Poké Mart Catalog
The Poké Mart™ chain of stores offers a wide variety of useful items for trainers and general Pokémon enthusiasts around the world. We strive to make sure our entire selection is available in every city in every region, so no matter where you are this catalog will show you exactly what you can purchase from your local Poké Mart™! If you see something you like here, simply make your purchase within your adventure topic. (This is assuming, of course, that you are in a town or city—we don't have locations out in the wilderness! Not yet, anyway!)

We're able to offer a wider variety of items to more advanced trainers, so check in often to see what you're able to purchase with each new badge you earn!

Thanks for choosing Poké Mart™!

Medicinal Items
[sp=potion] Potion — 300P
With 1 Badge
[sp=superpotion] Super Potion — 700P
[sp=antidote] Antidote — 100P
[sp=awakening] Awakening — 250P
[sp=burnheal] Burn Heal — 250P
[sp=iceheal] Ice Heal — 250P
[sp=parlyzheal] Parlyz Heal — 200P
With 3 Badges
[sp=hyperpotion] Hyper Potion — 1200P
With 5 Badges
[sp=fullheal] Full Heal — 600P
With 7 Badges
[sp=maxpotion] Max Potion — 2500P
With 8 Badges
[sp=fullrestore] Full Restore — 3000P

Poké Balls
[sp=pokeball] Poké Ball — 200P
With 1 Badge
[sp=greatball] Great Ball — 600P
With 5 Badges
[sp=ultraball] Ultra Ball — 1200P

*Exclusive Poké Mart™ offer! Purchase 10 or more of any Poké Ball variety and get a special promotional Premier Ball [sp=premierball] free!

Held Items
With 2 Badges
[sp=blackbelt] Black Belt — 2000P
[sp=blackglasses] Black Glasses — 2000P
[sp=charcoal] Charcoal — 2000P
[sp=dragonfang] Dragon Fang — 2000P
[sp=hardstone] Hard Stone — 2000P
[sp=magnet] Magnet — 2000P
[sp=metalcoat] Metal Coat — 2000P
[sp=miracleseed] Miracle Seed — 2000P
[sp=mysticwater] Mystic Water — 2000P
[sp=nevermeltice] Never-Melt Ice — 2000P
[sp=poisonbarb] Poison Barb — 2000P
[sp=sharpbeak] Sharp Beak — 2000P
[sp=silkscarf] Silk Scarf — 2000P
[sp=silverpowder] Silver Powder — 2000P
[sp=softsand] Soft Sand — 2000P
[sp=spelltag] Spell Tag — 2000P
[sp=twistedspoon] Twisted Spoon — 2000P

Technical Machines

You can only purchase one of each TM. TMs are non-tradeable.

With 2 Badges
[sp=tmnormal] TM [Sleep Talk] — 2500P
With 5 Badges
[sp=tmice] TM [Hail] — 3000P
[sp=tmfire] TM [Sunny Day] — 3000P
[sp=tmwater] TM [Rain Dance] — 3000P
[sp=tmrock] TM [Sandstorm] — 3000P
[sp=tmpoison] TM [Foul Haze] — 3000P
[sp=tmnormal] TM [Calm Skies] — 3000P
[sp=tmdark] TM [Eclipse] — 3000P
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