: Oshawott beats Snivy by 1! Nobody likes Tepig.
VI: Fennekin is the favourite, but based almost entirely on pre-release teasers!
This often catches me out, too, but Xander the Crocoal is female.
Avi by DevArt user DragonA7X, taken from here. Free to use.
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1. I honestly don't know. I used all three through various FireRed runs as a child, and I can't really decide which I like better.
2. Cyndaquil. Typhlosion is a pretty cool thing to use. Other two are also pretty awesome though.
3. Torchic by a long shot. Blaziken is my favourite Pokemon, so I'll just about always pick Torchic when I get the chance. Plus, Blaziken was the first starter to be called Uber by Smogon.
4. Turtwig. I really like Torterra's design, and it gets Earthquake really early, at Lv. 32, right after evolving, if I recall correctly.
5. Snivy. Yeah, yeah, Smugleaf and all that. The other two starters never really did it for me, and I especially disliked Emboar for being the third Fire/Fighting starter in a row, trying to steal the glory from my precious Blaziken. I hated Infernape for much the same reasons as in Gen 4 it was basically Blaziken but better.
6. Chespin/Froakie. I was originally going to use Chespin because I like Chesnaught's design, but switched to Froakie because I also wanted to use the gift Torchic and I didn't want to double up on types. Greninja turned out pretty cool, and is also the 2nd Uber starter, I think. So far water is the only starter type that hasn't been my first choice.
Oh, what's this, what's this? Oh, this is actually kind of difficult. Gen 1 would be Charmander It' classic ( and yes, adorable), and I love lizards, plus there's fire. The gen 1 starters are nice in their basic forms, but I think was about it. Charizard all the way. : )

Gen 2 is a tie. I love the Cyndaquil line, though I had wished that Typhlosion had stayed on all fours. The Chikorita line is cute, can't remember how useful they were, but I still liked them. The Totodile line was always useful, and it is still awesome. I suppose, that while I like all of them, it would be a tie between fire and water. x3

Gen 3 is the Mudkip line, hands down. I like the Treecko line and its looks, and Mega Sceptile's design is the best out of the three, but it's grass type and I know how many weaknesses they have. Torchic is cute, but I didn't really like the rest of the line.

Gen 4, like others is a bit "meh". I don't like Chimchar at all, and I'd normally go with either Turwig or Piplup. I think I had an easier time going through the game with Torterra? I can't remember... But, grass v.s. water, here.

Gen 5 was a bit of the same as gen 4. Yes, nobody likes the Tepig line, is right. XD I went with Oshowatt, because, water type, but I think I'd have to go with the Snivy line instead. I haven't played it through with the grass starter yet, but I think Snivy has my vote for this one.

And finally,Gen 6 is Fennekin, hands down. I wasn't much interested in Froakie's line, and Chespin just, kinda, turned me off. So I went with the fox. You can't go wrong with a fox, and I thought I was right. When Braixen evolved into Delphox, I thought I had the best starter, even without taking peeks at information on serebii and just playing the game blind, like the good old days. x3

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