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I have quick idea. It popped into my head while reading Sunday's newsletter. How about a timeline? Turquoise has a lot of history already, and with this new chapter, I think it'd be cool to record each milestone event, and smaller events, down in a specific thread. The purpose would just be for nostalgic value, looking back at what we were, what we are that day, and what we may be heading towards in the future.

Just for an example, here is a sketch of it. Now, you can make it as pretty as you want, I'm just typing a list here basically.

June 16th, 2013: Pokemon Turquoise officially opens on it's new myBB home, and members begin to join the Beta TRPG ; RPG Moderator Applications are also opened ;
June 23rd, 2013: Te-em is accepted and promoted officially as the first Turquoise TRPG Moderator for the first time in 2 years ; The Opening Month Posting Spree begins ; RPG Moderator Applications are extended to an open date, to be determined when there are a sufficient amount of RPG Moderators

Now, obviously it'd vary in info. Perhaps you all would prefer to include more info on other topics, or leave other things out. It'd be entirely up to the community to figure out. You all want to write down that historic day that Turquoise did this, this, and that? Very well, go do it!

I don't know where I'm going with this, except that it's just a thread with dates. Some may care, some may not. I personally would find it cool and somewhat fascinating to look at the past in one thread and see what all has happened. Is it because I'm a history freak? Probably. But if there are others out there that'd enjoy this too, why not give it a try?

So yeah, that's my two cent idea that could either bang or bust. Opinions, hate comments, peace offerings, words of wisdom? Please do post some criticism on the idea!
Seems like something that would work well on the wiki; it'll be a little more visible than a thread, especially to new people, and should make it easier to maintain as well. I think it's definitely a good idea; for any sort of site that's around long enough to develop its own "lore," this kind of thing is definitely nice to have, again especially for new players, who weren't there to see things happen in the first place.

I think it might be nice to keep up a "story timeline" as well to keep track of various in-character RP events, point to important plot-related threads, and so on. Having modded for an RP that's going on eight years old, I can say it would be really nice to have some sort of centralized resource that goes over things like when a particular character was introduced; as it is if you need to learn anything about a particular event or character's role in it you have to read back through a lot of threads which, while not altogether unpleasant because they're usually pretty entertaining, is certainly time-consuming. As there's much less cross-talk between players' journeys here, that's probably less of a concern, but if that sort of thing turns out to be important in the future, it would be nice to start out with some organization rather than trying to impose it later on. Additionally, it would provide a nice way to give people who write particularly engaging story threads some recognition and serve as a small bit of advertising for anyone who might be interested in the RP and checking out the wiki--"see, here are some examples of the kinds of fun stories people can tell here."
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There's already a bit of history information in the About section of the wiki, so a forum/community timeline is something we could easily add to that if there's enough interest.

I would also like to add a timeline or other reference to important official in-RP happenings; expanding that to include a selection of player thread highlights (or having a second, separate page for them) is certainly doable as well.

Thanks for the suggestions—definitely something to look into moving forward!
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