Birthday Promo
After a conversation on discord where I find I'm eligible for this, I would like a Dasfix, named Hermes, if male, or Iris, if female. My birthday is November 12.

Mod Note: As it is commanded, it shall be done. Hermes has been added to your party.
My birthday was March 27. I would like a Scraggly. If Scraggly's a male, name him Halduron. If Scraggly's a female, name her Yrel.

Mod Note: Halduron has been added to your party. Enjoy! : )
I know I'm not actually done with my Rival battle yet, but my birthday is on September 22nd. If I can choose a pokemon, can it be a Slugma? I'd really love a Slugma of my very own!

Mod Note: Taken care off. Happy early birthday :3 Mine is this month as well.
Never claimed mine after my last birthday, 29th October.

Can I claim a Minijina please

Mod Note: Done dude.

Today is my birthday, yo. :3 9/9

I'd like a Misdreavus~

Mod Note: Here's your macho male misdreavus! ~Taav
My birthday was april 24th can i get a Pachirisu? Thank you!

Mod Note: A Pachirisu for you. Enjoy! ~Taav
Birthday is August 17.

For my choice I will leave it to dealers choice between one of 2.

Paras - Nickname: Shroomer
Cherubi - Nickname: Floret

Mod Note: You got.... Paras! Take good care of her! ~Taav
My birthday is November 19, and I'd like a Zangoose

Mod Note: Done. Enjoy your new Zangoose. : )
My birthday is February 23rd.
I would like to claim a Paras, please.
Nickname: Bucky

Mod Note: Enjoy your Paras. And happy birthday. : )
I am a fan-fiction author!
My books:
They're not finished yet, but I'm working on it.

Also: ¿Workwa yut bárto ladut qasa? Yut nobo'nasobut woka ayi'ud desasud.

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