Profile Format
When creating a profile for a new player, simply copy and paste the contents of each of the following sections into its own post in a new thread, then edit as necessary so it matches the player's information. The title of the new thread should contain both the name of the registered character and the player controlling that character, e.g. "Cado Hearn's Profile (Phoenixsong)" or something similar. There are additional profile fields not listed here; those fields are added to players' profiles on an individual basis as detailed in the updating guide and any other relevant threads, to which you should refer if you have any questions.

First Post - General Player Information
[size=large]Player Info[/size]

[b]Name:[/b] Name
[b]Age:[/b] Age
[b]Gender:[/b] Gender


[b]Money:[/b] 1000P
New Logora: None yet

[b]Key Items:[/b] None yet
[b]General Items:[/b] [sp=oranberry] (1)
[b]Poké Balls:[/b] [sp=pokeball] (5)
[b]TMs/HMs:[/b] None yet

[size=medium]Trainer Details[/size]

[b]Pokédex Type:[/b] New Logora


[size=large]Rival Info[/size]

[b]Name:[/b] Name
[b]Age:[/b] Age
[b]Gender:[/b] Gender

[size=medium]Rival's Team[/size]

[sp=gender] [sp=pokemon] [Ability]

Second Post - Player's Active Party
[size=large]Player's Team[/size]

[5] [sp=gender] [sp=pokemon] HP/HP [Ability] @ None
[b]Nickname:[/b] Nickname
[b]OT:[/b] Player's Name (Player's Username)
[b]Moves:[/b] Move 1, Move 2

Third Post - Player's PC
[size=large]Global Plaza[/size]


[size=large]PC: Box 1[/size]

None yet
[Image: sig.gif]

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