[003-28-3353] Jacquelyn Grimshaw (and associates)
Jacquelyn "Jack" Grimshaw
Bold // Highly curious

Age: 18 (Born August 18th, 1995)
Appearance: Jacquelyn is of average height and sturdy build, with blue eyes and a broad, ready smile. As a native of Hoenn, she started with a fairly dark complexion, and it's only gotten darker thanks to the amount of time she's spent running around outdoors. Her black hair is frizzy and unruly, so she usually keeps it tied back as best she can, to mixed results.

Jacquelyn usually wears practical clothes, ideal for an adventurous, outdoor life: sturdy boots, cargo pants, and a leather jacket over a T-shirt. For her eighteenth birthday, just before she set out for New Logora, her best friend gave her what she considers the best present ever--a fedora just like Indiana Jones'. Jack wears it everywhere and would defend it with her life.

History: Jack was an active, adventurous child who spent her childhood running barefoot through the wilds around her hometown of Fortree City. She expressed a deep love of adventure and exploration from a very young age, much to the dismay of her parents, both of whom come from a long line of Fortree natives who can't imagine why anyone would want to leave their beautiful tree-city. Nevertheless, they did their best to encourage their daughter's interests, putting up with ruined, muddy clothing, a steady stream of "treasure" in the form of weird-looking roots, small animal skulls, and shiny garbage, and literally hundreds of viewings of the Indiana Jones movies and television episodes. Indiana Jones himself became Jack's greatest hero from the moment she watched him outrun the giant boulder trap in Raiders of the Lost Ark, and to her he is like unto a saint: any insult to his name or legacy is punishable by death, or at least constant hounding. When she was eight, Jacquelyn decided that she would become the world's greatest explorer when she grew up and began insisting people call her "Jack" because she thinks it makes her sound like an action hero.

There was never any question that Jack would become a pokémon trainer one day. For one thing, pokémon are usually far more tolerant of her forceful personality than other humans, and as such they've been her constant companions since she was very small. For another, her grades were terrible; she honestly wasn't stacking up all that many other job prospects. For a little while her mother held out hope that she could at least steer Jack towards a respectable career in history or a related field ("Indiana Jones was an archaeology professor, remember, honey?"), but although Jack was uncharacteristically willing to sit still, be quiet, and read a book if that's what it took to uncover a few facts about a long-lost city, she found most of the history taught in school boring and far too recent and devoid of ancient curses and bloodthirsty cannibals for her taste.

By the time Jack reached the age of ten, her parents had resigned themselves to the fact that she'd be blowing out of town on a grand adventure the very second she became eligible for a trainer's license. No one was more surprised than them when her birthday came and went and Jack simply kept going to class, with no more than the usual number of attempts at playing sick or "getting lost" on the walk to school. No one has been able to pry an explanation out of Jack for why she was willing to wait a full eight years extra before hitting the road, but her parents put it down to a childhood crush on Casey Nicholson, a local boy whose timid nature and severe asthma precluded him leaving on a journey of his own.

As Jack's teens passed and her high school graduation approached (albeit somewhat tenuously), Jack's parents again braced themselves for their daughter's departure. At least, they consoled themselves, she had no reason to go farther than Hoenn, with its fascinating legends and famous ruins. Little did they know that Jack had her sights set higher, and that she and Casey had for years been plotting her escape to New Logora, a humble region with an illustrious path and whose legends, it's said, are even more powerful than Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza. It seemed the perfect place for a daring young explorer to make her mark on the world. Jack boarded a plane the very same day as her graduation ceremony, destination Leddin Town... and adventure!


Indiana ("Indy") [sp=spraylet][sp=male]
Jolly // Proud of its power
Met: Leddin Town
Notes: Jack gave Indiana her fedora shortly after meeting him in Leddin Town, and he's worn it faithfully ever since. It's a little big for him, though, and often ends up falling into his eyes.

Sardonyx ("Sard") [sp=vulkhet][sp=f]
Brave // Strongly defiant
Met: Shrdlu Town

Belloq [sp=pachirisu][sp=m]
Naughty // Thoroughly cunning
Met: Route 606

Tyan [sp=mareep][sp=m]
Gentle // Often lost in thought
Met: Route 607
Notes: Tyan is a purebred Baaresa mareep, intended to produce the highest quality wool. As a result he's extremely fluffy, even by mareep standards.

Kelevra [sp=lamlie][sp=m]
Jolly // Likes to run
Met: Route 608


Yni Tujeq
Quiet // Somewhat vain

Age: 19 (Born September 9th, 1994)
Appearance: Yni is very tall, slender, and pale, with long, flowing blond hair and gray eyes. She moves silently and with grace, and often comes off as a bit eerie and ethereal.

Yni prefers simple, understated clothes cut in the traditional style, predominantly earth tones with few adornments. Although practical for traveling, they're markedly above the grade of what ordinary trainers wear, and Yni keeps them impeccably neat.

History: Yni is a New Logoran native and a descendant of the Tanoby, the enigmatic people who settled the islands back in the mists of prehistory. She doesn't look much like the indigenous people as a result of the large number of foreigners who've married into the family over the generations, but Yni nevertheless takes her heritage extremely seriously, as does everyone in her family. The Tujeq clan is a staple of Denath village, having served as some of the town's most respected apothecaries and practitioners of traditional medicine for generations. Yni received an excellent education in both botany and medicine as a matter of course, and enjoyed long hours playing and studying among the lush gardens of Denath and the nearby Ambalchi Temple.

Unlike Jack, Yni never aspired to become a trainer. She likes pokémon well enough, but believed she should strive for loftier things than becoming a hobo who teaches monsters to beat each other up. Yni threw herself into academic pursuits, particularly history, mythology, and legendary pokémon biology, with the thought that her knowledge would be the best thing she could offer the Rivalists' efforts. And it's true--the Revivalists certainly need their scholars. Recently, however, there have been rumors that New Logora's ancient history might no longer be something encountered only in musty old books and a quiet push towards recruiting members ready to take on a somewhat more... active role in pursuit of the region's restoration. That in mind, Yni reluctantly decided to give the training thing a shot after leaving high school.

Yni shares with many Tanoby a deep-seated bitterness over the relative backwater status of their homeland, a serious comedown from what is believed to have been a grand empire, respected the world over. An enthusiastic member of the Revivalists from a young age, Yni is also a representative of a radical sect within the larger movement that, in addition to wanting to restore New Logora to its former glory, is actively hostile towards foreign influences. On her travels as a trainer, Yni's appreciated the opportunity to see far more of her gorgeous home region than she ever had before. She's also become much more dismayed at how much the Tanoby culture has become subsumed by more cosmopolitan attitudes. As far as Yni's concerned, the restoration of New Logora's legends and subsequent elevation of the Tanoby to their rightful place as rulers of New Logora can't come soon enough.


Abrin [sp=acafia] [sp=m]
Serious // Strong willed

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