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Random Pokémon Generator
I'll make a bit of a change here and say that you can replace members of your rematch team with fully-evolved members of your original team if you want.
Here's what I got:

Number of Pokémon: 3
Type: Poison
[Image: 453.png][Image: 269.png][Image: 88.png]

I reckon I'd be pretty early game, probably the second gym, with the Croagunk as my ace.

My gym puzzle would be a logic-based one, there would be several platforms floating on sludge on the way to me, but only one would be stable and allow you to cross. Trainers you defeat give you hints as to which platform is the correct one once defeated.
Rewards: TM09 Venoshock, Sludge Badge
Battle Music: Killed by 8R8K Spider!!!!!!!!

Pre-battle: So you made it past my platforms... very well! I will show you the power of seeping poison!
Super effective: Nothing can slow the poison!
Last Pokémon: It's too late to try and stop me! The poison is already at work!
Last weak: Could it be? Is the poison... failing?
I win: Poison claims another victim!
I lose: Who could have thought you'd overcome my poison?
Rematch: I see you're back again. Prepare to feel the seeping poison!

Rematch Team:
[Image: 169.png][Image: 34.png][Image: 454.png][Image: 94.png][Image: 89.png][Image: 269.png]
Number of pokemon: 6
Type: Flying
[Image: 397.png] [Image: 426.png] [Image: 193.png] [Image: 581.png] [Image: 441.png]

Apparently late game flying gym. Dragonite is likely my ace.
Gym Puzzle would be like the Trick Master's riddle room and Blaine's gym, but actually difficult questions and riddles.

Pre-battle: So you can think on your feet, but can you think in the air? Let's go!
Super effective: That's not enough to ground us!
Last Pokémon: I was hoping it wouldn't come to this... But its time to take you out of the sky!
Last weak: How... how could you clip our wings?
I win: Guess you couldn't face the sky.
I lose: We need to rethink our strategy.
Rematch: Welcome back! You won't clip our wings so easily this time!

Rematch team:
[Image: 169.png] [Image: 373.png] [Image: 166.png] [Image: 630.png] [Image: 398.png] [Image: 130.png]
[sp=osgrave] [sp=ibazel] [sp=distrike] [sp=arctangel] [sp=cerisol] ( [sp=paracordis] () [sp=vaquerado] )
Number of Pokemon: 3
Type: Water
[Image: 8.png] [Image: 367.png] [Image: 340.png]

Kind of early game with whiscash definitely being my ace.
Puzzle would be and artificial beach with machines to control the tide guarded by trainers. You would need to bring the tide down the walk across certain areas until you get to the gym leader on a floating platform.
Rewards: TM03 Water Pulse Persistance Badge
Battle Music: Wasted Time by The Eagles

Pre-battle:"Water can wear down mountains. Do you really think you stand a chance?"
Super effective:"You can't slow down our unstoppable waves!"
Last pokemon:"Be prepared for the final wave!"
Last weak:"But our waves can't be stopped!"
I win:"Now you understand the futility of fighting the waves."
I lose:"How could you stop us?"
Rematch:"Our waves have gotten stronger, you won't stop us now."

Rematch Team:
[Image: 9.png][Image: 340.png][Image: 171.png][Image: 367.png][Image: 141.png]

(Since it gave me sharpedo I just decided to evolve it for this forum)
Number of Pokemon: 4
Type: Steel
[Image: 632.png][Image: 374.png][Image: 476.png][Image: 530.png]

Probably near the middle/end, Excadrill being the ace. Gym would be a sorta magnet-chrome setup in which the character steps off of high platforms onto U-shaped magnets/compasses that move/switch direction when activated to reach the Gym Leader on a hovering platform.
Rewards: TM74 Gyro Ball, Chrome Badge
Battle Music: Professor Layton's Theme (Prof. Layton & the Curious Village)

Pre-battle: "Do you think you can really rough the dangers of heavy metal? Take this!"
Super effective: "Can you take the steel's bite?"
Last pokemon: "Time for my loose cannon!"
Last weak: "I guess my loose cannon turned out to be a glass cannon."
I win: "Nothing can withstand the cutting edge of steel pokemon!"
I lose: "Ah.. My steel has been forged into a weapon of failure..."
Rematch: "Ah, we meet again! Ready to withstand the heavy rock of my metal?"

Rematch Team:
[Image: 212.png][Image: 395.png][Image: 306.png][Image: 376.png][Image: 476.png][Image: 530.png]
Number of Pokémon: 3
Type: Fighting
[Image: 056.png] [Image: 068.png] [Image: 500.png]

Hmm maybe 4rd gym?. Emboar my ace probably

A filed where if you step on the wrong plate you get a punch and a trainer battle. They will then help you guide through the Dojo gym.
Rewards: Either Brick Break, or Focus Blast... Karate Badge

Pre-battle: Resisting those punches your strong, but I won't go easy!!!
Super effective: Taking the easy route, huh? You white belt!
Last Pokémon: This one will kick your butts!
Last weak: It can't be my strength I am failing.
I win: I told you my punches were hard, go train more boy.
I lose: My muscles are sore..
Rematch: I see you're back again. Ready to lose now?

Rematch Team:
[Image: 475.png] [Image: 297.png] [Image: 257.png] [Image: 538.png] [Image: 454.png] [Image: 448.png]
Number of Pokémon: 5
Type: Electric

[Image: 618.png] [Image: 311.png] [Image: 523.png] [Image: 135.png] [Image: 26.png]

So, judging on this team I'm gonna guess I'm towards the late game.

My puzzle would be that you need to navigate an abandoned power plant, and in order to power up various engines throughout the building, you need to beat trainers to flip on the power switches. Once a few of the switches have been turned on you can access my room.

Pre-Battle: Think you can shock me with your team? Try me.
Super Effective: Feel the power surge through your pokemon!
Last Pokemon: Time to zap you once and for all!
Last Weak: I guess we didn't have a good charge.
I win: I told you the electricity running through my pokemon were too strong for your's.
I lose: I guess the currents running through your pokemon are stronger than mine.
Rematch: Ready to get vaporized by my re-energized pokemon?!

Gym Music: Gold Pilot

Rematch Team: [Image: 618.png] [Image: 310.png] [Image: 171.png] [Image: 181.png] [Image: 604.png] [Image: 596.png]
[Image: Ventus_Signature_by_Zierou.jpg]
[Image: OrangeIslandsSig_zps426f040b.png]
Number of Pokemon: 2
Type: Ice
[Image: 124.png] [Image: 459.png]

My puzzle is you're on an icy cliff, and you must choose the correct ledge to jump on to, or else you fall all the way back down to the start, where trainers are found in abundance. When you enter the gym you are one level above the floor of trainers, so if you can choose all the correct ledges, you can reach the end without fighting a trainer.

Pre Battle: All pokemon are beautiful, really. But there's a certain aspect of ice type pokemon that draw me in. I can't explain it, they just dazzle me-they ooze cool! They chill me to the bone! What about you?
Super Effective: Brr! Cold, isn't it!
Last Pokemon: I'll leave you shivering for mercy!
Last Weak: I need a coat...
Win: Nothing can top the frostbite of ice pokemon!
Lose: You've tamed the snow, my friend.
Rematch: My new team of strong pokemon are going to freeze you with surprise!

Rematch Team:
[Image: 460.png] [Image: 471.png] [Image: 131.png] [Image: 473.png] [Image: 461.png] [Image: 614.png]
[Image: tumblr_mgjwxeO5E51r97ze7o1_500.gif]
Number of Pokemon: 4
Type: Psychic
[Image: 605.png][Image: 282.png][Image: 337.png][Image: 64.png]

I think I'd be pretty late in the game, Gardevoir being my ace because Ralts and their evolutions are the best! xD

My gym would be rather simple. It would be a bunch of teleport pads that you have to take in the right order, otherwise you get sent back to the beginning. yeah, i know. Sabrina had a gym just like this. However, you have to beat a trainer in a certain amount of turns that the gym leader predicted. Stole this from the Perfect Prediction mission. The trainer your battling would say something like "<insert gym leaders name here> predicted you would come. You must beat me within x turns in order to move on. Can you do it?" If you don't beat them within those turns, you suddenly get teleported back to the beginning.

Pre-battle: So, your finally here <insert player name here>? Surprised that I know your name? Don't be. My predictions are never wrong.
Super Effective: You efforts are fruitless. I predicted that move yesterday.
Last Pokemon: You may think you have me beat; but, like I said, I know the outcome of this battle and I'm not worried one bit.
Last Weak: Hm, this is new. Could it be...? No. My psychic prowess is perfect.
Win: I told you. My predictions are never wrong.
Lose: Wha...? This can't be... I was... wrong?
Rematch: So, your back? This time, you will not beat my prediction.

Rematch Team:
[Image: 475.png][Image: 282.png][Image: 344.png][Image: 121.png][Image: 606.png][Image: 122.png]

I'm so happy! Gardevoir AND Gallade! <3 <3 <3

Gym Music: purposefully randomized on Itunes on a Pink playlist of her newest album x3 oopsies. The Truth About Love Weirdest music ever...
[Image: sukibanner.png]

Dream Team

Number of Pokemon: (Aw great) 2
Type: (Better) Rock
[sp=lairon] [sp=male]     [sp=male]

Perhaps 3rd-5th gym?
Err... Puzzle? Probably loads of rocks to move (with strength), with holes to push them into. One route of pushing leads right to the leader, but pushing the wrong rock the wrong way could end up with you battling numerous trainers.

Pre-battle: My aim as a gym leader is to test you in every way imaginable. My Pokemon and I plan to do that! I want to be a rocky cliff face for you to try to scale!
Super-effective: My rock-types can bare any attacks you have!
Last Pokemon: You stand no chance! My sturdy Rock-types aren't beat yet!
Last Weak: No! C'mon _______ (Pokemon) hang in there!
Win: My cliff was too steep to overcome!
Lose: Obviously the slope was too gentle!
Rematch: You come again? No matter, the sturdiness of my partners will no longer be defeated!

Rematch Team:

[sp=aggron] [sp=male]     [sp=male]
.jpeg   download.jpeg (Size: 1.41 KB / Downloads: 134) [sp=male]
.png   Spr_4p_464_m.png (Size: 1.56 KB / Downloads: 135) [sp=female] [sp=dybelial] * [sp=male]     [sp=female]

*Didn't randomise him (obviously)
I chose genders for the hell of it.

How do you guys get the pictures done well n' stuff. And I could only upload 5 pictures anyway? Could somebody please enlighten me.
Formerly akg377

[Image: LeBron-James-Dunk-on-Jason-Terry.gif]
Alright so my team would possibly be early in the game, if I ever owned a Gym... which I highly doubt I would but here is what I got for my own team:

Original Team:

Pokémon Name Type
Turtwig #387 - Turtwig grass
Torterra #389 - Torterra grass ground
Gloom #44 - Gloom grass poison
Oddish #43 - Oddish grass poison

(Hopefully the image's come through since I am still new to this site)

My badge would be the Ranger badge.

The gym would have leaves falling from the ceilings and would have wild pokemon battles with a few trainer battles, it would consist of pressure plates that would instantly activated traps in the Gym that you would need to avoid and dodge.

My back up team would be

Pokémon Name Type
Shedinja #292 - Shedinja bug ghost
Duskull #355 - Duskull ghost
Gourgeist #711 - Gourgeist ghost grass
Golett #622 - Golett ground ghost

and that would be it, simple but awesome. :) anyway, I don't find myself leading a Gym, just thought it would be fun to post here to see what would take for it. :D
Number of Pokémon: 5

Type Specialty: Ghost

Team: Gym: Let's fill the Gym with very, very thick fog and put no lighting in it. Then, put in multicolored beam-lights that pierce through the fog somewhat, coloring them but nor vaporizing them. If you make a wrong turn or step, you run into a Gym Trainer, who will promptly battle you. If you talk to them after defeating them, they'll give you instructions on how to progress: however, there are two exits (one with Trainers and one without), and the Gym Trainers only guide you through the one with Trainers. Sounds confusing, but it really isn't.

Gym Music: Let it Be. Considering the song's inspiration, not a bad pick at all...

Uh oh, this next part has puns...
Actually got a good set this time.
? // ?[url=][/url]
If I made a gym, it would be larger than those in the games, which I think are small. Perhaps more like a dungeon in LoZ. There would be puzzles and enemies to fight. I also would like to base the gym Pokemon on a theme rather than a type.

Space theme: [Image: 462MS.png][Image: 606MS.png] Malamar from XY
Perhaps Ledian too.

If the theme leans toward biology as well, then this Pokemon can be included [Image: 579MS.png]

Sleep theme: [Image: 518MS.png][Image: 097MS.png][Image: 143MS.png][Image: 040MS.png]([Image: 491MS.png] not typically a gym leader Pokemon)

This makes the gyms more difficult to challenge. A fighting-type Pokemon can't do it alone at the sleep gym. Dark Pokemon will also have resistance due to the fairy Pokemon included.
This looks pretty fun, actually! Fair warning, most of my music is from various video, I like music a lot so I randomised three different tracks: one for the main gym theme, one for against the trainers, one for against the leader herself. Also, being unfamiliar with Blue and actually kinda liking Fairy-type, I changed 18 to mean Fairy.

Number of Pokemon: 6.
---The full six, right off the bat. This isn't so much 'Gym Leader' as 'Elite 4'...

Type speciality: Fire.
---Okay, that is awesome.

Gym BGM: Stone Tower BGM, from LoZ: Majora's Mask.
---That...what. Alright then, the second half of the gym will have the Upside Down Stone Tower BGM as its BGM.
Trainer battle BGM: Battlerock BGM, from Super Mario Galazy.
---Makes a little more sense than Stone Tower.
Leader battle BGM: Skyfall, by Within Temptation.

Leader's Initial Team: Ponyta, Charmeleon, Darumaka, Simisear, Magmar, Heatmor.
---Magmar's the ace in this one.

Leader's Rematch Team: Rapidash, Houndoom, Delphox, Camerupt, Arcanine, Charizard.
---Charizard's the ace, especially since he'll turn to Mega-Charizard X mid-fight.

Leader quotes:
~~~Start of battle: Ready for a fight? Well SO ARE WE!
~~~Start of battle (rematch): Ready for a fight? Well, WE AIN'T SUCH PUSHOVERS THIS TIME!
~~~When hit with supereffective: Ouch! Clearly, you fight smart.
~~~When hit with supereffective (rematch): Fight smart all you like, but sheer power can overcome this time!
~~~Last Pokemon: Hah! You're so close!
~~~Last Pokemon (rematch): Hah! Let's see you beat THIS ONE!
~~~Final is in red: Let the skyfall! When it crumbles, we will face it all together!
~~~Final is in red (rematch): ACK! How did you do that?!
~~~Defeated: Nicely! Consider this test passed.
~~~Defeated (rematch): Wha-? H-how...?
~~~Victorious: Well...I was honestly expecting better...
~~~Victorious (rematch): Don't feel too bad. Few can, in fact, beat my best team.

Rewards: Cinder badge. The leader doesn't really go in for TMs, and thus doesn't have any to give.

This fire gym is the final gym faced, but it's game's storyline is beaten between the final gym and the elite four. Thus, this gym provides an epic buildup to the culmination of the storyline.
Puzzle-wise, it is fairly dark and you have to avoid the (admittedly small) sight of the many trainers to reach the end without getting molested, unless you actually WANT to fight them. Unlike the Rock gym in X/Y, you can go back and beat all the trainers you missed if you want at any time, even after the leader.
Once at the halfway mark, there is a brief single puzzle around lighting eight torches in the correct order. There are eight trainers around the torches who will give you a number that corresponds to where in the order you need to light the torch they are standing next to, but they won't challenge you unless you actually talk to them. Once the puzzle is solved, in deference to the Gym BGM, the ENTIRE GYM (except the room you're in) will turn upside down. Yes, I'm serious.
One more stealth/battle royale section later, you run down a staircase and encounter the gym leader who acts very much like a Bond villain. Then she admits she's a Bond movie fan who was just kidding, and the battle starts!
This often catches me out, too, but Xander the Crocoal is female.
Avi by DevArt user DragonA7X, taken from here. Free to use.
'...No matter what you do or what you become: You are nothing less than beautiful.'--SCP-1342
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[Image: 76561198157421562.png]
Number of Pokemon: 3

Gym Type: Flying (I changed up the rules to include Fairy which would've been number five since the list went alphabetically)

Gym Region: (1. National, 2. Kanto, 3. Johto, 4. Hoenn, 5. Sinnoh, 6. Unova, 7. Kalos, 8. Choose) Hoenn

Gym Setup: You'd enter the gym, have this weirdo dude, and then jump onto a flying pokemon. You'd then fly through rings to get points and if you don't get enough points or miss too many rings the bird flips around, dumping you off it's back to land on a fluffy cloud like thing. You then have to make your way back to the beginning, battling trainers along the way and try again. There's three checkpoints and you restart at the nearest checkpoint to make it less tedious. Eventually, after passing all three, you run into the gym leader and must fight a sky battle while flying on the bird. In other words, flying types only for the gym battle.

Gym BGM: Classic by MKTO
Trainer BGM: Popular Song by Ariana Grande & MIKA
Leader BGM: Holy Grail by Justin Timberlake

Those team matchups you have...see, that's what's wrong with randomising. See, what kind of idiot gym leader would have a SALAMENCE in the first team and change it out for something FAR weaker for the rematch?!
This often catches me out, too, but Xander the Crocoal is female.
Avi by DevArt user DragonA7X, taken from here. Free to use.
'...No matter what you do or what you become: You are nothing less than beautiful.'--SCP-1342
'One voice is small, but the difference between zero and one is as great as one and infinity.'--SCP-1281
[Image: 76561198157421562.png]
Number of PKMN:6(More than i hoped for, but I don't complain)
Type specialization: Mixed (Meh... Not really that well, but...)
Team for initial battle: Steelix, Lapras, Hippowdon, Shelgon, Dragalge, Noivern.(OK... That is acctually a pretty neat team... Last gym, I think. Randomizer, don't give me crap in rematch, could you? Noivern being the ace.)
Soundtracks(I considered three(Or acctually four in my case) tracks, like Kathira did, more interesting and composed better with the gym.)
In-gym soundtrack(Upper floors): Drake's Theme(Uncharted: Drake's Fortune)
In-gym soundtrack(Lower floors): Metal Gear Solid Theme(Metal Gear Solid 3 version)
Trainer Battle soundtrack: R/S/E Openig Theme
Leader Soundtrack: Ed Sheeran - I see fire
(Not bad... Not even Bad...)

Gyme Interior: So, at the beginning there is a small room with two staircases and locked door... And no Clyde-like guy. Just a random moomoo milk. Within the upper staircase there are acctual ancient ruins, adapted to the purpose of being a gym, and the bottom floors are some sort of lovechild of villian base and japanese maze. All of them(There are 3 floors on each side) are filled with trainers, random encounters (Unescapable explosion Gigaliths) and traps(Elevators to random upper floors appearing out of nowhere, teleport's to second end of map, and giant balls fainting one of your pokemon by random). And all of it while trying to catch a moving to different spots on different floors Honchkrow, holding a key to the locked door where leader(Moi) resides.

He gives away the perception badge, as well as a random TM you don't have. And no money.

Team(Rematch):Swampert, Lucario, Tyrantrum, Delphox, Steelix, Ampharos(Mega)
Pokemon #: 6
Type: Ground
Whiscash, Garchomp, Nidoqueen, Golurk, Sandslash, Claydol

Battle Music:

(Slipknot "The Devil In I")

The puzzle would be going on a mine cart through a dark room. If you see another Trainer, you have to battle them.

I'd give the Terra Badge and the TM for Earthquake.
Number of Pokemon: 3
Type(I switched various to nr. 19 and added Fairy as nr. 18): Various
Initial Team: Electabuzz, Glaceon, Leavanny.
Probably a mid-game leader, maybe fourth or fifth.

Gym would probably be designed after some ancient amphiteatre, with leader waiting on were the stage should be, having a circular labyrinth of ledges on the upper floor that would lead to bottom floor, being one corridor going in circle, with 10-15 door from which one random leads to the arena, the other ones have trainers, that mostly challange you to double, triple or rotation battles, never singles. You cannot leave the gym unless you get defeated or win the gym battle.

Theme: Huh... Kinda neat.

Pre-battle: "So you're going to challange me, or will you just stay here all day, staring?"
First attack: " I see you're trying to take me down? You just try it, kid."
Last pokemon: "Is it sweeping time already?"
Last Pokemon, critical health: "Heh. I gotta admit, you're good. But are you good enough to take me down?"
Lost the battle: "That was satisfying."
Won the battle: "Yet another one bites the dust... Next time, kid, stock up on healing items."
Rematch: "Here we are, once again..."

Rematch team: Haxorus, Magmortar, Electivire, Metagross(Mega), Glaceon, Braviary.
Hmm... Yeah, that's a signature... I think I'll keep it that way until I find anything better.
Pokemon Amount: 3
Type: Ghost
Pokemon: Misdreavus, Duoblade, Spiritomb

Gym Puzzle: The player has to get past a maze-like path - however, there are "spirit blocks," which will spawn ghost versions of yourself every few player movements, that follow your exact movements - sort of like a shadow. If a player and a spirit collide, the player is taken back to the start of the puzzle.

Battle Music: Some sort of remastered version of this

Rematch (I manipulated this so I kept my 3 pokemon): Mismagius, Aegislash, Chandelure, Dusknoir, Trevenant, Spiritomb (Mega, screw your canon!)
Pokemon Amount: 6 (gooD LORD)
Type: (with fairy factored in) Water (somehow I knew this would happen)
Pokemon: GRENINJA (that is absolutely my ace), Goldeen, Basculin, Feebas, Ducklett and Corphish.

...That team is vaguely underwhelming.

Gym Gimmick: ...oh dear lord. Uh, something involving stages. Stages that rotate after battles? Idk.

Theme: ...the opening of Man of La Mancha??? (you know what woulda been funny? If my itunes pulled up Ol' Man River like I thought it was going to. Or anything from Pokemon Live.)

Rematch Team: Greninja retained (otherwise I would've had a freaking omanyte), Clawitzer, Golduck, Skrelp, Simipour, Jellicent. Pretty good one overall.

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