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Figured I should do this finally. I might make a post every so often open for requests, but most of my post with be pictures that I draw related to this site and dex.

I also upload to my deviantArt account and a few other sites (that if you want me to list them too, I will edit this post with the other sites).

I hope you enjoy!
[Image: nicky_willys_by_thelonelyqueen-d69e5lt.png]
DeviantArt Link

Here is the full version of my current icon. It's Nicky Willy~
[Image: pt_just_you_and_me_by_thelonelyqueen-d69jwcx.png]
deviantArt Link

For my Signature~ Spraylet's are fun to draw! <33
[Image: pt_just_you_and_me_by_thelonelyqueen-d69jwcx.png]
Those are impressive! I especially love the attention to detail in the eyes—very deep and bright and colorful, haha. I like the subtle shading on the banner, too! Very nice work! I look forward to seeing more!
[Image: sig.gif]

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