Where are you going?
So one of the coolest things about this TRPG, I think, is that you can basically go anywhere you want after the very beginning of the game. Pretty much everybody's still stuck near Leddin Town at the moment, but once you get the chance to hop on a ferry, where are you planning to go?

Personally, I'm going to run through Dingbat Cave and stop by Shrdlu Town for the professor's sidequest before grabbing a ferry to Tilnen. After that, basically straight across Tilnen and out the other side, spending some quality time at Acoatyl Tower and the revivalist jobs there and ultimately taking the ferry from Dia City to Krtuso Island. Phoenixsong's been talking big about how tough the Versorecto gym leaders are, so I'm going to go stomp them flat for my first badge. After that I'm not sure... perhaps I can hit up Phoenixsong to see if there are any other challenges she doesn't know if anyone will be "ballsy enough to try." Other than that, I kind of like the looks of all the stuff to do on Xybryle.

What about you?
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After a quick stop in Shrdlu I think I'm going to Xybyrle Island. I haven't decided which area within it I'm going to first, but it's definitely my next stop.
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I, too, am going through Shrdlu first. After that, I think I'll head to Kronea Island; a Fire-type Gym against my Spraylet sounds like it'd be best done in the early game when opponents are less likely to have surprises to deal with type disadvantages. I'll probably attempt the Normal-type Gym there, too, just for thoroughness.

After that, I guess I'll probably focus on Revivalist stuff and deal with Gyms as I get near them. The only other Gym I have any strong opinion about when to challenge is the Dark-type one, which'll be my sixth, so I can evolve my Parasect to Paracordis as soon as it becomes available to me (after five badges) and immediately go after the Gym. Maybe by then I can get a good Fighting-type or two, as well.
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I'll probably head to Shrdlu as well, just so that I can gain some levels. Then, I'll be heading for Tilnen Island, because my entire dream team are all found there. I also don't have anything that requires a shrine evolution from Tilnen, so it gives me time to grind before I move on to a more important island for my team.
Seeing as how half of my future team is found on Tilnen Island, I think that's where I'll be heading first after Shrdlu town. Then to Xybryle Island to get myself a Zanthera!
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Probably heading to Allogra City after this and spending some time on Kronea Island to train, murderizing Fairlie when I get the chance, then going to Denath for that gym and hopping over to Versorecto. I'm gonna need to catch a coverage pokemon or 2...
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Getting through Brol is first priority, obviously. Might as well do the basics first. Then...hm. A lot of stuff I want (Natu, Mefflora) is on Kronea, so going there first would make sense...but at the same time I want to do some training before I expand my team too much - don't want to fall too far behind levelwise. So I think I'm going to go to Tilnen first, focus on training Spraylet and Fallorite, maybe catch an Invicunya or Lamlie), then go to Krtuso to evolve Fallorite, and go to Kronea after that, when I won't have to take too long training up the weak basic stages of the Kronea pokemon before they evolve.
I'll... pretty much be going on a straight shot through the region in the order the topics are listed, haha. (Counter-clockwise, technically, although that means precious little to most of you given the old map's not up and the new one isn't ready). Before the gym sequence and whatnot became "do whatever you want I don't care" it was originally in strict Fairlie>Asher>Monica>Hayley>Beck>Hercules>Nick and Mia>Casey order, and while I like the idea of having the freedom to choose your own path in my mind that's still the "correct" way to do it. Nostalgia, I suppose. :p

That's really only for the badges, though. I don't know what I'm going to do between them, really! Just deal with stuff as it comes along, maybe make a few detours for certain wilds or sidequests.
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First, I'm heading to Shrdlu Town to get a little practice on my way there. Then, I'll take a ferry from there to Fractura Town on Krtuso Island and head all the way up to Route 615. On my way to Route 615 I'll be training and doing the Revivalist Job board, considering the one for Jarovesu Badlands will probably be easiest with my water starter, and then my first gym battle will be the steel type because, again, my water type does well and I'll probably have picked up a fire type on the way so chances are that I'll win rather easily if I'm prepared. After that, I plan on heading to Xybryle Island or Tilnen Island. Not sure yet.
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Dream Team

Bumping I know, but I feel this is a topic we can bump freely along with Dream Team. Finally figured out the path I'm going to take, at least for the early part of the game. Going to finish up on Tilnen first by beating the Revivalist and then heading to the tower to capture a Natu and then obtaining a Lamlie before facing Hayley.

Once I beat Hayley gonna head to Xybryle Island and face Hercules then Beck. With three badges I can bday promo Torranel and I'll get HM Dive from the submarine safari game so my Carvanha actually has water STAB, then it will be back to Tilnen island to defeat Monica and obtain a Donarith from the Fulgorok mountains.

Once I have my team of 6 I'll make my way to Krtuso and face off against Mia and Nick, then head back to Ton-Kura to evolve Sharpedo into Khargonaut (I'll be doing revivalist missions along the way to so I can easily get it), and then back to Krtuso to finish off my battle with Casey.

Lastly I'll head to Kronea and face off against Fairlie and Asher and then hopefully by then Xatu will be around level 50 and I have managed to acquire a Logos Stone to evolve him into Nahualata, which would leave my final team as being:

Bossorna, Torranel, Khargonaut, Donarith, Luvaris, Nahualata

Then off to the Elite 4 to see how I can handle them.
I think I've finally decided on my own path as well. Now that I'm done on Brol, I'm going to travel through Kronea, starting at Route 604 and take on the two Gyms there, as well as the Revivalist missions available. From there I'll head to Route 606 and take on Tilnen picking up a Caslot from Fulgurok Island, then go to Krtuso, although I'm not sure which end I'll be starting from. There I'll get Loftitan, leaving only the mysterious 6th team member left to catch (so mysterious even I don't know what it is). After that I'll complete Xybryle Island, then do any sidequests I've missed before heading to Adar Zilira and taking on the Elite 4. By that stage my team should be:

Osgrave, Noperajina, Paracordis, Caslot, Loftitan and mysterious number 6 (probably Dybelial, Sparcoil or an evolution of an existing Pokémon)
No idea at the moment, since I'm a tad lost on where I /should/ go after my first rival battle (Suggestion: A Town Map page)

I would like to at least start building a team (another difficulty, since I'm tempted to go Rain Dance or make a well rounded team, made harder since there are so many I want x.x)

Um... Does anyone have any recommendations for the newbie?
I think there are two main things to consider when deciding which path to take:
1 - What Pokémon you're going to be using on your team.
2 - What order you want to beat the Gym Leaders in.

Deciding what Pokémon you'll use will help you decided where you have to travel to get those Pokémon. I know I haven't completely done this myself, but it's still the first step. On the subject of Gym Leaders, do you want to get the hard or easy ones out of the way first, and which Gym Leader suits your team best at the stage you'll be taking them on? After all, taking on the Normal Gym with a Ghost-type before they have any moves that can hit it is too easy, so you might want to save that Gym for later. However, taking on the Steel Gym when you have no types that can hit them for super effective damage is way too hard, so save that for later as well. You have decided which team suits you, which Gyms suit your team, and which Route suits the Gyms. Hope I helped!
(10-05-2013, 11:40 PM)Orchestra Wrote: No idea at the moment, since I'm a tad lost on where I /should/ go after my first rival battle (Suggestion: A Town Map page)

I would like to at least start building a team (another difficulty, since I'm tempted to go Rain Dance or make a well rounded team, made harder since there are so many I want x.x)

Um... Does anyone have any recommendations for the newbie?

It's unfortunate that we don't have an actual visual map of any sort to go with the region, but have you seen this section of the wiki? It has general "places of interest" info for the entire region, all in one place, so maybe it'll help you out a bit.

Eonrider's got excellent advice up above, but it you're still feeling overwhelmed, know that there is a "recommended" order to do things: Kronea Island first (normal gym and fire gym), then Tilnen (dark and ice gyms), then Xybryle (water and bug gyms), then Krtuso (steel and psychic gyms), and then finally the league. So if you feel all "aaaa too many choices!", you can't go wrong just taking the ferry to Kronea after your rival battle and working through that way. This region provides loads of ways to backtrack/work your way over to other areas if you change your mind about something, so you don't have to worry about getting locked into a bad path or screwing yourself over by going the "wrong way" to start with. IMO if you're stressing out about planning, it's probably best to just try jumping in and seeing what happens--catch whatever pokémon come your way that look interesting, keep the ones that you like, ditch the rest... just pick an island at random and see what you find there... you pretty much can't go wrong.

But yeah. Kronea -> Tilnen -> Xybryle -> Krtuso if you're unsure.
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There was a map of the region, but it's kind of outdated at this point and I haven't had a chance to fix it yet which is why it's not visible anywhere. That said, I suppose the only major difference is that the old version contains a few routes that have since been removed, so it works well enough in the meantime:

[Image: dlph.png]

A is Brol, B is Kronea, C is Tilnen (C1 Tilcho, C2 Nendal), D is Xybryle, E is Krtuso and F is Adar Zilira. The numbers are all the towns and routes in the order they appear in in the forums with a few extras (so Leddin Town is 1, Route 600 is 2, 3 in the middle is Dingbat Cave, etc.). The problem is that the routes labled 6, 25 and 45 on this map were cut from the region and everything else was renumbered to fit, and there may have been additional small changes that I don't remember. Still, all of the cities and towns and major landmarks are in roughly the right place, so until I can get around to fixing it properly it's here if anyone needs it.
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I think I'll jump on the fairy from Krtsuo to Tilnen, since I'm IRPing there with Orchestra right now, and want to keep things somewhat chronologically consistent.

Though, before I do that, I think I'm going to head to Etaoin city, and make my way to the other side of the island. It makes more sense for me to have my second rival battle sooner or later, since my rival is known to be in the area.

Where's everyone else heading to?
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Ah, this back :3

After I finish this gym battle, I'm torn between going to Tilnen for an event, or Krtuso for some much needed shopping...

And speaking of our IRP, I do have it started >.>; If that's any consolation...
My current plans are to cut across Tilnen from my current route (can't remember the number) to the other side at Dia City as soon as I catch a Minijina. I'll probably make a few pit stops along the wall for the Baaresa Gym, two rival battles, an event, and some training.
Currently level grinding while hoping to catch a Tinimer. After that, it's back to Allogra to hopefully beat my first gym.
This often catches me out, too, but Xander the Crocoal is female.
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I'm going by the opposite direction as that Phoenixsong had originally mapped out. It actually gives me a pretty neat sequence of gyms to challenge (even if it'll be ages before I get to the first), and besides, I'll be the first to touch down on several locations.

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