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So what do you see as your dream team that you will go to no end to finally have here at the Pokémon Turquoise RPG?

My own dream team can be found in my signature, but I'll post it here as well:

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I've never been able to keep to a team of six. I'm always swapping things out at the PC, but these are some of the ones that happened to catch my eye:


Glancing at their listings on the Wiki, it looks like most of them are either quite rare or require trades or special ruins access to evolve. So uh, there's definitely emphasis on the "dream" in "dream team".
[Image: c1.png]
Thus far I know it will contain:

[sp=bossorna] [sp=nekhetura] [sp=drasarkr]

and then if I'm lucky enough to ever obtain: these could possibly fill it out

[sp=distrike] [sp=luvaris] [sp=galaraud]
[Image: Ventus_Signature_by_Zierou.jpg]
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A quick trip to Tilnen Idland will be enough for me to acquire my team members.

[sp=burungin] [sp=paracordis] [sp=nahualatu] [sp=khargonaut] [sp=noperajina] [sp=distrike]
Right now i'm looking at what's in my sig (which is...)

But at the same time i'm mildly tempted to have a dark-only team, which would be
[sp=osgrave] [sp=ibazel] [sp=distrike] [sp=dybelial] [sp=arctangel] and [sp=cerisol] rotating with [sp=paracordis]

Cerisol might take the 6th place if she functions well enough on my team. Otherwise, I need to find another fire type to take care of things for me. ^^;

Due to my character needing pokemon that serve well for global investigations.
Osgrave = Scouting and travel
Ibazel = Chasing and travel.
Distrike and Dybelial = Intimidation
Arctangel = Tracking and Charming
Cerisol = for personal battle use
Paracordis = Trapping and slowing down.

[sp=aeolagio] = Dream Pokemon.
[sp=osgrave] [sp=ibazel] [sp=distrike] [sp=arctangel] [sp=cerisol] ( [sp=paracordis] () [sp=vaquerado] )
[Image: osgrave.png] [Image: seviron.png] [Image: noperajina.png] [Image: ventorm.png] [Image: gasvirlich.png] [Image: volstarite.png]

This is totally prone to change X,D;;
[sp=osgrave] / [sp=khargonaut]
[sp=galaraud] / [sp=noperajina]
[sp=arctangel] / [sp=distrike]

To the left of the slashes is "stuff I like that my treasure hunter main character would use," to the right is "stuff I like that kicks ass in battle." Probably going to end up settling on some mix between the two lists...and plugging in a bunch of other stuff at various times for the sake of RPing/exploration. Basically my usable team is going to quite unnecessarily large, and I regret nothing. Yet.
It's in my signature as well, but I thought I'd post it.

This shouldn't be too surprising, since I like dragon and bug types. I was kind of surprised that Seviron wasn't a dragon type, though that could actually work out to an advantage.
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I think I have narrowed down my dream team to be something like this, though it might still change a little:

Delta, Sarge, Epsilon, Grif, Texas, Carolina
I'm looking to keep up a theme of 'mostly fluffy farm animals'.

[Image: osgrave.png][Image: heladalca.png][Image: ibazel.png][Image: aculago.png][Image: ampharos.png] or [Image: ramfere.png]

aaaand I'm still wondering what to put in that last spot.
[Image: sprayletnew_zps012855eb.gif] [Image: invicunya_zps6e40ce8e.gif] [Image: mareep_zps94b5b980.gif] [Image: dustley_zps0123597e.gif]
[sp=burungin] [sp=volstarite] [sp=encanoto] [sp=ibazel] [sp=makitaku], [sp=gasvirlich] or [sp=nahualatu]

The decision between gasvirlich and nahualatu is whether gasvirlich stays a psychic-type. I get the fairy-type would fit more with its origins but psychic is my favorite type followed by fire so he would be perfect. If not a psychic dragon would be pretty cool
These are probably my best options in the RP, though the probability of getting is caslot is supposed to be balls rare. Might get lucky though, if not it'll probably just be a seviron or something. Nicknames would be Forrester, Taih, Avon, Allelulia, Alleliilia, and Miss Fortune.
Crossing my fingers for a Caslot~
Eh, I guess I'll share.


Water griffin, grass birdy, ice kitty, crazy dragon, awesome meteor, and gambler kitty.
Rasqueon vs Nahualatu is the only thing I'm still debating- I'll probably pick up Rasqueon in the end, though. Nahualatu's too lategame and tough to evolve- and I'm not willing to cart around a third Flying-type until then, especially one with a level-up set as poor as Xatu. (don't worry, I still love you, you just need TMs to be functional, my friend.)

I'll be burning my B-day promo on Caslot as soon as I get my third badge- no games of chance to pick up this kitty, I'm afraid.
[sp=burungin] [sp=josuche] [sp=dartizel-r] [sp=mawile] [sp=khargonaut] [sp=caslot]

My team is pretty sick nasty, if you ask me. The only problem is the enormous liability to Fighting type pokemon. Definitely the biggest weakness to this team.
[Image: tumblr_mgjwxeO5E51r97ze7o1_500.gif]

So I know this'll come as a shock, but I'm thinking about taking Glalie out of my team for the addition of a Heladalca. Yes I know, who gave me permission to not have a Glalie. Well, for the most part, I'm taking a chance here that I'm sure will benefit my team.
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This team might end up changing in the long run, depending on movesets and what I encounter, but even if I get a bunch of other Pokemon, this definitely might be my main six.
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Looking at stats, movepools, and just looks, I think I've narrowed my team down to:

[Image: osgrave.png] Oscar
[Image: lilligant.png] Sunshine
[Image: nekhetura.png] Vulcan
[Image: caslot.png] Chumpkins
[Image: klaitning.png] Humhum
[Image: marvelisk.png] Deadpool
Sorry if I may be 'reviving an old thread' but:
[sp=burungin] ( [sp=ramfere] / [sp=ampharos] )* [sp=drasarkr] [sp=aggron] [sp=noperajina] [sp=valazman]
*because I might not want another dark-type.
It'll be tough chasing these pokemon but if I'm fortunate, I'll be able to have this as my team! I didn't include the pseudo-legendary because of type issues.

OOC: EDIT: Wait what!? There are TWO pseudo's in this region!? Awesome. Although I may need to rethink my entire team for this, but I might actually squeeze Distrike and Dybelial in.
[sp=distrike] [sp=dybelial]

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[sp=osgrave] [sp=ampharos] [sp=malraja] [sp=drasarkr]
These four are surely going to be the main part of the team. The last two slots though, I cannot decide. Possible options right now are as follows:
Would be glad for someone to help with decision.
Hmm... Yeah, that's a signature... I think I'll keep it that way until I find anything better.

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