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Welcome to Leddin Town and to New Logora! My name is Gadari. Nice to meet you! No, none of that "Professor Gadari" nonsense; I'm no professor. As a matter of fact I used to be a trainer of quite some renown, but now that I'm retired I help new trainers like you get started by handing out these Pokédexes and special starter Pokémon. That's why you're here, correct? Wonderful. Just tell me a little about yourself and I'll get your equipment and your new partner ready to go!

Player Information Wrote:Name:
Starter Pokémon:
Starter Pokémon Nickname: (optional)

Here are the Pokémon I have available. Choose wisely—this little fellow will likely become your Pokémon partner for life! (If you need to know a little more about your options, why not try out that new Pokédex and see what it says?)

Acafia | Crocoal | Spraylet
[sp=acafia] | [sp=crocoal] | [sp=spraylet]
[sp=grass] | [sp=fire] | [sp=water]

Acafia Wrote:Acafia rub their thorns against rocks and tree trunks to keep them sharp. The thorns are not very sturdy and can snap if used too roughly, but they will grow back in a few days' time. Learn more...

Crocoal Wrote:Crocoal are young and prone to bursting into flame without warning. The tips of this Pokémon's mane and tail are always smoldering as a result. Learn more...

Spraylet Wrote:Spraylet are still young and cannot control their impulse to screech when excited. They think they are brave and powerful when in reality they are still quite dependent on their parents or trainers. Learn more...

Hm... now you mention it, I think I've heard your name before. Someone came by a little while ago looking for a starter of their own. I think they might've been looking for you, too. Who was that, exactly?

Rival Informaton (Optional—can leave blank for moderators to decide) Wrote:Rival Name:
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I suppose that's everything, then, isn't it? I wish you and your new Pokémon the best of luck on your upcoming journey!

OOC: Ready to register? Post your Player Information (and Rival Information, if you so choose) in a new thread in this forum, and as soon as a mod creates your profile you'll be able to get started!
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