Alex Nite
Name: Alex Nite
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Alex is a confident, energetic, and intelligent. He is also very proud and if he messes up he immediately begins to doubt himself. He wasn't allowed to start his journey until he demonstrated that he could handle himself so he learned several survival skills like fire building and using herbs for food and basic healing.


Clipse is an extremely energetic Pokemon that love to run around which is what made Alex choose him in the first place. He's very friendly, sometimes almost a little too much so.



Barwell got seperated from pack (shower?) and crash landed. Alex helped him out and he's been with him ever since. He's very subdued but likes to be petted, very similiar to a cat.



Alex found Cerebral in a cave when he saved him from drowning. Cerebral then immediately jumped back in so Alex decided to bring in along to watch over him.

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