Dr. Julius Hamm starting up
Name: Dr. Julius Hamm
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Starter Pokemon: Crocoal
Starter Pokemon Nickname: Tobias

   My name is Dr. Julius Hamm, and I am quite pleased to make your acquaintance. As you may have noticed, I am new to the New Logora Region and have chosen to settle in the bucolic town of Leddin. I happen to have moved into the house just down the road. Yes, that one right there, the realtors informed me that it has been empty for quite some time.
   While I may be a late bloomer, I have always been a long-time recreational Pokemon enthusiast; primarily limiting my efforts to fishtanks and small terrariums. I must say, there is something soothing about a tank full of sparkling magikarp. However, as my previous line of work was... compromised, for lack of a better term, I have decided to move far from my previous home in hopes of a better life... Hm? What was my work? Well, I must say that is not really any of your business, now is it? Now move along, I have some of my own business to attend to...

Rival Name: Helena D'Amico
Rival Age: 41
Rival Gender: Female

Oh, had Helena just moved to New Logora? Why, I had no idea...

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