The Move Tutors
When TMs just aren't enough and your Pokémon need a little more punch, pay a visit to the Global Plaza's best move tutors. These gentlemen are well-versed in techniques of every type and power and have a great deal of experience tutoring Pokémon of all shapes and sizes, so they're sure to have just the right new moves for you and your team! Just observe the following simple guidelines, then post here and one of our tutors will have your Pokémon mastering its new move in a heartbeat!

Rules Wrote:
  • You must be out of battle and out of any action updates to purchase a tutor move. Please link to the most recent post in your adventure (via the "Post #" link in the top-right corner of that post) so we can be sure you're not in the middle of something.

  • The Move Tutors are busy men and can only attend to the same trainer every so often. You can purchase a maximum of 3 tutor moves per month for any of your Pokémon (whether you buy Bind, Icy Wind and Snore for your one Latikrai or you teach each of your Auriole, Dustley and Kizziff Sleep Talk, and so on).

With 1 Badge
Bind — 1000P
Knock Off — 1000P
Mud-Slap — 1000P
String Shot — 1000P
Ally Switch — 1500P
Defog — 1500P
Whirlpool — 1700P
After You — 2000P
Block — 2000P
Role Play — 2000P
Rollout — 2000P
Snore — 2000P
Spite — 2000P
Telekinesis — 2000P
Twister — 2000P
Vacuum Wave — 2000P
Worry Seed — 2000P
Fury Cutter — 2500P
Air Cutter — 2700P
Electroweb — 2700P
Icy Wind — 2700P

With 3 Badges
Gastro Acid — 2000P
Invigorate — 2000P
Skill Swap — 2000P
Snatch — 2000P
Galvanize — 2000P
Iron Defense — 2000P
Endure — 2500P
Helping Hand — 2500P
Magnet Rise — 2500P
Recycle — 2500P
Captivate — 3000P
Work Up — 3000P
Ancientpower — 3000P
Bug Bite — 3000P
Covet — 3000P
Eagle Eye — 3000P
Link Pulse — 3000P
Ominous Wind — 3000P
Pluck — 3000P
Shock Wave — 3000P
Silver Wind — 3000P
Swift — 3000P
Water Pulse — 3000P
Fire Fang — 3300P
Ice Fang — 3300P
Thunder Fang — 3300P
Endeavor — 3500P
Headbutt — 3500P
Low Kick — 3500P
Natural Gift — 3500P
Secret Power — 3500P

With 5 Badges
Magic Room — 3500P
Trick — 3500P
Wonder Room — 3500P
Bullet Seed — 3700P
Drain Punch — 3700P
Fire Punch — 3700P
Giga Drain — 3700P
Ice Punch — 3700P
Signal Beam — 3700P
Snow Cannon — 3700P
Thunderpunch — 3700P
Drill Run — 4000P
Dual Chop — 4000P
Iron Head — 4000P
Seed Bomb — 4000P
Sucker Punch — 4000P
Super Fang — 4000P
Synthesis — 4000P
Zen Headbutt — 4000P

With 7 Badges
Tailwind — 2500P
Gravity — 2500P
Heal Bell — 3500P
Magic Coat — 3500P
Pain Split — 3500P
Stealth Rock — 3500P
Bounce — 4200P
Dragon Pulse — 4300P
Aftershock — 4500P
Aqua Tail — 4500P
Avalanche — 4500P
Earth Power — 4500P
Rock Climb — 4500P
Uproar — 4500P
Foul Play — 4700P
Brine — 4900P
Heat Wave — 5000P
Iron Tail — 5000P
Gunk Shot — 6000P
Outrage — 6000P
Superpower — 6000P
Revel Dance — 6000P
Last Resort — 7000P
Sky Attack — 7000P
Focus Punch — 7500P
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Tutoring Fury Cutter onto my Tinimer, will link in a moment. Link here

Mod Note: Your Tinimer has successfully learned Fury Cutter. Please come again! =)
[sp=osgrave] [sp=ibazel] [sp=distrike] [sp=arctangel] [sp=cerisol] ( [sp=paracordis] () [sp=vaquerado] )
Teaching my Spraylet and Natu [Air Cutter]
Total: 5400p
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Mod Note: Done!
Teaching Dasfix [Shock Wave]
Total: 3000p ;_; 

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