Dream Teams
Get Galaraud into your team and scratch Ibazel off the list of possibles. That gives you your Dark type, plus a Ghost type in the mix. As for Arctangel vs Volstarite... Volstarite is easier to evolve and will give more types in party, but on the other hand, Arctangel's base stats are slightly higher and the mon itself nicer to look at. What do you need more of in your team, a special sweeper or a physical wall? If the former, get Arctangel; if the latter, get Volstarite.
This often catches me out, too, but Xander the Crocoal is female.
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My team would probably be:

Currently, I've gotten the first 5, and I'm fighting battle for the fossil at the moment.

However, depending on how well I do in the PCT and what Pokemon I get, I might get a rotating team of 7.
I've got a team in the works for Eli but it's not quite full yet.


I haven't yet decided if Eli's going to keep his Crocoal, I only really chose it so Vince would get Spraylet, and I don't really like doubling up on types, but on the other hand it's his starter and I'd have to come up with an excuse for him to not use it. Candidates for the final slots include Paracordis, Bitemare, Distrike or maybe one of the robosaurs. I suppose it could also depend on what I get in the PCT.
I don't plan on just having a team of six through the RPG, though it would probably be better if I did. With half of my team being low leveled, it's kind of screwing my over... >.>;

So far, I only have three members set.

As for the rest, I'll probably be switching out between Xatu/Nahualatu, Seviper/Seviron (Still unsure about whether I want them evolved or not), Turumaken, Emperobe, and many others... I probably shouldn't have such a large list for a game like this. :\

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