Nikolai Bellview
Nikolai "Nik" Bellview (18 Years Old)

Nikolai's family typically hails from Mossdeep City in the Hoenn Region, a place of a temperate climate that would often get snow; perfect for the Pokémon residing in Shoal Cave, located north of the city. Nik was raised on decent morals and often had to take care of his younger two younger twin siblings, Kyleigh (female; 8) and Carson (male; 8). Nik would often spend time wandering off alone, and at times would befriend different Pokémon on his adventures to Shoal Cave. His parents would never let him bring any back, though. As he grew older, he became a bit more social, and cut back on his trips to the Cave in order to tend to his family and his new friends. In school, he was considered one of the smarter kids. His closer friends would call him the smartest in the class, but he never thought so, and he probably wasn't anyways. Nik's Dad often had to travel to other regions for work, being an engineer. He would always be contracting himself out to different companies and creating new things. A few years ago, however, his work led him to a permanent career in New Logora, engineering and improving the ferry boats used to traverse the different islands. As a result, Nik, his mother, and his brother and sister moved to one of the more decent neighborhoods in Leddin Town.

His father would be with the family on the weekends, but mostly was out of town on Tilnen Island, where his work headquarters were located. Nik wasn't sure what he wanted to do with his life. He successfully made it through school, but somehow the life of a college student in a world full of adventure wasn't that appealing. It wasn't until he turned 18 that he decided he would leave home and travel as a Pokémon trainer. His parents protested the decision, claiming that the kind of life he was heading towards wasn't one in which you could support a family, but what do they know. There's always a way to do something. You just gotta figure out what works for you.

Height: 5'11.5"
Weight: 152 lbs.
Eye Color: Brown with sparks of golden yellow around the pupils.
Hair Color: Brown; Overexposure to sun leads to lightening of his hair to a brownish-blonde.
Attire: For the most part, Nik sticks with Blue or Black slim fitting jeans (can't stand the baggy or too big ones that require you to wear three belts that still don't work), a pair of Black or White sneakers, and a plain white or grey shirt. Usually a lighter shirt color to hold off as much heat as possible.

Nikolai's Pokémon Team
[8] [sp=m] [sp=crocoal] [Singe]
  • Tackle
  • Howl
  • Ember
Singe and Nikolai met in Leddin Town when Gadari gifted the
feisty young cub to the eager trainer-to-be. He is Nik's closest
partner in his journey throughout New Logora.
Notes: Singe is often playful, but tends to toy around with
things he shouldn't. Singe will often get jealous when other
members of the team display affection to Nik.
[9] [sp=m] [sp=carvanha] [Chomps]
  • Leer
  • Bite
  • Rage
  • Focus Energy
Chomps and Nik met when Nik abruptly introduced
himself to the Pokémon in battle, after receiving the
Carvanha from Gadari as a present from Hoenn.
Notes: Chomps has bad tendencies to suddenly
divert his attacks towards Nik. To put it simply, the
tension between the two has been distasteful since
Nik's blunder in their first meeting.
[6] [sp=m] [sp=minijina]
  • Pound
  • Growl
Nik and Minijina met when Nik captured the
Pokémon, after having deceived the parental
Noperajina into momentarily leaving their son's
side. Minijina saved Nik from the Noperajina.
Notes: Minijina is very interested in the things
around it. The badger is blatantly fearless with his
unrelenting curiosity.

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